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Useful Home Plant Medicinal Herbs for Alternative Healing

My home-plant useful Medicinal Herbs for Alternative Natural Healing


Scientific Name:  Stevia Rebaudian Sweet leaf
Chinese Name:  Tian Ju  甜菊

The natural sugar for good health.  

This medicinal plant for substitute of sugar or as natural sweetener, for energy and improving of blood regulation and negligible effect on blood sugar and enhancing glucose tolerance.

Scientific Name:  Mugwort
Chinese Name:  Ai Cao 艾草
The Woman’s Herb "Mugwort"
An useful remedy for painful and irregular menstruation. Therefore mugwort is great natural healing herbs for women’s reproductive system.

Scientific Name:  Motherwort
Chinese Name:  Yu Mu Cao 益母草
Meridian: Heart, bladder and Liver
Alternative healing usage: it is being used to cool the liver., aid as invigorate blood flows, regulate menstruation, induce urination and reduce swelling.
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Scientific Name: Herbs Andrographis paniculata
Chinese Name: Chuan Xin Lian 穿心莲

It claimed to be good for detoxification, anti-bacterial, removes pharynx and soothing painful sore throat, cough, the poisonous snake bite, herpes and relieving inflammation etc.

Taste like bitter gourd juice....but nice to soothe the swollen tonsils and sore throat. 
English Name known as:  South Africa Leaf
Chinese Name:  Nan Fei Ye  南非叶
It recuperates hypertension, diabetes, the uric acid and the cholesterol and more...

Scientific Name:  Oyster Plant
Known as: Moses in the cradle
Chinese Name: 蚌兰花

Oyster plant can be an ornament plant and medicinal plant.

The medicinal benefits are varied and many help in relieve of cough, coughing phlegm with blood, sore throat, relieve tonsillitis, whooping cough, nose bleed and lung problems and it has cooling properties to human body.  Read more...

Scientific Name: Clinacanthus nutans(Burm.t.) Lindau 
Chinese name: Yu Xun Cao 优遁草
English name: Sabah Snake plant, Sabah Snake Grass.
Meridian channel: liver and kidney
Yu Xun Cao or Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus Nutans Lindau) has been widely used in Malaysia and other Asia countries to treat uric acid, gout, urinates renopathies (disease of the kidney) and uterine fibroid.

The name of this white crane herbs
in Chinese name: ‘Xian he Ling Zhi or ‘Bai He Ling Zhi’ (white crane grass), Yun nan bai yao 白鹤灵芝
Scientific name: Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) kurz
Its nature is cool
Meridian channel enters the lung, the liver, the stomach, the big and small intestine.
Toxicity: slightly (do not overdoses)
It has the anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-allergic and cytotoxic activities. Invigorating liver, lower blood pressure and treating diabetes.

Scientific Name: Strobilanthes Crispus
Chinese Name: Black face general, 黑面將軍,  
Hei mian jiang jun

Types: 2 types of blooms, crawling and standing type of Strobilanthes Crispus
The crawling type is belong to "Yin", 

The Standing type is "Yang". 
Both having the same medicinal effect. 
For better result is best to use both types of medicinal herbs. 

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Chinese botanical name: Diao zhu mei (meaning as a hanging plant) shui Gui Cao 水龟草
Common name: wandering jew

Scientific name: Zebrinae Pendula Herba, from the striped leaves it refers to zebra, Pendula means “hanging” in Latin. 
Shui Gui 水龟 in Chinese name come from the shape of ovate looks like "a turtle" so as it resembles the water turtle (Shui Gui) Cao. It can be found here in Malaysia, which has possessed medicinal properties and it said to treat the kidney syndrome or kidney infection problems too.  Read More....

Scientific name as Selaginella Doederleinii Hieron, common name Selaginella, from the family species of Selaginellaceae

Chinese name known as “Shi Shang Bo” 石上柏 or Pian Bo 扁柏. This is a fern plant and looks like chicken claw.herbs for those allergic nasal problems, nose congestion, running nose, acute and chronic Rhinitis or hay fever.  
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Scientific Name: Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene
Chinese Name:Gou Jiang Teng 过江藤
This herb is cooling, and this herb is used to relieve fevers, coughs and colds, skin disease, eczema, dysentery, menstrual disorder and injury from fractures.  Taste: bitter
cooling blood and expels body heat.  

