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Anti-depressant & Anti-cancer Peanut Root Herbal Soup

Foods as nutritional therapeutic diet, actually in Traditional Chinese Medicine has realizes that food not only the nutrition, also used for ailments in curing illness. Helps and affect various aspects organism to obtain health and prevention of disease vigorously.

In fact, many illnesses are encumbered and its disease root lies in lacking of nutrients and insufficiency of staple food intakes. The insufficiency of foods and nutrients intakes, unhealthy eating habits can cause malfunctioning to human body vitality, immune and oxidation balance, as a result link to many viral and illnesses. Therefore, in therapeutic foods or diets approach, the main source is to alleviate with the sufficient and eat right method to supply the proper nutrients to the body needs as to achieving the benefit of alternative healing in acute conditions.

First thing first, the immune system is the body self-defenses. To protect pathogens from entering our body, stronger immunity system of human body has the abilities to protect and as a safeguard to self-defenses from illnesses. The main purpose of immunology system is to increase and improving self immunity body defense, self-healing system and autoimmune system to free radical and against harmful cancerous cells in formation.

“Sufficiency of Alkalinity Based foods and drinks as Acidic Eliminator to body pH adjustment”

I found sources from the therapeutic foods are concerning about daily intake of healthy, nutrients foods in alkalinity base, which is able to balancing and improves the body alkalinity condition, help in eliminate and to get rid of acidic body that causes illness to prevent high risk to illnesses, such as cancer, tumors and carcinoma formation. Several factors can also due to foods and drinks intake, environmental and emotional factors that caused.

Some of the specific foods or diets in my nutritional studies, I had learned about natural food sources and it’s valued in therapeutic effect. Whereby using foods as natural medicine will help in boosting an individual health, to protect and maintaining good health and proceed to healing as well. As when I used foods as natural medicine, as an alternative remedies, I used of medicinal foods or herbs for treating illnesses. It depends on what type of foods and herbs are right for an individual body’s and health condition in application as the basic approach. 

Anti-depressant Anti-cancer Herbal Peanut root Soup

In the researches found out the Peanut Root contain high valued of “Reveratrol” contents, the natural compound and the most powerful phenolic antioxidant found in peanut root, Reveratrol content can also be found in mulberry, grape and found in red wine for health benefit, it is natural plant polyphenol, which is easy to absorb and has a better curative effect when consume.

It has antibacterial, anti platelet activities, oxidation resistance, and anticancer active properties which can be used as in anticancer, anti-SARS, anti-allergy and anti-carcinogenic properties. Therefore, Reveratrol found in peanut root is useful cancer preventive and alternative medicinal plant to breast cancer treatment, and post-chemotherapeutic as an alternative healing soup. Do not forget, in beauty aspect, this soup has anti-depressant and anti aging properties.

I bought a small bundle of Peanut Root cook it with red dates and wolfberry (Goji) and combination with Traditional Chinese herbs like Bei Qi and Licorice root. 

This soup provides resveratrol to inhibit the cancer and tumor growth, stimulate carcinogen detoxification, to induce apoptosis cell death in tumor cells, to delayed cancer cell in progression. Especially it is good to take it after chemotherapy to improve the body immunity to fight against fatigue and sluggishness. For women with hot flashes, menopausal, anxiety and depression, mood swings during menopause.


  • 1 bundle of Peanut Root
  • 20 Red Dates
  • 5 Bei Qi 北芪
  • 3 - 4 pieces licorice root or gan cao 甘草 *Optional
  • 100gm of Goji or Wolfberry.
  • 1200 liters of water


  1. Rinse and wash Peanut root thoroughly, after few rinsing with running water. Soak peanut root for few hours to make it free of debris and mud.
  2. Wash Red Dates, Goji, Bei Qi, Licorice Root thoroughly. Ready to use.
  3. Boil water. Add in peanut root, and all ingredients.
  4. Boil for an hour. Remove the peanut root and herbals, drink the soup only.

Bei qi 北芪also know as huang qi 黄芪

English name: Astragalus, milk vetch

Function: Boost and prevent heart disease, immune system

Bei qi 北芪, Astragalus, or huang qi 黄芪 is used in traditional Chinese medicine, as general tonic for the benefits mainly for heart, liver and immune system. It provides harmonious energy (Qi) and blood flow to the liver. It is especially good for boosting vital energy, promote blood circulation, treat fatigue and weak, help to support and enhance the immune system, to improve appetite and invigorates energy. Also used for treating chronic hepatitis and as adjunctive therapy in anticancer.

I used with combination of other herb like Licorice root; it adds sweet flavor to the soup. Licorice root or gan cao, it has anti-depressant compounds, treat stomach ulcers and stomach problems. It contains of anti-inflammatory effect, to soothe respiratory, sore throat and inflammation, especially after chemotherapy, and help to prevent of dry throat and burning sensation in the bodily after chemotherapy treatment.

Licorice Root

Licorice root 甘草 has hydro-cortisone, quite similar to corticosteroid hormones, also known as natural source of mild estrogen properties. And therefore it is proven useful for the women with menopause syndrome. It stimulates the adrenal glands, help in reducing stress. Also help for internal cleanse and rejuvenate body to stay younger and healthier as an anti-aging soup. Those with uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation, and menopause, this soup help in soothing and have anti-depressant for insomnia during menopause.

Caution to use: 

For those with adrenal glands cancer patients, try not to use or add in Licorice Root to cook with this anti-cancer recipe. 


  1. Where can I buy peanut root? I'm in America, can't seem to find it online either.


  2. Hi Lien,

    You can find them in Asia countries. But not America.

  3. Hi Senny,

    The above peanut soup suitable for kids?
    I have 2 boys, they're 9 and 11.

    1. Hi Wong,

      Yes, they can take this healthy peanut root soup for growth.

  4. Thanks for the recipe, i cooked it yesterday and my kids love it :)


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