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Anti-cancer and Anti-inflammation Herbs Sabah Snake Grass 优遁草

A few of my friends diagnosed with breast cancer and some even passed away. Yesterday I visited one of my breast cancer friend, seeing her in good complexion and healthier than before. She said she has been using Chinese herbs therapy for cooling after high-dose chemotherapy by stem-cell breast cancer treatment. Therefore, She said clear the heat is the primary concern for those undergoing chemotherapy.

And her consistency and regular intake of some homeopathy natural raw herbs, just to prevent of further spreads of cancer cells to other part of body. She has even planted many medicinal herbs at backyard. And daily intakes of the herbs tea for 2 years regularly really help a lot. 

With the use of natural herbs has given her a relief from the feeling of thirst, coughing, sore throat and relief of chest congestion after the chemotherapy. Also combined with light and simple diets and “Qi” gong exercises, the result is great and she is grateful that with the scientific and alternative homeopathy natural healing way has saved her life and the breast too.

The anti-cancer cooling “Liang cha” - herbal tea with several herb plants and is decoction 3 times a week. Combination of the raw herb leaves in the formula such as: 

Huo Tan Mu (火炭母)
(Polygonum chinensis)

Black Face General 黑面将军
(Hei Mian Jiang Jin, Strobilanthes Crispus)

Yu Xun Cao or Sabah Snake Grass 优遁草, 沙巴蛇草
(Sabah Snake Plant, Clincanthus Nutans L. )

Shang Ye 桑椹叶
(Mulberry Leave)

Though she certainly still considered this as one of a fine herbal tonic that we can consume once a while to expelling of "dampness" and "heat", for throat infection and detoxifies the body in preventing cancer.

She added, each of every herb take a "different action" when making an infusion and herbs tea. This depends on individual body condition to consume this herbs tea.

So I tried to cook the herbs tea with rock sugar as “Liang Cha” (herbs tea) to ease the cough.

Oh my….the taste is so soothing and cooling.
Nice taste anyway. No harm trying.

Herbs planting in our Asia country not only easier to get and we can find most of the useful herbs right here. My herb plants collection in my garden has increases after few years of collection and effort. It is quite handy to me and convenience for me to cook it at any time.

Some common and very useful Anticancer herb plants example like “Black Face General" - Hei Mian Jiang Jin 黑面将军(Strobilanthes Crispus), “Yu Xun Cao” 优遁草, 沙巴蛇草(Sabah Snake Grass, Clincanthus Nutans), “Huo Tan Mu” 火炭母(Smartweed), Qi Xin Chen 七星针 (Pereskia Sacharosa) and it is grown in Malaysia and many other Asia countries as for anti-cancer herb plants.

What is Huo Tan Mu 火炭母 - Polygonum chinense Herba

Scientific name: Polygonum Chinensis Herba

Chinese name: Huo tan mu 火炭母

Huo Tan Mu 火炭母 (Polygonum Chinesis Herba) is one of the herbal use both in Eastern and Western herbalist, this herb does almost everything from “head to toe” and thus is great us to anyone who consumed it. This is also for nourishing the skin, as known by Chinese as good as "Natural Bird Nest". Serve as beauty skin herbal soup to nourishing the lungs.

Medicinal effect for treating of bleeding, treats skin disease, diarrhea, Dysentery, menstrual problems, anti-infections effect and gets rid of the dampness heat and the leaf is edible in raw or cooked form. In china, they cooked with egg in soup as delicious dish.

The whole plants of Huo Tan Mu 火炭母(Polygonum Chinensis Herba) in its application of medicinal usages are anti-inflammatory, astringent, carminative, diaphoretic, styptic, stomachic etc. 

Anti-inflammatory for sore throat, reduce dampness heat and treating skin itchy cause by toxic heat, for swollen and inflamed areas like tonsillitis and treating Diphtheria, tonsillitis can use the " Huo Tan Mu (Polygonum Chinese) fresh leaf about 100grams, squeeze or juicer into fresh juice, mixed with honey, take several times a day for 2 to 4 consecutive days generally.

  • Astringent extract of Huo Tan Mu 火炭母(Polygonum Chinense) to treat diarrhea, hemorrhoids. Cooked the leaves together with egg as herbal soup.
  • Determinative like stomach ache, this herb or preparation that either prevent formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract, or facilitates the expulsion of stomach heat and gas. Especially to treat skin rashes, itchy to get rid of “Wind” heat.
  • Diaphoretic e.g excessive sweating, diuretic, it has stimulant and diuretic for treating urinary tract system like bladder infection.
  • Emmenagogues which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus also stimulate menstruation, leucorrhea and hemorrhoids. For treating menstrual pains and menstrual complaints. Just add water to boil the leaves with brown sugar.
  • Stomachic is the herb serves to tone the stomach, improving its function and increasing appetite by using this herbal remedies claim stomachic effect.
  • Styptic Herbs that reduce external bleeding due to astringent action on blood vessels. Helps in strengthen fragile capillaries and prevent bleeding.

The seed: It is edible and sour in taste, the color of the seed is black in color, as it has the name of “Huo Tan” 火炭in Chinese mean “Charcoal”.

Root of Polygonum Chinensis "Huo Tan Mu"火炭母:  

Its medicinal usage is to help and promote growing effect for children in their growing stage. 

Cook the whole plant or root with the lean meat or chicken, in addition, its may also govern the lacking in vital energy to treat dizzy, tinnitus, ear problem, leucorrhea (whitish vaginal discharge), injury from fractures, mastitis and skin eczema problem. 
 Its taste is slightly sour.

