Thursday, March 11, 2010

Youzi Cha ~ Honey Pomelo Tea Healthy Drink

What is Honey Pomelo Tea

The Honey Pomelo Tea or “Youzi Cha” is a syrup Jelly type of healthy drink, but it has no “TEA” in it, I don’t know why it has been called as “Honey Pomelo Tea”?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Natural Sweetener Stevia Rebaudiana Sweet Leaf

In my herb plant collections, I begin to collect some of the species of aromatic herbs like Lavender, Rosemary, mint and thyme for the enjoyment of making herbal healing beverages. Partly these healing herbs and its aromatic herbs really gives our body and spirits refreshing and uplifting feeling.

I have been looking for Stevia Rebaudiana (Sweet leaf) a very unique name kind of herbs plant for quite sometimes. I like brewing herbal tea from variety of herb plants, some may be easily found in dried leaves form, but seems hard to find this herb plant in fresh leaves out here.

After all, I am still lucky enough that I found one of this herb plant of Stevia Rebaudian, 'Tian Ju' in Chinese, commonly known as sweet leaf or sugar leaf, it is a sweetener and sugar substitute kind of herbs plant for tea or food. This herbal brews is rich in mineral, health giving compound for nourishing and support body, mind and spirits. It is not like those refine sugar, it won’t drain our body and it is worthwhile to try to use is as sweetener substitute. As the raw Stevia Rebaudiana leaf contain phytonutrients and volatile oils, it is good to take it fresh or in raw, when brews herbs tea remember do not overcook it or simmer for long period just to prevent the evaporation of it essence oil and volatile oil.

What is Stevia Rebaudiana

Friday, March 05, 2010

Hi-fiber Pumpkin Sea Bird Nest Kelp Soup

Seaweed is my favorite ingredient which is quite suitable for most of the healthy recipes in my culinary preparation especially making salad and dessert drink.

Caution Disclaimer:
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