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Therapeutic Anti-cancer Healing Soup Recipes

Continue..... My Alternative Healing Anti-cancer Diet Program

My brother is in serious anemic problem, with normochromic normocytic anemia, some macrocyts, polychromatic cells and target cells. Marked Leucocytosis, marked neutrophils and bosinophilla. The inflammation and infection is present due to carcinomatosis.

Partly due to poor digestive system, constipation seemed to be the major problem at this moment. To give a boost and support the red blood and white blood cells count. Therapeutic foods and soup is to help to ease his gastrointestinal problem too. Sufficiency of fluid with nutritious healing soup does gives him an easy absorption and support the digestive tract without bloating after each meal. 

Barley Ling Jiao ~ Trapa Bicornis Anti-cancer soup

Primary care use of therapeutic foods and soup is to help to clear the toxin-heat effect. This soup is particularly good to drink after chemotherapy to help to quench thirst, prevention of mouth ulcers and sore throat or mouth sore problem.

This barley Ling Jiao ~ Trapa Bicornis soup has the anti-tumor and cancer healing effect. 

Good for the spleen and stomach, invigorate the kidney, and edible nut with anti-cancer potent effect for treating lung and stomach cancer, carcinoma esophagi, rectal cancer and carcinoma of urinary bladder and so on has the auxiliary therapeutic healing action. Barley is for intestinal protection and healthy boost. This anti-cancer soup is especially good for constant constipation people. It has the insoluble dietary fiber and good source of Selenium to cancer prevention, the insoluble fiber in barley provides friendly bacteria to large intestine and support healthy colon as well. 

This good combination of Ling Jiao Barley soup is soothing and anti-cancer therapeutic soup with anti-oxidant and phytonutrients. Phosphorus in barley has component of nucleic acids to the building block of genetic codes, it supports healthy cell membranes and nervous system structures. Therefore, cooked barley soup is harmless, a good choice of  therapeutic foods and drink, and it serve good source of phosphorus to cancer patient. Barley is natural medicine and laxative food for constipation, alleviate the urinary tract infection, and aiding indigestion problem.....

Read more......

  • Fig or Ficus carica
  • Water Chestnut
  • Lotus root
  • Red Dates
  • Goji or Wolfberries
  • little bit of sea salt (optional) 

He has serious Anemia and according to the hemoglobin test shown some inflammation and infection sign due to carcinomatic cells. This soup has the potent effect to improve the inflammation and relieves of lung heat. It purifies blood.

The figs and water chestnut soup has slightly laxative effect to improving his colon obstruction and constipation problem. It has various anti-cancer properties content in Figs, water chestnut cure jaundice and also resisting and defending of cancer cells growth. Lymphatic system needs nourishment foods to strengthen the normal cellular to remove of waste and breakdown of toxin. This healthy anti-cancer soup has great benefits to liver disease, constipation and diabetes, weak and sick people.


Figs provide iron which enriches and help in blood production that benefits women, and also to those with Anemia, lacking of red blood cells. Thus, it improves blood circulation. In Chinese alternative medicine usage, figs have the wonderful healing benefits for decreases and reduce of blood stagnation, they believed blood stagnation causes diseases, irregular menstruation and pain in menstruation, tumors and edema.   Read more.... 

The Lotus Root gives his lymph and liver detoxifying effect, and its rich iron and calcium for nourishment to blood, when cooked this Lotus root help to promote blood to his Anemia, as well as purifying blood in blood disorder as well as blood builder.

I bought this "wild soursop" from native, they called is as “Mountain soursop” is one of the species of Annona native wild fruit whatsoever. This fruit is just like soursop, simply because it is organically planted by native, I used it as "anti-tumor healing soup" to cook the whole plant with its leaves as medicinal healing soup for him twice weekly.

