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Black Soybean Porridge ~ Strengthen Kidney Yin Deficiency

Another ancient secret recipe of my granny’s alternative healing ~ food therapy by using of black soybean, red dates, rice and ginger.  

This help to relieve tinnitus or kidney Qi deficiency problem. This wholesome food is a very simple way in preparation to daily diet. And yet it is a delicious porridge and soup. It can be taken as sweet dessert soup by adding rock sugar or as salty porridge by adding soy sauce.

Home Remedy for treating ear fluid imbalanced especially "kidney Yin deficiency" problem.

  • 3 oz of black beans,
  • 3 oz of rice,
  • 4 slices of Ginger (peel)
  • 10 Red Dates (Optional)
  • 8 bowls of water
If you wish to make it as soup, add extra water to 10 bowls of water. Just drink the water only.


Wash and Soak black beans overnight first, lets them germinate slightly, this shorten the cooking time, easy for digestion, also reduce their acidity and phytic acid of the bean.


1. Wash Black soybean and rice then drain dry ready for use.

2. Fried black soybean and rice separately (without oil or water) for about 5 minutes.


3. Add in black soybeans, rice, red dates and ginger slices to boiling water.


4. Reduce the flame to low heat, and boil on simmering fire till water quantity reduced to 1 bowl.

5. Remove from heat, drink the water only. (For Ear problem)

6. For strengthen Kidney, cook for 40 minutes, then eat the porridge, red dates and black soybean.

(Can also add rock sugar to serve as sweet dessert soup, or add salt or soy sauce as porridge).

* Spice of the ginger is important to this recipe, it is an effective herbal remedy for treating dizziness, or vertigo is present. Taking this soup or porridge by regular basic will help in improving the ear problems and kidney Yin deficiency.

This gentle and natural home remedy is quite good for Kidney “Yin deficiency” as kidney strengthening foods help to invigorate by tonifies the deficient Yin of kidney function.

In alternative home remedies, we can either get it from food or other activities.


Black soybean is good source of “Yin” nourishing foods for kidney. Black is for “water” and “Kidney” is lies in the element of "water" too.

This simple recipe which help in support and normalize the body, kidney energy and help to reduce of toxic heat, controls and enhances of “water metabolism” in preventing of water retention, this is what involves the proper diet and nourishment of the ears, for which is what affected by the kidney system in meridian cycle and functioning.

As weaken in kidney energy can causes poor hearing or other sickness conditions, e.g ringing in the ears (tinnitus), also frequently fear of cold like frigophobia. That’s the syndrome of hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency and phlegm stasis.

Symptoms and signs of Kidney Yin Deficiency to ear problems:  

Dizziness, feeling fullness and ringing in the ear, migraine or slowly hearing loss is the sign of tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

Tinnitus and meniere's disease (imbalance of ear fluid) is an influence hearing and balanced internal ear disease. Which is one kind of internal ear pathological change causes, and initiation endolymph (the fluid contained inside the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear), back-flow is blocked or the absorbing barrier. Some of the causes is unknown, some factors cause maybe due to family history, ear infection and head injury as this needs the modern science medical diagnosis in further treatments.

In meridian channel the kidney is the most important reservoir of essential energy and storing the “Jing” or essence. The Kidney is the root of "Fire" and "water".

Kidney Yang
is to ensure the fire of each organ is not drowned out, it goes to the lungs and supervises the discharge of excess water by the bladder. They meridian channel for kidney functioning is referred as "open into the inner ear". 

The Kidney and ear in meridian channel and its physical branches is interconnected are emerge parallel function. It said “the kidney in meridian channel is "open into the ears”. As when channel collapse, influences of passage for water or fluid to flow through. But Not all ear problems or disorders are related to the kidney.

When the kidney system is imbalanced of "Yin and Yang" deficiency it manifest as soreness and weak.
This will cause deficient Yin with liver fire, and causing heat symptoms like "ringing in the ear" or Tinnitus.

Manifestation and root cause of kidney in channel Qi, governing water metabolism, pathway of 'Qi'  flow is deficiency and kidney Qi failing to control respiring Qi. As our body Qi is constantly ascending, descending, entering and leaving, when Qi is gathers or disperses, the qi flow within the pathways occurs
several times in a day in active period. It influences our body Qi energy functioning is form or collapse.

These imbalances of kidney system in functioning “Yin and Yang” deficiency may cause several signs and symptoms like night sweat, cold limbs, edema, water retention, weaken and pain of back and knee, insomnia, poor libido, fertility problem, poor appetite, constipation, chronic fatigue as well as ear problems e.g Meniere’s syndrome, vertigo and tinnitus.


Stimulation by gently massage the ear auricle with pressure point to reflex zones, or lightly closing the ear with light pressure also helping in conserves the kidney Qi energy and stimulates the ears. The warmth stimulates and circulation reinforces the flow of lymph, increase the flow smoothly.


  1. This is a wonderful article. thank you so much for sharing this recipe to help kidney yin condition. I am working on eliminating this condition. My blog is Healing Waters. It is bran new, and so far I have only posted articles found on Kidney yin so it can be shared with others. Will read other blogs of yours...thanks

  2. Hi Healing Waters,

    Thanks for your compliments, I read your blog for the Kidney Yin and Yang articles, it is very good and nice to share with others. Thanks for sharing too.


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