Contraindication: it is not for people with Stomach hyperactivity problem.
Doses: It is best to use in minimize as overdoses may have reverse side effect of toxicity.

What is Yu Xun Cao 优遁草 or Sabah Snake Grass, Clinacanthus Nutans L.

  • Chinese name: Yu Xun Cao 优遁草
  • Scientific Name: Clinacanthus nutans(Burm.t.) Lindau
  • English name: Sabah Snake plant, Sabah Snake Grass.
  • Meridian channel: liver and kidney
  • Usage: Whole plant as medicinal herb

Yu Xun Cao or Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus Nutans Lindau) has been widely used in Malaysia and other Asia countries to treat uric acid, gout, urinates neuropathies (disease of the kidney), Liver cancer, Kidney syndrome, Nasal cavity cancer and uterine fibroid.

It was quite popular and found in East Malaysia of Sabah, that's why they named it as "Sabah Snake Plant" or "Sabah Snake Grass". 

I planted many types of herbal plants. Especially this Sabah Snake Grass “You Xun Cao” 优遁草, and I like to use of this herb with other herbal plant in preparation of herbal medicinal drink to treats uremia for kidney patient primarily, to reduce of urine toxic by decoction of this herb. 

The slightly stink taste but when mixed with other herbs it can be a very tasteful “Liang Cha” cooling herbs drink. As this herb has “cooling” effect to those with Qi deficiency may need to cook it with Red Dates to improve the blood circulation a boost for better result.

The clinacanthus Nutans or 'Sabah Snake Grass' 优遁草in traditional Chinese medicine usually is concoction into herbal drink with red dates (to improve blood circulation), or adding black soybean to it (for the kidney yin deficiency to boost kidney Qi). Black soybeans increase the medicinal effect of the Sabah Snake Grass in detoxification and energy boost to the kidney meridian functioning. And it is also commonly used for kidney cleanse or detoxifying purpose. 

That’s what I had been doing it for body detoxification at least once or twice a month, taking the Sabah Snake Grass leaves in raw juice for normal maintenance purpose. 

In herbal healing, Chinese name this herbs as "Shen Cao" 肾草that's mean "kidney herb". 

Taking the raw juice like mixing green Apple with Sabah Snake Grass, to blend into medicinal raw juice for treating urinary system syndrome, kidney problem and prostate inflammation has shown effective and great result in healing process. 

Taking raw fresh leaves maybe hard to chew, so as to make it as tasty raw fruit juice drink may help.  Simply cooking into concoction herb drink depending on individual's body health condition.

I found the efficacy of treating of skin eczema, psoriasis, and shingles seemed quite effective with Sabah Snake Grass + "Huo Tan Mu” or Polygonum Chinese and mixed with ‘Bai He Ling Zhi’ (white crane grass), 白鹤灵芝, Scientific name: Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) kurz
herbs. Lately I used these herbs to treat a few patients with psoriasis and scabies problem. The skin infection and spots reduces within a month.
Method and Preparation: 

For Internal application: 

  • “Sabah Snake Grass” Clinacanthus Nutans mix with "Huo Tan Mu” or Polygonum Chinese as decoction herbal drink. 
  • And taking pure fresh juice of  “Sabah Snake Grass” Clinacanthus Nutans fresh leaves blend with green apple in the morning for detoxifying. 

Doses to use: Daily intakes of 1-2 glasses of herbal drink.Serious case may increase the doses to 3 glasses a day.

For external usage:

I used of another herb by the name of “Bai He Ling Zhi’ (white crane grass), 白鹤灵芝Rhinacanthus nasutus, Dainty spurs, extract the fresh leaves and apply to scabies spots or infected areas. 

Herbal Bath:
Apply once or twice a day, or cook this herb plant with its stems, Strain the herbal liquid from the decoction and place in the bathtub, immerse the whole body in the herbal bath (at the body temperature) for at least 20-30 minutes. 

Other than this, from my experiences and personally used for the lymph and skin problem many years back. 

This 'Sabah Snake Grass' or Clinacanthus Nutans fresh juice extract not only can be mix and blending into fresh juice with green apple; alternatively combine Sabah Snake Grass with burdock and carrot pure juice for treating lymphatic problem and purifying blood. This really improves my sensitive skin and lymph nodes problem.

What is Hei Mian Jiang Jin (Black Face General) Strobilanthes Crispus

Usually herbs like “Black Face General” or Hei Mian Jiang Jin", its scientific name as Strobilanthes Crispus is the primary herbs used in Chinese herbalist for "Anti-cancer".

Which has been also used in Chinese traditional herbs as diuretic, laxative to eliminate kidney stone and anti-diabetic. 

This herb has been proven scientifically to posses high antioxidant active agents and anti-microbe, anti-AIDS and anticancer properties for treatment like fibroid, carcinoma of cervix, and vesical calculi - bladder stones. In Indonesia, they usually used it for treating snake bites, and bladder stones. 

The fresh leaves can be used alone or combined with other herbs plant like Sabah Snake Grass, Clinacanthus Nutans  is to consume in the form of fresh juice, Or cooking it as herbal tea in decoction herb drink, cook with water for at least 3 to 4 hours, its nature is cooling, which can also add red dates. 

In general this herb "BlackFace General", Strobilanthes Crispus is used to treat the breast and uterine cancer. And also its shown good result to certain cancer cases.

For breast and uterine cancer anti-cancer herbal drink:
One of the my popular herbal formula (Herbal ingredients):

  • Strobilanthes Crispus, “Black Face General” or Hei Miang Jiang Jin, 黑面将军 in chinese,  
  • “Gou Jiang Teng” 过江藤or Phyla Nodiflora (L.) Greene 
  •  Clinacanthus Nutans Lindau, “Yu Xun Cao” 优遁草(Sabah Snake Grass)

In the form of herbs tea decoction for 3 hours, frequently consume 2 to 3 times a week.