Wild Soursop 
 Anti-cancer healing soup

Many peoples believed this is also a natural home remedy to treat fever, diarrhea dysentery, digestive problem, intestinal disorders and infection. The whole plant including the fruit pulp, seeds, leaves and stem can be used as medicinal plant, and claimed that it has bio-active chemical known as Annonaceous Acetogenins, which has anti-tumor and anti-cancer active agent to target and kill cancer cells without destroying the healthy cells in alternative healing. Due to this, cooking this raw wild soursop into soup is an additional alternative healing medicine for him. To believe it or not, as long as it is naturally treated without any harmful reverse effect. 

All my alternative healing recipes mainly is designed accordingly to my brother's health condition. Although, it looks simple, as I always emphasize on "Simply" is equally to healthy dietary, easy digestion for intestinal tract problem, balancing the 5 internal organs. Hence, many more recipes yet queue in line for him, it has to be step by step......with CARE.

continue......Skin deep herbal healing therapy.

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Skin Deep Herbal Healing Therapy

Many symptoms appeared after going through a month of detoxification process and healing crisis to my brother, body has becomes weaken and whole body sores and aches, this progress is very common when one conducts such  detoxifying program. My brother suffered in pains and almost gave up the detoxifying program. I know it is hard for him to tolerate with it any longer. But what to do............

The thing is, he has to continue to fight against it and continue further alternative healing process, after all it has no harm to him.

Follow by the detoxifying, at the same time to solve his skin condition problem. The thickening skin layers had clogged the sweat glands, as this skin problem is more than 10 yrs.

This is the earlier skin condition I took this photo last month. 

 This photo is taken after 3 weeks of intensive herbal therapy:

An intensive skin re-conditioning by herbal bath, combined with internal and external application. This skin deep herbal therapy has shown tremendously changes in 3 weeks.

Internally intakes:

Skin Deep Herbal Drink


  • Bai He Ling zhi 白鹤灵芝 ~ Rhinacanthus Nasutus (L) Kurz,- 100g
  • Guo Jiang Teng ~过江藤 Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene - 20g
  • Huo Tan Mu ~火炭母 Polygonum chinensis Herba - 80g
  • 20 Red Dates (For blood circulation boost) *optional
  1. Cook with 5000 ml of water and keep boiling for at least 2 - 3 hours till 1000ml of herbal drink. Strain the herbal drink and remove the leaves and stems.
  2. Drink the herbal drinks 2 glasses a day for 3 consecutive days and stop for a week then continue again.
Note: For those with stomach energy weak, can reduce the amount of Guo Jiang Teng ~过江藤 Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene herb. 

For external application:

Herbal Bath Ingredients used:

  • Bai He Ling zhi 白鹤灵芝 ~ Rhinacanthus Nasutus (L) Kurz,- 1 kg
  • Guo Jiang Teng ~Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene - 1 kg
  • Bathtub 
(* Use leaves and stems or branches)


• Place all herbs to boil for about 1 hour. Strain the herbal water and remove the leaves and stems.
• Pour the herbal water into the bathtub.
• Soak the whole body for about half an hour for at least once daily, till the skin has improving and reconditioning to soften and smooth in texture.

The useful herbs info:

‘Bai He Ling Zhi白鹤灵芝also known as white crane herbs
in Chinese name: ‘Xian he Ling Zhi or ‘Bai He Ling Zhi’ (white crane grass), Yun nan bai yao 白鹤灵芝

Scientific name: Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) kurz

Its nature is cool

Meridian channel enters the lung, the liver, the stomach, the big and small intestine.

Toxicity: slightly (do not overdoses)

It has the anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-allergic and cytotoxic activities. Invigorating liver, lower blood pressure and treating diabetes. 

Scientific Name:  Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene
Chinese Name: Gou Jiang Teng 过江藤

This herb is used to relieve fevers, coughs and colds, skin disease, eczema, dysentery, menstrual disorder and injury from fractures. 
Taste: bitter
Functions: cooling blood, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and expels body heat.


Using its raw juice healing for external use to heal diabetes foot, skin rashes and wound healing,  boils, herpes, chronic eczema, psoriasis problem, the potiential effect as anti-cancer, anti-tumor and antifungal alternative healing herbs.

