Sunday, August 08, 2010

Senz's Time and Passion

For a change, today’s blog is something about me. Not about herbs and remedies. Someone wrote me this: “after reading your blog, not sure what your free time is like in life.” This is one interesting question. 

What my free time is like in life? Sigh…Can’t think much about that. I only know how to take a look at our life style; life is about trial and error. When you make a mistake, always think through failures. Keep going, never stop for any reason. Always keep going for the better. It makes you realize metaphorically how this concept applies to everything in life.

We struggle through life, just trying to fit in. Nobody has a perfect Life. We have shit in our life. It is dull routine each day, Instead of driving the same route to work or to run errands each day, try to take a different path where you'll be exposed to new sights and sounds. Take the time to engage in an act of self expression each day. That’s all.

I find myself adrift on the sea of uncertainty; that's my symbol of life. it is not an easy life to me thought. And I forced to take steps toward to pursuing the path. Based on the pros and cons of pursuing the path that ahead for. There is always a way if I am willing to find it.

No one can make the choice for me. I follow my passion, just tired of having to lift my spirit for the umpteenth time. That’s how I take it as a challenge in life or for a change. Let’s talk about what's involved in taking a leap of faith and more importantly, there is no life without the discovery and pursuit of passion.

Sometimes, life seems tough, tired and lonely; work pressure, seeing others suffering with illnesses and so on. But when I think about it, life truly isn't so bad, it has negatives and advantages, the negatives are more frequent but there are always treasures to make me see differently. Life is simple, but it is not easy.

Sometime my own thoughts swirling in my mind why I have to work harder on some facets of life than others, I had to deal with struggles, hardships etc, what for me to draw upon all the positive energy is moving on. My efforts were in vain, I have to adjust in order to move on and accept new challenges otherwise life becomes something like living in a closed container. That’s Boring Life….LOL

It is alright there is always tomorrow; I try to change myself for a better tomorrow. 


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