Strobilanthes Crispus “Hei Mian Jiang Jun” has the bio-active agents, Vitamin C, B1, B2, Tannin, Katekin, mineral content such as calcium, ferum, kalium, phosphrus and fitosterol which the contents are high in antioxidant activity.

I found an article about Strobilanthes Crispus or "Hei Mian Jiang Jun" saying that this herbs is not only good for anti-cancer as well used to treat snake bites.

What is Gou Jiang Teng 过江藤 – Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene

Scientific Name: Phyla Nordiflora Linnaeus Greene
Taste: bitter
Nature: cool

The juice of the Gou Jiang Teng (Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene) is bitter in taste. It is common weed, also an ornamental plant. 

It is used as medicinal herbs in Malaysia for treating and curing of diabetes foot (the lower limb fester) which caused by diabetes. The effect is also ideal in alternative natural herbal healing. 

Also it treats help in reduce and lower blood sugar, to relieve fevers, coughs and colds, Acute amygdalitis (tonsil infection), skin disease, eczema, herpes, dysentery, menstrual disorder and injury from fractures. This herb can be used in internal and external application. 
For menstrual disorder and delayed menstruation, try this herb with red dates and brown sugar it works wonderful to PMS problem and stimulating delayed menstruation as alternative herbal remedies. This medicinal usage for pre-menopause and post-menopause is seemed effective with the decoction of herbal drink as below.
The method of cooking this herb:

Cook the fresh herb of Gou Jiang Teng (Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene) with Black dates and add some brown sugar (optional). This formula of medicinal herb helps to relieve the syndrome of insomnia and hot flush, menstrual mid-cycle spotting syndrome. 
To certain breast and uterine cancer cases, may try this formula of “Black face general” Strobilanthes Crispus “Hei Mian Jiang Jun” + “Guo Jiang Teng” Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene + “Sabah Snake Grass” Clinacanthus Nutans in decoction herb drink, take it constantly for a period to healing process would help.

Mulberry Leaf 桑叶

Mulberry leaf or whole plant is used in medicinal as to nourish the lungs and clear liver heat. 

Its meridian channel: to Lung and Liver.
As this herb plant is used to make into juice as is broadly similar to wheatgrass. It makes a great food to cook with egg, as well as beverage to consume for good health for liver cleanse. 
I had mentioned in my previous blog to use it for infusions or decoction for treating cough, sore throat, and late night person to clean liver heat.

This leaf invigorates the lungs.The whole plant of mulberry has powerful medicinal properties in treating many ailments. Commonly in treating high blood pressure, lower blood sugar, fatty liver, anti-inflammatory, treating night sweat to pre-menopause, clear lungs damp-heat, for liver detoxification and improve eyesight vision.  

The root of Mulberry can use as herbal soup for Dispels rheumatism and ease joint pain.

There are many different types of cancers in vary form of treating each with herbal plants. And there are many hundreds of medicinal herbs may help in control of certain cancerous illnesses, usually it grown in temperate climate and they are edible, and useful as yet undiscovered. Still we may need to find out more in details, and take caution in use with those common homeopathic medicinal herbs.


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful and beneficial articles. They are truely one of the best blogs on health which I have read. Will be a regular fellower of your blog.
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  2. Hi H.N.Liew, Thanks for sharing your blogs too. very good health blogs indeed. Cheers

  3. Hi Senny,
    I would like to know after a patient had undergone chemoteraphy,how soon(how many hours?)can one take the "liang cha" concotion tat you mention above..tks..

  4. Hi Jeffkees,

    Patient undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy can take Snow fungus soup as soon for quicker recovery first, to combat the after therapy side effect and fatigue, it has the valuable medicinal properties which help to boost the effectiveness of antibodies and reduce cancers spread. While undergoing chemotherapy taking herbal drink on next day or regularly would help too, also depending on individual health condition to consume this herbs tea. Usually they need to drink more liquids than normal.

  5. Hi Senny,
    Tks for the valuable info...

  6. Hi, if a person has never been exposed to taking chinese medicinal/herbal food/drinks, is it alright to start them on it suddenly.. Especially after Chemo/radiation therapy?
    I was told before that most Chinese who took chinese medicinal herbs etc from young will have a 'foundation' for it so it will okay. As compared to, for eg. caucasians, who may not have a 'foundation' n the food may be 'too much' for them.
    Is there such a basis??
    Hope to know abt this, as i was thinking of introducing chinese herbal drinks/soups to my bf's mother, who is undergoing Chemo.

  7. Hi Jolene,
    Perhaps most important thought, taking Chinese medicine is an alternative way of healing other than western medicine. For those never expose to Chinese medicinal herbs may start taking it with low doses, provided you consult your physician or doctor before taking it right.

    Anyway, the “foundation” of taking Chinese medicine to our Chinese culture is come from when we decided to “START” taking it from young or maybe older. You need to “start” at first to approach that attempts the therapeutic result to alleviate illnesses. There is no harm for a beginner to try with mild doses but do not overdose. Combining alternative treatments with conventional medical care will make the difference in recovery, lastly, always keep your doctor or practitioners well inform if you try any alternative medicine or herbs. I hope I give you the answer to your question. Good luck!