Scientific name: Polygonum chinensis Herba

Chinese name: Huo tan mu 火炭母

Huo Tan Mu (Polygonum Chinesis Herba) is one of the herbal use both in Eastern and Western herbalism, this herb does almost everything from “head to toe” and thus is great to anyone who consumed it.

The name of "Huo Tan" in Chinese is Charcoal in meaning. The seed is edible and sweet in taste. Its black is color, that's how its name as "charcoal" come from. 

Huo Tan Mu can treat flu, mumps, tonsil inflammation, tinnitus, pharyngitis,  rheumatism and bone ache, liver infection, digestive tract problem, enteritis, dysentery, dermatitis, eczema, injury from fractures, mastitis boil, this herb is known as "Natural bird nest for beauty skin". Treat women Leucorrhea (whitish discharge)


Its taste: slightly bitter, the nature is cool. 
Functions: Help in disperse damn heat, cooling blood, and stagnate damp-heat.
External use: draws out pus heal skin eczema and treat skin inflammation, and anti-fungal effect.  

Skin is considered as the first defenses to body and immunity health. With my alternative healing method, it helps a lots to rid and detoxifying the metabolic waste through sweating, enable healthy sweat glands and flows for promoting better skin texture. It also help in prevention of further metastases to other complicated skin problem.

My Alternative Healing Anti-cancer Diet Program

For the latest stage Gallbladder and lymph cancer patient like my brother, who is unable to carry on the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as told. This also keeping him to avoid of harmful and poisonous chemotherapy radiation side effect. His body and health condition is weakening when he first came to me, and his is seriously skinny, underweight with 46kg and his body height at 5'7" tall. He is highly fatigue, weak and worst he is in serious anemic condition....

Moreover with the prognosis to his cancer cells growth is invasion and metastasis, which may become worsen and accelerated to the patient death rapidly. Thus, use of the natural raw herb juices and anti-cancer foods as alternative remedies is just consolidating as an option at this moment.

Most of the later stage cancer patient generally has very poor appetite, vomit, bowel movement is not running smoothly, and the degree of illness may be worsen day by day. Actually, my brother still has the appetite to eat, and the anti-cancer dietary plan give direct impact with chances to improve his condition, by using of therapeutic foods and drinks naturally without hassle to his health would be more optimistic.

The palliative treatment from modern medication now has switches to alternative herbs, anti-cancer dietary and therapeutic food program, to his terminal malignancies without suffering and pains. My only hope is to alleviate his cancer with natural alternative healing really need to put in MORE TIMES, EFFORTS, WITH CARE PLUS CAUTION than by modern surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and medicine to kill those cancerous cells. 

The raw herbs juice healing, I used of Sabah Snake Grass ~ Clinacanthus Nutans as alternative:

Although, many herbs have anti-cancer active agents in curing cancer, presently this famous cancer curing herb "Sabah Snake Grass" ~ Clinacanthus Nutans is the primary herb for him, Sabah Snake Grass may sound promising in curing cancer, but many cancer patients or non-cancer peoples had started replanting this herb plant, and taking it as "miracle herb" in treating cancer also for prevention purpose. So far, after few weeks of herbal and detox dietary in consumption, it really had shown good potential result and also with some "bad reverse effect".  This is due to the common self-healing and healing crisis stages. His skin condition is better, and less severe painful complaints.But it has shown some "Reverse Effect" due to detoxifying crisis like constipation, and insomnia.

With the uses of Sabah Snake Grass and combination with other alternative herbs as secondary healing juices for internal and external application like:

  • "Yu Xing Cao" in chinese 鱼腥草 ~ Houttuynia cordata thunb
  • "Huo tan Mu" 火炭母 ~ Polygonum chinense herb  
  • "Black Face General"黑面将军 ~ Strobilanthes Crispus 
  • "Bai He Ling" 白鹤灵芝 Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) kurz
  • "Guo Jiang Teng"  过江藤 ~ Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene

AND ...... 

HERBAL HEALING is not everything for him.......


Herbs, dietary, deep breathing, changes of life style, mind, body and moral support from family...