Using its raw juice healing for external use to heal diabetes, skin rashes and wound,  boil, herpes, chronic eczema, psoriasis problem, anti-cancer alternative healing ....Read more....

Scientific name: Polygonum chinensis Herba

Chinese name: Huo tan mu 火炭母

Huo Tan Mu (Polygonum Chinesis Herba) is one of the herbal use both in Eastern and Western herbalism, this herb does almost everything from “head to toe” and thus is great to anyone who consumed it.

The name of "Huo Tan" in Chinese is Charcoal in meaning. The seed is edible and sweet in taste. Its black is color, that's how its name as "charcoal" come from.

Huo Tan Mu can treat flu, mumps, tonsil inflammation, tinnitus, pharyngitis,  rheumatism and bone ache, liver infection, digestive tract problem, enteritis, dysentery, dermatitis, eczema, injury from fractures, mastitis boil, this herb is known as "Natural bird nest for beauty skin". Treat women Leucorrhea (whitish discharge).

Its taste slightly bitter, the nature is cool.  Help in disperse damn heat, cooling blood, and stagnate damp-heat.

External use: draws out pus heal skin eczema and treat skin inflammation.
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Ma Chi Xian 马齿苋 Portulaca oleracea L.

Common name as Purslane, also know as 5-element Herbs in Chinese Traditional herbs. In Traditional herbal is has been known as “longevity vegetable or herb”. It is drought resistant grass with strong vitality and can last for a long time expose to the sun without dying. The people regarded it as the "natural antibiotic" and "natural good vegetable and alternative medicine" in home remedy. It is commonly used as expectorant of internal heat, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, laxative and diuresis.
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 “Xia Ku Cao” or "Xia Huo Cao" 夏枯草/下火草, Prunella Vulgaris L. herb is the raw herbs.
This raw herb is claimed to cure breast lumps infection or breast cancer or tumor, lumps in the throat, goiter and lymph nodes swelling, hyperthyroidism problems, grave's disease, liver problem, hepatitis, treat vertigo and expel of body heat.....

Calabash Gourd, Wu Hua Guo 
The Giant Detox Fruit, it is known as Calabash Gourd/Fruit” in Philippine and America, is an evergreen tree, as an ornamental plant and with its medicinal effect for many health benefits. 
Locally here we named it in Chinese name as “Giant Lo Han Guo”. Just because it looks and taste like Lo Han Guo (Siraitia Grosvenori). This medicinal plant and gourd is cooling in nature. Which has laxative, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumore and analgesic (natural pain relief) effect. 

There are many treating ailments and maintaining for good health benefits by taking this medicinal gourd. Even thought, there is not medical proof yet this has been used as in alternative herbs for anti-cancer, anti-tumor medicinal plant, I had taken it for years and found its potent effectiveness in detoxification and for lymph node diseases problem
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Night fragrant Jasmine flowers

  • Scientific name: Pakalana Vine, Telosma cordata
  • English Name: Night fragrant Jasmine
  • Chinese Name: Ye Xiang Hua 夜香花
  • From: Native west India. 
  • Its nutrient Values: Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins A and C.
Note: There are few types of Night Jasmine Flower, make sure you get the edible type to prevent physical side effect. 

Night fragrant Jasmine flower is golden yellow blooms which have many medicinal uses for ailments such as liver syndrome like hepatitis, abdominal pain and headache.  Read more.....

Houttuynia Cordata 
鱼腥草'Yu Xin Cao' in Chinese

This herb is also known as "Fishy-smell Herb".
It is medicinal herb also leaf vegetable for culinary used. Mainly used for detoxification, with antileukemic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. For treating ailment like lung syndromes, treat pneumonia, wound healing, infectious diseases, commonly used as tonic herb tea, raw juice blend with apple or cooking porridge, in aids of stomach problem and digestive system. promotes appetite too.

地胆头 "Di Dan Tou"  in chinese.

This herb is used as alternative healing for treating various diseases and ailments e.g. Leucorrhoea, toothache, heartstroke, inflammation disease and skin problem, Respiratory system problem, hepatitis, stomach ailments, urinary infection, urethritis, cystitis and difficulty in urination. 
It can be cooked with chicken as medicinal herbal soup to treating urination syndromes. Blend it with fresh fruit as healing raw juice, cooking into concoction or herbal tea.  