  8. You can try these site for alternative treatment for cancer.
    Patients comes from all over the world to visit this centre for cancer treatment which includes some of these 4 herbs

  9. Hi, may I know where to get Yu Xun Cao
    (沙巴蛇厂) (Sabah Snake Plant)?

  10. Hi Janice,
    You can get Yu Xun Cao in Sabah. Other places I am not very sure where you can find.

  11. You can get Yu Xun Cao in
    can read article at

  12. Sabah Snake plant is easily found in Sabah. And it grows in small shrub, I planted with propagated by stem cutting and easily cultivation.

  13. Senny, do you know whereabout in Sabah i can get the sabah snake plant. Am trying to get constant supply for my sister. Please advise.

  14. Dear becca,

    You can get Sabah Snake Plant ~ Clinacanthus nutans(Burm.t.) Lindau from Sunday Market Gaya Street. I hope you can find it. If not, please eamil me.

  15. Hi Senny Ong,

    That Clinacanthus nutans plant is available at Klang, Selangor.

    My friends plant it for medical purpose.
    if u need it urgent, email me at

  16. Dear Sean,
    Thank you for sharing the Clinacanthus Nutans. I will give you email to those who needs it.

  17. Hi Senny,

    May I know where did u get all those herbal plants? I would like to grow them in my garden and hopefully, to share these valuable info with friends around. Thank you.

  18. Hi Siao Lee,
    Where are you from? Maybe I can help you to get those herbal plants near your location.

  19. Hi, Senny

    I'm from Penang - anywheer in Penang that I can get these plants from? Thank you.

  20. Hi Siao Lee,

    Those plants maybe available at (我爱的)Penang Snake Temple, Ayer Item Market, BM Desa Rambai market. You can find out and see.

  21. Do they sell with roots? If not, I won't be able to grow them, right? Also, most plants you mentioned are all in Chinese - do you know their names in Hokkien? Some old ladies would relate the plants better if it's mentioned in hokkien.

  22. Oh My…..Siao Lee, I can’t really pronounce those herbs in Hokkien. (I am not Hokkien):)
    I guess most of the herbs sellers would understand Mandarin. Very sorry I do not sell any of the herbs you requested. Lately, those herbs especially Sabah Snake Grass and its stems have been given away to friends for cancer prevention, healing and planting.
    Presently I have grown many from stems for future used. Guess it is enough for giving away.
    If you really can't find it in Penang, please let me know. Thanks

  23. Hi Senny,

    A patient with lung cancer and the cancer has spread to the brain, is Yu Xun Cao 优遁草 suitable for him? Have you heard of any patients with lung cancer got well with any other herbs?

  24. As in ‘Gerson’s Therapy’, we understand it uses nutrition to cure cancer (via juicing). As for ‘nitrilosides’, we learn that it kills cancer cells directly and promptly. However, I believe a lot of us don’t know how exactly this Sabah Snake Grass works to effect a cure for cancer – though it holds very promising outlook. That’s why I am very keen to know and learn EVERYTHING about Sabah Snake Grass from well-informed sources of the “how, what, why, when etc”. I hope someone in this website (and other related websites as well) will be kind enough to share and enlighten me on those areas as I can’t find any websites which are truly informative and/or educative. Please kindly guide me to websites or any other materials pertaining to matters on this miraculous plant. My email address is

    A note of interest though - while there are so many people can’t find this phenomenal Sabah Snake Grass in West Malaysia, there’s this herbalist in East Malaysia (Sabah, Kota Kinabalu) who is selling the plants and leaves altogether like super hot cakes! Her plants and leaves are very ‘fast-moving’ as it’s quite obvious that demand is apparently greater than production due to the exodus of terminal sick people coming all the way from Brunei and Sarawak to get the plants and leaves from her. Of course most of these end-stage cancer patients can’t afford to wait for the plants to be fully grown with leaves over night, that’s why this herbalist is selling the leaves altogether with the plants as well. This can only be logic indeed - especially for those in their advance stages having poor prognosis with only a few months to live. She further claims that this god-send plant has saved countless lives in her years of selling this life-saving plant

    Since this website is all about kind-hearted individuals helping fellow human race to overcome cancer by providing information on alternative protocols, let’s join our hands together to create a better tomorrow by additional researches on this unique Sabah Snake Grass and make Malaysia proud – particularly Sabah. Anyone who has vast knowledge on how this amazing grass/plant works, please kindly email me ASAP as I am contemplating to plant a lot of this SSG to give out freely to all Malaysians - of course and only if this Sabah Snake Grass is as astounding as it has claimed to be. Fortunately with the good news, I am told that SSG can be courier to all parts of Malaysia. Kindly advise me of any other similar websites like this one as I will post this message on all Sabah Snake Grass and Clinacanthus Nutans websites in order to obtain as much information as possible. Cheers and thanks in advance and God bless us all with good health

  25. Hi Tony,
    I have not come across any patient with lungs cancer that cured by "Sabah Snake Grass" at this moment. As far as I know Sabah Snake Grass is more channels to the lungs and kidney, as well as lymph problem. It detoxifies the Liver and act as energy booster to the liver and kidney, other than detoxifying and neutralizing the pH of the body. It is like other herbs and raw vegetables in alternative healing, it improves the immunity system to fight against cancer cells.

    The natural healing with herbs, fruit and vegetable juice plays a role in neutralizing carcinogens to stop the growth of cancer cells. You may try this Sabah Snake Grass herb juice, other than that, an alternative way is to give other raw vegetable fruit juice, to give a strengthen boost, increases of antioxidant and against free radical effect.

    Broccoli raw juice is good for Lung cancer as good fighter too. Add beetroot, carrot and broccoli to blend in raw juice, this is proven as a potent cancer chemo-preventive agent. When using beetroot, it is not suitable to use it solely, best to mix with other fruit and vegetable. Use beetroot in small quantity just to avoid over-toxic the liver.