One thing about using herbal therapy, is to keep in mind that DO NOT totally relying on "miracle herbs" or whatsoever herbs alone to treat cancer naturally, important point to holistic healing  must first starting to balance the mind and body, change of life style, healthy dietary on how to participate in "Eat the right foods and more green juices for cancer cure" e.g taking appropriate anti-cancer food and unprocessed whole foods, plus daily exercise, deep breathing or meditation if allowed. Lastly, of course the family moral support is very much inspiration to give courage to cancer patient with positive thinking in this cancer fighting journey.

As our body has the natural ability to cure by itself, this provided the self-healing immune system is strengthened. As when the cancer patient has positive thought and mind is set to determine whether be able or willingly to participate with intolerable ways, and strictly follow the whole alternative healing programs in the sense of without hurting his feeling as well as health condition. 

So, if one prefers to use of "Alternative Healing" or any "Herbal Remedies" to cure cancer, if without other option or choices. When using alternative healing with herbs, anti-cancer foods and green juices really need good knowledge and proper schedule, planning and time preparation to achieve the desirable result.  If not, use of modern medicine and always seek medical advice to further detection on the outcome of cancer grows with appropriated progressive way than taking the risk to treat all sorts of alternative healing methods by yourself. 

Due to no other option for me to choose,  my purpose and in accordance to my brother’s health condition, use of anti-cancer herbs and foods may help to starve and cause the cancer cells in necrosis to suppress its growth, eliminates the tumors’ life force which maybe possible to lengthen or prolonging his lifetime in survival. In order to strengthen his immunity system, more stronger and powerful anti-cancer foods, herbs and juices has to be increased in doses, and intake amount with careful attention, focus properly without any error as this may causes other complication to him. I guess this may need longer times to heal but at least I tried.

His case studies and what factors that caused his illnesses:

To understand more and from his case analysis, his major problem is due to malnutrition and unhealthy eating habit, it links to some other complicated serious illnesses to him too. 

My brother is one good example:
he loves eating oily, fried and greasy foods seldom drink plain water. And his working environment (As a Planter in big farm with plenty of chemicals pesticides) is the main causes. Due his daily unhealthy eating habits that’s breeding ground to acidity condition, once the immunologic function is drawback and many reasons that causes his gallbladder and lymph cancer. His is a very emotional person, quiet and unhappy person. The imbalance of diets, mind and body could be the cause illnesses and cancer grows.

From my personal point of view on his cancer case, is most probably also from environmentally. Many planters should consider using of microbe enzymes, or organically made fertilizer for planting, instead of using harmful chemical pesticides. At the end or in long term it may REVERSES in killing the person who used the pesticides first than killing those insects and parasites. The skin becomes thickening, and his skin condition is prolonged exposure to toxicity from chemical pesticides at work environmental that caused.

Food is natural medicine as self-healing to immunity system.

The whole wide spectrum of therapeutic foods as medicine, and medicinal herbs to be consumed for nourishment, detoxifies and boost the self-immune healing, this as well as to strengthen the energy “Qi” and "blood" flows. Regularly and frequently consumption of warming effect foods to support and give a good blood circulation a move, improves lymphatic flows for detoxify to poor flows and weak energy person. This help to alleviate and adjust his acidic body condition with proper move down system and good flows as to prevent of illnesses and further cancer cells grows.

Few steps to remember:

•   Intakes of  antioxidant foods and drinks could help to boost Self-healing immune system,
•   Detoxifying by Vegetable, fruit and green juice flush,
•   Adequate of exercise with Qi (Energy boost), deep breathing therapy brings in oxygenation to move down to the cells, help to avoid the lymph stagnation; keep the lymphatic system moving through the lymph vessel for detoxifying flows.
•   Uses of raw herbs or alternative herbs with caution and in moderation doses according to individual's health condition.

My alternative healing recipes ~Energy Booster healing Juice

Most of the whole grains foods like brown rice (mostly 10 grains rice is used) Brown Rice, Mung beans, Rolled Oats, Millet, Buckwheat, Whole Oats, Red Wheat, Pearl Barley, Job's Tears, is best source of energy supplement to make Energy Booster foods or drinks for cancerous patients. It can be made into porridge, energy drinks as healing booster. 

