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South Africa Leaf - Nan Hui Ye

I bought this plant for about RM 15.00 from a herbal nursery. Never thought that it is such a useful herbs. Till then, I knew it is good for diabetes, partly because of my sister having amputation of the legs surgery 3 years ago. Before her amputation surgery we tried all sorts to save her legs but after all kind of methods, then I found this herbal kind of too late.

After all I kept seeking for herbal remedies to balance her blood sugar now and then. And I found this herb so for health consciousness also I am so afraid of diabetes now.

Somehow or rather, everyone said it is good for diabetes patient, high blood pressure, skin rashes and skin problems, plus good anti-cancer herbal something like that.

For the sake of prevention better than cure. What ever anti-cancer herbs should take it with moderation and precaution of its toxicity with care.

I believe it is good for health to consume it without harm, try everything in "moderation" is the key I think. Usually I am taking it 1-2 times a week. As it has claimed that overdose with this herbs as it may harmful to your liver or kidney.

Now the Chinese medicine was still unable to find out this South African tree's systematic name (in chinese common name as "Nan Fei Shu"), and the branch was, yet to diagnose to decide its function, whether it can treat the cancer or the unknown. Anyway, if you want to try, please try that with your own judgment or seek professional advice from your doctors, and make sure you consult professional before taking it. As far as I know, it is not advisable for pregnant woman and taking it during menstruation.

What is South Africa Tree?

In chinese, we called that "Nan Hui Ye", It is really a big tree, simply just plant it with its cut branch and it grows easily, due to rapid growth, I keep cutting it branches and given it to friends or whoever needs it.

The benefits of taking South Africa Tree.南非树

namely with the South African tree's leaf, it recuperates hypertension, diabetes, the uric acid and the cholesterol, Just take 2 - 3 leafs, washed and added in hot water and simmer it for 1/2 hour.

Look....this is how I simmer it in a pot with hot water. It tastes a bit of bitter, and it is refreshing anyway I like this pot of Nan Hui Tea drink.

It also can be taken raw for best result. Avoid in boiling and it destroys its enzyme contains.

However better not to overcooked it. As its oxidation inhibitor will be reduced when cooks it with the high temperature , therefore eats uncooked the effect is best.

Blend and juice with green apple for herbal drink.

Take 3 - 4 leafs, cut into small pieces.

2 Green apple, juice it with juicer.

Add in the leaves and blends it with apple juice.
Drink it immediate.

The taste....hmmm, it is bitter sweet and lovely refreshing too.

This is also good home remedies to release of uric acid, arthritis, and gout pains. Add in celery and apple to improve uric acid and high blood pressure problem.

I ever tried its raw leaf with toast and enzyme fruit jams. I like the bitter taste and find it quite ok to me, others may or dare not try it due to it bitterness.

According to Chinese herbalist or traditional Chinese doctor, it is a bit cooling to take it raw. The alternative way to take it, they just dried it and taking it like Chinese tea.

For ill people, may drink continuously as for how serious the health condition and depends, to be taken from 8 to 10 days continuously, once the condition improvement, must change from 1 to 2 times per week.


  1. Dear Senny,came across your blog on searching for Pokok South Africa which I came to know from

    May I know where you got the plant from, I am interested in getting one. I am from Besut , Terengganu.

  2. Dear chiajoegm,
    As far as I know, most places got this kind of herb. Especially in Kepong, KL. Very useful herbs indeed. Hope you can find it soon.

  3. Dear Senny

    As you mentioned that you bought your plant from a plant nursery, can I have the name and phone number of the nursery ?. Over here in Kelantan which is nearer to my place, I don't know of any one who has the plant.


  4. Dear Chiajoegm, I am sorry for unable to help you for getting "Nan Hei Ye" from West Malaysia. I got it from East Malaysia. I seen that in West Malaysia, Johore too. Hope you can find it soon. Good Luck!

  5. Dear Senny,

    Just to let you know that I have found the tree through a nursery operator. Also thanks for the clear pictures and description of its uses and preparation.

    Just to share with you what I have learn from others, the neem leaves when boiled and drank is effective for those with diabetes. I heard from a Malay teacher that someone gave his friend this tea to drink when he was supposed to have his leg amputated as it was rotting from diabetic sores. Through drinking the neem tea, there was no need for any amputation.

  6. Dear Chiajoegm,

    Glad that you got Nan Hei Ye. Thanks for sharing too. It's sad to say that I got this herb kind of too late for my sister after her leg amputated. Partly we are living apart East and West Malaysia. I managed to plant one in front of her house. Now she is taking it daily with fruit juice and boiled with other herbs too. :)

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  8. Hi Guys, I have this Nan Fei plant in my garden some years back and by now it has grown to about two storey high. So if you visit Singapore the next round , do drop by Chai Chee Avenue and get some Nan Fei stem cuttings from me. Cu!

    1. Please contact me for the plant stem.tq god bless 97643506 sathia pls sms tq

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Dear Senny Ong,

    Greeting to you. Someone has sought my help if I would able to find the actual name of this plant and where can it be found in Malaysia.

    I seek your help, if you have any idea about this plant called "Daun Kupu kupu" (butterfly leave), which is being claim that it is able to cure many sicknesses and above all, it is HIV cureable.

    How can I be able to forward this picture to you.

  10. Hi herba&tumbuhan,

    Please email to Thanks

  11. Thanks PAS Cawangan Bukit Sentosa 2...

  12. Hi as a man thinketh:

    how can I get in touch with you in Chai Chee for the above Nan Fei Plant?

  13. Hi jq,

    BTW, where about is Chai Chee? Singapore?

  14. Great published blog, it was very helpful to keep healthy.
    I was really like the blog for this useful content.


  15. Dear Senny Ong greeting... thanks for providing the name of the tree mention above. The South Africa Leaf. I've planted and distribute this tree to friends with out knowing the actual name till today. Should any one need this tree I'm willing to give them. They can contact me at or email me at
    You are right this tree grows very fast and easy, I've just chop and trown away some due to its grow rate


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