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Pink Herbs Drink for Kidney problems

In Traditional Chinese medicine believed that deficiency of vital health of kidney yin or yang imbalance, by using holistic approach of alternative herbal healing is quite common nowadays.

Kidney is the root to diseases.

Kidney plays a major role of storage essence, governs birth, growth and reproduction, control reception of essential qi, produces and control of bones, engenders marrow and governs water transformation, and kidney "open up into the ear". It is water element and also source of fire for the body. As the kidney is the primary also basic of Yin and Yang for all other organs.

Kidney Yin governs the birth growth and reproduction,Kidney Yang governs the physiological processes of the movement and momentum of activities, transformation of water and hormone, metabolism of the water and urination, Suppose to warming process.

Deficiency of Kidney Yin and Yang, in general it affects the vital health.

How to know when Kidney Yang Deficiency, the following symptoms may occur like:

• Water retention and swelling legs
• Pale complexion
• Feeling cold limbs and back,
• Back and knees pain or soreness
• Infertility in women and impotence in men
• Clear urine

How to know when Kidney Yin Deficiency, the following symptoms may occur like:

• Dark urine
• Ringing in the ear or loss of hearing
• Backache
• Night sweating, dry mouth at night
• Thirty most of the time and constipation
• Overactive of urination

In the concept of the practitioners of TCM used the theory of traditional medicine healing to treat the internal organs of 5 zang 6 Fu of human body, as for treating disorder of the kidney, usually started with invigorate of Yin and Yang energies, blood and fluid flows to the kidney first, the patient’s physical and psychological state to recommend what type of herbs, the usage of herbal remedies or alternative healing with homeopathic remedies to most common kidney failure in advance. To treat ailments and adjust the imbalance and corrected the root of the problem for improvement.

In TCM main theory to cure the common ailments in response to these:

The liver disease adjusts the kidney first, the nephrosis

The kidney disease adjusts the lung first, pulmonary tuberculosis.

The lungs disease adjusts the spleen first, splenopathy

Any disease of the spleen adjusts the heart first,

For worry, emotional or depression adjusts the liver first.

Safely usage of herbal remedies in alternative healing may sound complicated, some maybe simple. Some of them content toxic and it may have posses reverse reaction too if not carefully used.

There are many types of medicinal herbals are quite similarly in its curative effect and usage.

Such as invigorate and treat kidney problems or kidney syndrome, common use of clinacanthus Nutans herba or Yu Xuan Cao (Sabah Snake Plant), Snake plant mean to use in treating “snake bite”, also named as “Shen Cao” 肾草 in  Chinese name that’s “kidney grass” commonly used in Malaysia for kidney syndromes and kidney diseases.

Another useful herb has the similar effect of treating the kidney problem. This herbs is “Shui Gui Cao”, 水龟草.  Shui Gui in Chinese name come from the shape of ovate looks like "a turtle" so as it resembles the water turtle (Shui Gui) Cao. It can be found here in Malaysia, which has possessed medicinal properties and it said to treat the kidney syndrome or kidney infection problems too.

                                     Shui Gui Cao ( Wandering Jew)

What is Shui Gui Cao:

Chinese botanical name: Diao zhu mei (meaning as a hanging plant)

Common name: wandering jew,

Scientific name: Zebrinae Pendula Herba, from the striped leaves it refers to zebra, Pendula means “hanging” in Latin.

Shape and illustration of this medicinal herb:

It has upper surface in dark green to purple and silvery green striped leaf blades with hairy petioles that sheath the stem. They are many species of this plant. It can be an ornamental plant as a hanging plant, considered as non-toxic and not poisonous so far no known record of toxicity. Avoid touching the watery sap of this herbs, as its irritant properties may cause skin inflammation or allergy.

Nature: Nature is cool.

The taste of this herbal drink is slightly tasteless with the light herbal aroma; nice looking in purple pink color after boiled for few hours.

Medicinal effect:

This medicinal plant has been widely usage in traditional herbal cures for treating ailments like swelling and inflammation, used as natural herbal tea to treat Nephrities (kidney infection), engender liquid, lung heat cough.

It has the benefit of clearing heat and detoxication, cooling blood, diuresis effect.

Mainly treats:
Pulmonary tuberculosis cough, hemoptysis (coughing up blood or blood-stained), treat painful pharynx and larynx swollen, acute conjunctivitis, the bacillary dysentery (blood in stool), nephritis dropsy (swelling or accumulate of water) and nephrities (kidney infection), urinary infection, leucorrhea (white discharge or vaginal discharge) and poisonous snake bite. 

 Shui Gui Cao Herbal Drink

It is quite simple to prepare and decoction into herbal extract or herbal drinks. 

As usual to increase warming and promote of blood circulation effect, adding red dates, honey dates or black dates. Black beans can be added to increase the energy flow to the kidney. Cook it for at least 2 hours together to achieve good result in healing.

After drinking effect:
Increases of urination may occur. Refreshing and cooling.


  1. Hi Senny,

    Thank you for the information on Shui Gui Cao. May I know where can I buy this plant in Singapore?


  2. Hi Mark,

    I am not sure where to get this Shui Gui Cao in Singapore, anyway, through google search I found this singapore website.
    maybe you can find out more from them. Hope it helps.

  3. Hi senny, where can I buy this plant in Kuching Sarawak??


      I am not sure about Kuching, you can come to Kota Kinabalu Gaya Street and find this herb here.

    2. is it possible for you to sell it to me??


      Very sorry I do not sell any herb, this blog is merely for sharing purposes.

  4. I want to buy shui gui cao plants for my mum and relatives who got suffering kidney failure. Where can i buy them as much as I can?. If someone know where can buy it, kindly contact my email and mobile number, +65 97102535.

    thank you very much in advance.

  5. Hi.. I'm staying in Malacca & I'm interested to try this herbs for my mom. Please contact me at 017-2974342.. Really appreciate your help..


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