Especially in the meridian manifestation of gallbladder malfunctioning cause poor digestive system, this linking to poor absorbency and having stomach bloating, fatigue and weak to gallbladder stone or cancer patient. Mostly fiber food and wholesome unprocessed foods as his primary source being, as too much of fiber can also cause stomach bloating and constipation. To reverse sometimes I have to "Plus and Minus" method in measurement on food source, that's mean is to use less fiber a while, drinking more water to flush out the toxins.

How to cook the 10 grains cereal rice and making Energy super food juice:


1.  Wash and pre-soak 10 grains cereal rice for at least 4 - 6 hours prior to cooking it.
2.  Cook the 10 grains cereal rice with sufficient water. Keep boiling for about 15  to 20 minutes.
3.  Once the 10 grains cereal rice is cooked, and then set aside to let it cold first.

4. Mixed with high fiber and anti-cancer vegetable and fruit like Asparagus, Dragon fruit, green apple, ground Flax seed, Molasses, wheatgrass powder and mix in the cooked 10 grains rice, then blend it finely as nutrient-rich “energy Drink”.

Asparagus is good for his kidney, anemia, skin problem and bowel movement. It is rich antioxidant, detoxifying and defender against cancer for immunity boost.


  • To against the protein cells from metabolic and protect the normal cells, taking powerful anti-cancer or fighting cancer nutritional energy drink help to boost the immunity.  
  • Millet is best choice that found in 10grains cereal rice, which is a nutrient-rich also easy digestion, with gluten-free grains for energy boost. 
  • Selenium plays an important role to prevent of cells oxidation, to support and strengthen the cells to healthy immunity. Therefore, Ground Flax seed is content Selenium, it is easy digest and with laxative effect, added to reduce his high cholesterol, improving liver and gallbladder function, and smooth bowel movement, he has less constipation after drinking this energy booster juice in regular duration of 3 times a week in his healing menu.
  • According to scientific analysis, 10 grains cereal rice and its ingredient has more than 100 kinds of beneficial and healthy nutrients to human body, like Vitamin B groups (B1, B2, B6, B9, B12), Vitamin C, A, E, K, D, and other mineral substances e.g calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, the trace element like zinc, molybdenum is an essential mineral, manganese, germanium, enzyme and oxidation resistance, amino and other biological elements content, this is especially good for malnutrition person like him.

Taking 10 grains cereal rice is considered as macrobiotic diet and natural dietary healing food, this helps in reduces of cholesterol, ease constipation to digestive tract problem, reduces hypertension, good for skin disease, anemia, insomnia, and most importantly does not have side effect. In the prevention of stomach cancer especially good for my brother’s stomachaches and digestive tract problem, it also gives superb nutrition to his malnutrition problem. It looks simple and it sounds promising…..and I believe this diet does help and has great approach to solve his digestive system. 

Other common symptoms and complication occurrences

He has many other complicated illnesses like fatty liver, high cholesterol, the most common symptom is an accompanying with stomach bloating after foods, very often with bowel obstruction, colon clogging that caused constipation to Gallbladder cancer patient.

Natural food source in aid of constipation:

1. Adding more fiber in foods, drinking more water, and foods with high magnesium as laxative to relax and smoother the muscle of the colon, Potassium is a natural diuretic.

2. Foods high in potassium to draw water into the colon, foods source like banana, orange, potato, Avocado, cereal, tomato, eggplant, spinach is given.

3. Molasses or black strap molasses, prune juice are high in magnesium which can help to smooth the colon muscle, relaxes the colon, occasionally intake of yogurt with black prune juice, black strap molasses or molasses with apple vinegar cider can help to smooth the bowel movement and digestive system. 

4. To increase the serve of cruciferous vegetables and food high in magnesium like mustard green which has contain of phytonutrients known as glucosinolates, it can convert into isothiocyanates which have anti-cancer and anti-inflammation active properties. To his cancer problem, this mustard green supports various health benefits like detoxification, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory systems.

Continue.....Therapeutic Anti-cancer Healing Soup Recipes >>>

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