Purple Perilla Leaf or Perilla frutescens 紫苏
Perilla Leaf is an ornament plant also medicinal plant. 
It has many effective medicinal ingredients and consists of arginine, glutamic acid, catechin, Rutin and Apocynum prime A and B.It natures is warm and acrid in flavor. Meridian channel enters to stomach, lung and spleen. Read More
Xian He Cao 仙鹤草 ~ Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb,

This herb is commonly used in healing wounds, blood disorders and stop bleeds, snake bite, alleviates jaundice, hepatitis, treating vomiting of blood as major therapeutically in traditional Chinese herb.It has astringent effect, and a wonderful herb for healing the mucous membranes, it is high in silica content and is helpful in connective tissue and repairing cartilage.

This rare part of this herb, which it is working in 2 ways in anti-cancer therapy, the medicinal compounds has efficacy function in killing cancer cells, as well as help in restore the healthy normal cells and increases of white blood cells count. 
Read more>>

Japanese Honeysuckle 金银花

• It is known as “Jin Yin Hua” 金银花 in chinese.
• Scientific name: Flos Lonicerae Japonicae , Lonicera Japonica,
• It has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Its nature is cold.Usually it is paired with other herbs in warm in nature.
• Its meridian channels to lung, heart and stomach.
• It has natural inhibitors agent to kill the germs, Helps in releasing poisoning, expels heat to reducing fever, treats sore throat and ulcers, for clearing skin infection and lungs. Read more.....

Jue Ming Zi, 决明子

Cassia Seed is known as Jue Ming Zhi in Chinese. 

Semen Cassiae or Cassia Seeds in English.

Cassia seed is commonly used as Chinese medicine, by using its seeds as medicinal herb in alternative healing for ailments to treat Liver problems, treating eyesight, helps to ease sore or red eyes and astringent pain, reduces and lower high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, acute conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, carbuncle, to normalize high blood pressure, Hepatitis, cirrhosis and ascites (gastroenterological term for an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.)
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Rabbit Milkweed ~ Xiao Jin Ying 小金英

Chinese name: Xia Jin Yin “小金英” or Tu Er Cai “兔耳菜”

English name: Rabbit milkweed

Scientific name: Ixeris chinensis 

Rabbit Milkweed is a medicinal plant which has milky sap or latex in the stem. It is a wild roots and leaves with beautiful yellow flora. The whole plant can be used as raw herb juice by internally and use as externally application for swelling and bruise. Some even used it as culinary dishes or boil it as decoction herbal drink for treating skin diseases and malaria,
hepatitis, pneumonia, breast cancer, uterine cancer.
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  3. It's an useful content on the medicinal herbs which helps for the alternative Healing for the best cure to keep the body healthy in a natural way, Thanks a lot for sharing out.

  4. I like you post it so interesting I also tell you something hope you like An essential protocol to follow in your treatment for psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions is to use an emollient product applied liberally especially after bathing. Most people son't so this, when their skin has cleared they don't continue with the regime of applying emollient creams, balms or salves, continue this habit for life and you skin will be protected by its antibacterial action and emmollient properties which should prevent flare ups occuring.Herbal Psoriasis Cream

  5. Dear Senny Ong,I am very interested to know more or all about the elephantops scaber.I am growing a bit of it.I planned to prepare,preserve it myself.Pls advise me the procedure of preparation for it.If possible to capsule it.Thank you.

    2.What is your best knowledge of herbs for lungs cancer?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lusia Barik,

      You can cook this herb elephantops scaber as a decoction, or cooking with chicken meat as soup. I have never try in capsule form, you may dried it and make into capsules. This herb has diuretic effect, used as cardiac tonic, astringent and antidote effect, in alternative healing for heart and liver diseases, and good for stomach disorder, and help to elimination of gall bladder stones.

      As far as I know, to my knowledge of herbs for lungs cancer, other than SSG ~ Sabah Snake Grass and Xian He Cao ~ Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb can be used for treating lungs cancer, also alternative healing like Garlic, lemon grass, pearl barley, Ling zhi mushroom, ginseng, cactus, carrot juice is good for lungs cancer.

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