    Another herb is good for lung cancer too. In Chinese name known as 鱼腥草 = (fishy-smell herb) 'Houttuynia Cordata' , mixing this Houttuynia Cordata herb with Pear as herbal juice to ease phlegm congestion for lung cancer as an alternative anticancer soothing and anti-inflammation herbal juice. Houttuynia cordata鱼腥草is super detoxifying healer and non-toxic herb for treating infected sores, laryngitis, pneumonia, lung abscess, snakebites, tumors, urinary infection, chronic bronchitis. In treatment case, this herb benefits in other ways, mean when curing one area and automatically it also cure and improve those infected and reduce swelling in many areas of the body, due to it has an anti-inflammatory agent properties.

    Hope this helps.

  26. Hi Kenzie, Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi Senny,

    Thank you so much for sharing all the information.
    I love it. Will pass the message around so that others get the benefit from your blog.

    All the best...

  28. Hi Pearlgarden,

    Thanks for sharing my blog to others. All the best...

  29. I am from Penang, and recently managed to get hold of this talk-of-the-town grass! Happy to share with anyone who might need it.

  30. Hi Senny , thanks for the great articles . Appreciate if you can assist me here , as my brother oomplains about urinary tract problems , sometimes there is a slight irritation in the urine canal , like ant bite type of feeling . It goes away and comes mostly in the afternoon . Saw Doctor , doctor said nothing wrong gave some anti biotics . Can you share us your herbs remedy to cleanse the urine canal . Tks

  31. Hi Pauline,
    Thank you for sharing.

  32. Hi Lam,

    Your brother might have affected with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Try to give him 100% pure cranberry juice or cranberry juice mixed with yogurt. Drink plenty of water, and lemon juice may help. Other than that, simple home remedies for urinary problems, Barley drink and green coconut water also good for him.

  33. dear Senny,

    i have just found out that a dear one of mine is suffering from lung cancer and i am not too sure of his stage as the further medical results are not out yet. this person has not consumed many herbs previously, but he does believe that herbs would help and i completely agree. i live in kl and i really need your help and advice. i need to get these herbs a.s.a.p. please help! thank you so much. if you wish to directly message me, please do so at thank you.

  34. Hi The 2nd,

    Please check your mailbox. I already sent a cc copy to you for where to get the herbs for cancer cure. Very sorry my Sabah Snake Grass is shortage now. My brother needs it. Kindly please contact Mr Khoo then.

  35. indeed i will. thank you so so so so very much.


    Senny, can you please tell me if this is Sabah snake grass. It seems to work for me although I do not know why as I am awaiting further tests at the GH. Thank you.

    Your answer might help me in terms of diagnosis.

  37. Hi Bengbeng,

    Please view my blog for Sabah Snake Grass>>>

    The photo from your website shown the leaves, it is Sabah Snake Grass. Continue taking it if you find it is effective. Regards and take care.

  38. Hi senny I m from Hong Kong, my mum is suffering from stage four breast cancer and she is losing her mobility recently. I would like to get the Sabah snake grass for her. Could you pls tell me where to get in Malaysia so I can come over? My email is hope to receive your reply soon. Regards Anna

  39. Hi Anna,
    Please check you mail.

  40. HI SIR,

    1) Do this Sabah snake grass can really help her?

    2) Do you have any medical document or data of this Sabah snake grass are safe to consume it?


  41. Hi Boon Mei,

    I am a lady...~00~

    It's no harm trying Sabah Snake Grass for your mother's case. I personally taking this herb for more than 10 yrs for my own health problem, and presently I used this herb as major therapeutic herb for my brother, please read my blog for further information about Sabah Snake Grass.

    Regarding the alternative healing method for cancer cure. You mom should have some medication after the surgery and in the remission period, it is best to consult her surgeon doctor before trying any alternative healing for your mom. If you have any doubt when using any alternative or traditional herbs, find out more info before using it.

    Firstly to answer your question...I strongly believe when or if you do not have any other option to cure by modern medicine, you would rather try the traditional or alternative healing methods to safe your loved one.

    Secondly, I do not have any medical document proven on SSG, but it is non-toxin herb. Many of my friends had tried and cured with this herb, as I planted this Sabah Snake Grass for many years in my herbs garden. Also I did many researches, thru books and surf for years about the potent effect of curing cancer herbs and its usages before using herbal therapy on myself.

    Now I am using it on my brother with latest stage Gallbladder Carcinoma and lymph cancer, the result fast so good, no side effect and he is now in stable condition, his enlarged lymph nodes has disappeared after I used my alternative cancer killing diet plan, juice detox flush and herbal healing, and for the last 2 months he had taken this herb daily continually till now. I still suggest and clarify here that, all the info and my method is based on individual cases....

    Lastly, from my brother's cancer case I gained lots of good experiences on how to care for a sick person, to support morally to cancer people with LOVE and CARE patiently as priority. To be frank, that's the 'best medicine' to them if the family members really know 'How to care' and motivating them, this help to increase their emotional feeling with self-healing effect, they will produce many many 'happy cells' to fight against the cancer cells by its self-healing abilities in immunity system. Then only...they will not giving up HOPE.....

  42. Hi Senny,
    For normal people who consumed it as prevention/cleansing/detox, can it mix together with other fruits and vege such as tomato, carrot green apple and SSG? Or is it advisable to only blend SSG with green apple? After sometime of taking the drink lately been letting out gas/wind towards evening. Is it normal?

