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Fish Scales Jelly for osteoarthritis and beauty care .

It has been a while people talking about fish scales jelly, and they begin to use of deep sea fish scales that are discarded in commercial fishery, then recycle into useful healthy healing dessert soup or making jelly for consumption.  

By using deep sea fish scales to cook into jelly dessert, or making healthy soup, the gelatin-like property in fish scales is cooked and derived the hydrolysis of collagen extract, which has the rich calcium content and collagen property to bone health as they believed this is folk medicine remedies which can be good for osteoarthritis to elderly and other health purposes. 

Deep Sea Fish Scales (Dried and cleaned)

Fish scale has good source of natural collagen contains and is one of the most critical raw materials for the biotechnology industry to produce into marine collagen and gelatin,which is well known now like skincare collagen capsules and collagen beverages. Also a huge demand for the best biomedical materials include bio-materials, cosmetics, food, industrial, and research purposes. It can be nutritious supplement to hair, bone and teeth, also good nutrients for beauty health care to support the skin layers required to active and further enhanced collagen in the skin, to moisturize the skin, anti-aging, helps in eliminating wrinkles and other effects from the marine collagen derived in form of collagen beverage and capsules. 

What is Collagen 

Collagen is a complement nutrient and building block to skin and helps to slow down aging. it is about 30% of entire protein of the human body, weight about 3 kg of collagen in an adult body. Collagen is essential protein widely present in the human skin, bone, muscle, tendons, cartilage, joints, hair tissue acts as a support, repair, and protection triple anti-aging effects. 

There are many benefits and its nutrients like mineral, fat, protein, iron, zinc, and variety of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and collagen extracted from fish scales. Which is good for bone and teeth, entire human body and its structure functions. And its mechanisms of action to use fish scales extracted into gelatin jelly dessert as good sort of natural collagen for beauty and health care. 

• It can be skin miniaturization and anti wrinkle natural skincare to prevent skin aging 

• Helps to improve arthritic conditions, osteoporosis for elderly and improve calcium absorption 

• Improving of hair care and preventing from dryness, hair-loss and baldness 

• Helps to replenish and improve to enhance skin tone, promoting skin scars and repairs wound healing. 

• As good natural source of collagen to promote self-production of collagens and hyaluronic acid playing a role in keeping skin firmness and improve skin moisture retention. 

• It also enhances immunity system. 

A friend of mine has been collecting large amount of biggest deep sea fish scales from the wet market or fisheries. I can see he is real keen in doing it for years, and he thoroughly removed the entire stink and foul-smelly with properly procedures, from brushing each fish scale, it really taking his precious times to clean up the wet fish scales one by one, to dry it and the whole process of preparation, then make it into dried fish scales. He then preserved it for storage in future usage. Anyway, nowadays you can easily find the dried fish scales selling in market to solve the troublesome cleaning process. 

 I felt so thankfully that my friend gave me lots of ready washed and cleaned dried fish scales for my blog writing and making healthy dessert. As when I tried to cook for a few times, I found it is nice for what was at first I thought fish scales should be fishy smelly odor in taste but not. With the preparation and added some pandanus leaves to it. It just tastes like pandan Jelly. Nice taste and not that bad. 

Simply Senz Fish Scales Orange Pandan Jelly 

Ingredients for making Fish Scales Jelly:

• Dried Fish Scales (500gms of big fish scales)

• pandanus leaves (6 stalks)

• Sugar - 2 tbs
• Water 600ml 


1. Clean and wash dried fish scales (ready cleansed type) and pandanus leaves with running water to wash thoroughly. 


2. Put water to boil, add in all ingredients to cook till the fish scales is almost dissolved or thickening form. Approximately 3 to 4 hours of cooking time. 

3. Removes the pandanus leaves, filter with strainer to strain out the fish scales extract, you can serve warm as warm soup or pour into small jelly containers to set into jelly form. Let it cool to set in refrigerator. 

* Serve with orange syrup topping is optional. 

Orange puree syrup Ingredients and preparation:

• 2 Oranges 

• 1 tbs. Rock sugar


Cut orange into half, squeeze out the orange juice, then cut some orange peel into smallest slices. ready for use. 


Cook orange syrup with low heat with rock sugar till thicken syrup. To serve as topping on Fish scale Jelly.

With orange syrup topping to enhance the fish scales jelly with orange flavor to taste. Orange juice also further enhance the collagen production effect to skin and body.

Although drinking collagen-rich soup or making jelly from the natural source of fish scales may not be easily absorb into human body, due to the human digestive system is the main filter out a large part, and how much the fish scales collagen and its micro-nutrients can really reach the human body, and skin in absorption is very limited, therefore, the process of benefit is relatively lengthy, the efficiency is low, still daily consumption may help too. 

Thus, Collagen extracted in smallest molecules to the human body needs the degradation of collagen peptide molecular, and amino acids then only can be absorbed by the body. However, Collagen peptides, collagen molecules into the human body needs obtaining from fish scale containing peptide sequence of the protein is more comprehensive, more nutrition and the affinity of the human body. Anyway, no harm give it a try, fish scales is the cheapest to get it from fishery. 


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