  43. Hi Cuttiecubby,

    Apple considered as least allergenic fruit. It is easy to digest, natural cancer fighter’s food, great for immune system with its rich folate. Apple is especially good for gallbladder and kidney cleansing, when used for detox purpose can consume up to 5 apples in a day. So it is the best mixture to SSG and consume by most peoples. You can mix other fruits or vegetables with SSG, it depends on individual health condition. Some with digestive tract problem, in short term, sign of symptoms like pains and sores, gas producing etc, that’s healing crisis, the gas accumulated in intestinal tract can also due to other foods intake. To avoid gas produces, try to take SSG juice 1 hour before meal, or at least 2 hours after meal. This problem will minimize after smooth bowel movement regularly.

  44. Hi Senny,

    Thanks for the reply. Took the SSG in the morning and the gas problem came only say early evening to pass dinner time. Bowel movement is also regular in the morning.

  45. Hi Senny,

    My sister is now 4th stage breast cancer and is trying out on SSG together with her chemo. She has constipation frequently. Do you have any remedy for this symptom? Can she consume SSG together with her chemo ?

  46. For those who looking for SSG in west Malaysia can go to The Yik-Poh-Ling Tropical Herbal Farm in Seremban,
    Click link below for direction.

    God Bless You

  47. Hi Florence,
    Yes, she can SSG before and after chemotherapy. For constipation and after chemo, it is best to give her some cucumber with apple juice. Some of my remedies for constipation you can view here:

    Take care

  48. Hello Senny,
    My mum has just been diagnosed with pancreas cancer, and we would like to try traditional herbal remedies before deciding on further treatments. Please let me know if I can get the clinacanthus natans in singapore? Here's my email address
    Thank you:)

  49. Dear Senny,
    My brother got a tumour on top of his kidney n he's thinking of taking this Sabah Snake Grass.Can u pls advice how many SSG leaves he should take daily? Can he take the SSG together with “Black face general”-Strobilanthes crispus? If so, in what propotion. By the way,how's ur bro?

  50. Dear Senny,

    Thanks and wish your brother has a speedy recovery.

    Merdin, I have emailed you the contact where to get the SSG in Singapore.
    Anyone from Singapore can refer to :

    Wish everyone has a good health.

  51. Hi, my mum haas been diagonised with Parkinsons disease and does not want to take any western medicine , any herbal remedies that could be of use.She was told that taking the western medicine eventually they would not be effective as the disease progresses with her age

  52. Hi cheeheng,

    Tumor on top of the kidney is that adrenal gland tumor? He can try Sabah Snake Grass – 100 to 150 leaves with 3 leaves of “Black face general”- Strobilanthes crispus (optional) blend with green apple.

    Other good herbs for kidney problem, you can find from my web link here:, this herb is great to reduce kidney syndromes with infection or swelling and this may include tumors.

    Hi Florence,
    Thanks, now my brother's CA19.9 level has dropped tremendously from 799.1 to 199.9 within a month with great improvement. Also thanks for the info and help to Merdin.

    Hi Merdin,
    Please refer to Florence Tan's link to get SSG in singapore.

    Hi cc,

    I have no idea about Parkinsons disease, maybe you can find out by surf for more alternative healing thru website for her cures. Take care of her.

  53. Dear Senny,

    Quite an informative blogs. Hope you give a write-up on typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tukus). Thanks.


  54. Dear flavian,

    Thank you.

    My intention to write this blog is more on sharing my personal experiences. In future, I will try to do some write-out on other useful herbs in alternative healing too.

  55. I'm taking the Sabah Snake Grass blended with green apple at the moment and I found that it created a lot of gases in my stomach n sometimes I experience difficulty in expelling the gases if I couldn't fart. Can you suggest to me how to boil the herb.

  56. I'm a Stage 4 lung cancer patient, do u think the soursop leaves or the Sabah Snake Grass will be more suitable for me. thank you.

  57. Hi jpixie,

    You can try Houttuynia cordata raw juice, which is great immune stimulant, and good for abnormal lung syndromes like lung abscesses, lung cancer and lung diseases, it inhibits cancer cells growth and destroying cancer cells.

    To reduce stomach upset, treat stomach problem e.g smooth bowel movement and constipation. If you prefer to take Sabah Snake Grass, try to take it in raw juice, the problem to get rid of the stomach gases, just add garlic or ginger to your daily diet and fruit juices can help to reduce the stomach gases.

    You can take soursop drink, try also loquat leaves cook with north and south almond soup may help too.

  58. Hi Senny Ong
    This is the first time i read your blog and i think you can provide me some information.
    My grandmother (72 yrs) is a stage 4 breast cancer patient who undergo operation on last 2 weeks. Now she is under the wound healing process. Physically she is strong but mentally she is reluctant to undergo chemotherapy, thus we're decide to control the cancer by chinese herbs. We get to know about this clincanthus nutan (sabah snake grass), yet,we're lacking of knowledge toward its functionality and prescription, etc. By the way, can you provide me your email address so that i can send you the picture if this herbs for confirmation this is because it looked similar to andrographis paniculata, since they're from the same plant family.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


  59. Hi Stephy,

    Please send to my email:

  60. Dear Senny,
    good day to you. I hd performed CT & MRI recently and doctor confirmed there's a tumor (renal CA) on top my right kidney measuring 4.5cm. Other areas are fine. I took SSG 200 leaves per day continuously for 45days until today (6/9/11), done ultra sound but regret that the tumor is stil there and had not reduce in size, doc suggest surgery soon without further delay, pls advise wht shall I do now? Should I con't with SSG & closely monitor the result OR accept surgery?
    Hope to hear frm u soon, tq so much, rgds Patrick

  61. Dear cheeheng,

    You have to stay positive and keep faith to yourself. For your Renal CA/ tumor or carcinoma, you can try this method, SSG 200 leaves + Black Face General 5 leaves blend with green apple as herbal juice (you can add black face general herb in alternate day, or 3 times weekly), Black Face general herb may help to reduce and treat tumor, you can also try this herb Shui Gui Cao ~ find out more from this link:

    Then closely monitor your daily diet when using alternative herb is very important as well, and see how the improvement with scanning again.

    Try to check and double check about this surgery is partial nephrectomy or the whole to remove, you can consult your Urologist and how to weight the risks depending on your specific case, and this is very personal choice whether to continue taking alternative healing with herbs or accept the surgery. Take care and hope this helps. Regards.

  62. Dear Senny,

    Just for prevention/detox, i am taking 10 leaves of BFG blended with one green apple daily. Is it OK ?

  63. Dear Senny,

    Thank you for this informative site. My wife is having a severe psoriasis which is all over her body now. She is having this problem for more then 5 years now and we have tried so many modern medication to control the inflammation but it failed. Her skin condition got worst again recently as she is currently 27 weeks pregnant.

    We are very keen to try out the Sabah Snake Grass but we are very concern if it is save for her to take it during her pregnancy. Can you please confirm if it is save to consume SSG during pregnancy?

    Thank you.

  64. Dear Flavian,

    It's better to cook BFG as herbal dectoction or drink for at least 2 hours if for prevention or detox purposes.

  65. Dear Terry Faurillo,

    For pregnancy woman it is not advisable for her to try any herbal drink, try to consult her physician for further medication if needed.

    You may research and find out this herb balloon vine to cook it as herbal bath for skin problem, or go to my blog link here to try this herbal bath if you can find the herbs.

    Take care with regards.

  66. Hi Senny,

    I would like to try making anti-cancer cooling 'Liang Cha'. My questions are:-
    1. How many leaves for each species;
    2. Amount of water; and
    3. Boiling duration.


  67. Hi Flavian,

    You can use approximately 30g for each herb. Water is 5 liters. Cooking duration at least 2 hours.

  68. Where could I buy sabah snake gras? Need it urgently

  69. Hey, where could I find those plants, for planting? I have black faced general, but would like to start a garden for the rest, veryuseful

  70. Hi Babe,

    BTW, where are you from?

  71. Hello everybody,
    Anyone taken 七星针 ? I am from singapore. Was at one of the stalls at chinatown market. wanted to buy sabah snake but the lady told me 七星针 is good for uterus cancer. Anyone taking that?

  72. Hi, I just want to ask is taking the SSG, what type of food to be avoid. If we are healthy, can we take SSG to prevent any grow of tumor?

  73. Hi Babe, I stay in Shah Alam. You can contact me via email for SSG

    From TET

  74. Hi Anna,

    SSG is also culinary dishes. You can take it raw with apple juice or cook in soup. Nice to try and anti-cancer too.

  75. Hi Senny Ong ,

    If i have eczema problem can i just take SSG...How many leave per day?Tks

  76. Hi Senny,
    My mom is diagnosed with cervix cancer, n she has undergone chemo. I would like to give her liang cha. We live in Jakarta but I dont mind flying to Malaysia just to find an exact herb tea like your description. :) Could you please help me? Thanks

  77. Hi Sifu Senny

    Your write up on herbs and home remedies etc are simply AMAZING ! I too have great interest in Cancer Cure and Plant Herbs.

    I learn through books, herbs magazines and online articles,personal experience and common sense :).

    With the help of collagan dissolving enzymes, a cancer cell can 'eat' its way into the lumen of the small blood vessel and into the blood stream.The blood carry the cancer cells and allow it to invade other organs. So a liver tumor can later infect the lungs.

    In Cellular health, for optimal collagen production 3 major nutrients are required Vitamin C, Lysine and proline.

    When you google for cellular health; you can download for free a book to read about Cancer and why animals don't get heart attack but people do.

  78. We are one of the supplier for sabah snake grass (优遁草), Strobilanthes Cripus(黑面将军) and also others Chinese herbs in KL Malaysia. for more detail please visit:

  79. Hi senny I thot you were a guy because of the name Senny but when I look at your profile picture I realise otherwise :)...

    I am sharing some views on Cancer.

    Plants herbs are use to complement the treatment of Cancer by western medicine. Cancer patients should drink filtered, chlorine free and akaline water. No sugar in the diet. No meat ,poultry or fish. Eat only organic vegetables and fruits which has enzymes which aid digestion.Avoid processed food. Cancer Support Groups can help both cancer patients and their care givers on dealing with emotions, diet, meditations and qigong exercises. For info on Chi Dynamics Healing Qigong pls refer

  80. Dear Miko,

    :) Are you kind of disappointed I am not a guy...LOL

    Thanks for your sharing and your nice blog for qigong healing too. Keep it up! Cheers!

  81. As a herb garden information, this can be in a position to transform your own garden into a multi-purpose project.
    medical marijuana doctor

  82. Dear Senny

    My close friend has been diagnose with colon cancer which also spread to the liver. What herbs do you recommend him for liver and colon?
    He was recommended by doctor for chemo but he wish to try alternative treatment first. Chemo treatment can make the person very fatigue and drained out. Some people had terrible experience from chemo which had to be aborted as they become mentally ill. Your blog is the the best I have come across.

    1. Dear D.Chan,

      Sorry for such late reply. I had came across a friend who has 3rd stage Colon carcinoma earlier this year, what he has tried so far for the past 6 months with strictly on organic diets, herbal drinks, herbal soup and some of my herbal plants, like home-planting barley weed grass, also SSG with apple, detoxify with powerful herbs that he felt is helpful after he feedback to me. This is the herb he has been using so far is Xian He Cao from my blog:
      After 3 months of herbal healing remedies, when his doctor advised him to go thru 5 chemotherapy sessions, so before his chemotherapy, he went thru 3 blood tests and has confirmed his colon cancer is gone with his alternative treatments. But for secure and precaution purposes recommended by his doctor, is best for him to go thru chemotherapy while his body condition is still healthy and strong. I also encouraged him to do chemotherapy to further kills the cancer cells, and he decided and done it. After his chemotherapy, he did felt fatigue and drained out after few chemotherapy sessions. Then after chemo, he still using herbal healing to boost his body immunity stronger to fight against it. He took medicinal herbs as alternative healing, he took herbs after the chemo 2 weeks later with Xian He Cao to boost his energy and now he is energetic and healthy like normal person. I am glad for his persistence and supportive family members are really gr8 to him. Today he is back to work with normal daily routine.

      I hope your close friend can find more researches about herbal healing in alternative way, as the chemotherapy is depending on individual body conditions and his immunity system. Most important, with proper diet control if he needs and if he wish to try alternative healing methods also please consult his physician or seeking specialist for professional help with care. I hope this helps.

  83. Dear Senny,

    Is great to read about your blog.

    My MIL has been diagnosed with end stage liver cancer. She got a tumor of 10cm in her liver. Stomach bloating, leg swelling... I would need your help urgently. Can I know where to find the exact plant? Im scared that I bought the wrong herbs.

    Doctor from UM recommend for chemotherapy or surgery to remove the tumor. If we choose chemo, she will only live for 6months. If surgery, she can have 3yrs of life. The problems is that there is 50% of the complication will arise cause her heart is weak, and kidney problems. She is 65yrs old.

    We are currently trying 箭猪枣. Heard people said is very good and can cure any sickness. But is extremely expensive that we cannot afford for long term dosage.

    Can you please advice what we should do at this critical moment.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Dear Fanny Wong,

      I am sorry to hear that your MIL with liver cancer. The ascites is the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity that cause of stomach bloating due to liver disease or or cirrhosis as well as leg swelling.

      Her complication case is hard and do not simply give alternative herbs if not sure. It can be endanger to her health. Some how, I think you need to ask her doctor opinions is she suitable to use alternative herbs for this critical moment.

      Porcupine dates is expensive and not many can afford that.

      Have you heard of this "Mahkota Dewa" fruit and named as Phaleria Macrocarpa? Read this link and find out:

      As far as I know I ever used this herbal dried fruit boiled into herbal drink for my brother and also a friend with liver cirrhosis also with Sabah Snake Grass with apple juice for healing with good healing result. It is cheap and easy to find in Johore and Sabah. Try to google for this herb. Best regards.

  84. I would recommend SSG tea for general health drinking. I personally have gout and have benefited from SSG. After introducing to friends with cancer (fresh leaves), diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure problem, they have significantly benefited from SSG.

    I am getting my regular supply from Will 010 525 7782 or more information at

  85. Dear Senny,
    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful information about herbs.
    I have heard that "Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene 过江藤" and "Motherwort 益母草" helps with conceiving, becoming pregnant? Is this true?
    If yes, could you please share with me where I could buy these plants/leaves?
    Thank you so much,

  86. casino gratis Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  87. Dear Senny,
    My neighbour has a stage 1 nose cancer and he is taking SSG accordingly. The question he posed to me which I cannot answer was is there any taboo/or any restriction on any particular food that cannot be mixed/eaten with SSG like for example taking meat, fish, vegetable etc. right after taking SSG. Pls reply ASAP.

    1. Dear flavian,

      Regarding your question for your neighbour when taking SSG cannot be mixed with certain food like chicken and duck meat, fish especial Kambong fish and ray fish. For nose cancer is best taking this herb

    2. Hi Senny,

      Thank you for your valuable information. We heard Gou Jiang Teng is kind of medicinal herbs for treating and curing of diabetes foot. My brother in law who stays in Singapore urgently look for Gou Jiang Teng. Where can we buy it from Singapore?

  88. Hi Senny,

    Can I just coock yu xun cao with rock sugar ? I cant find the other leaves. My husband has final stage lung cancer and already spread. Beside blend with green apple or lemon jucie, any other way to drink ? Thank you.

  89. Senny,

    How poten is soursop fruits/leaves against cancer.

    1. Hi flavian,

      Using alternative cures that may not truly work or work in every case and individual. So far what I believe is "prevention better than cure".

  90. Dear Senny,
    I am from Malacca. I have planted quite a number of pots of SSG plants, n its a waste if i were to trim n throw it away as i m the only one who drinks this SSG once in a blue moon. I m afraid to consume it everyday as i m afraid there is side effect. if anybody wants to have the leaves or the cutting to plant, please ask them to get from me if they are from Malacca. Its FOC. contact number is 016-6226526

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for sharing your SGS. God Bless!

  91. Hi Senny Ong,

    I would like to know wether SSG is good for people with thick blood & hypertension?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  92. I would like to thank for creating this interesting blog and i think most of the peoples are getting good knowledge from here get more about anticancer. Who Certified Pharmaceutical Formulations

  93. Hi Senny,
    Glad that I found your blog. Recently my friend' father has mounth cancel and would like to know is that fine to takes SSG and if can please need to know where can I get it in Sungai Petani, thanks in advance.

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