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Natural Sweetener Stevia Rebaudiana Sweet Leaf

In my herb plant collections, I begin to collect some of the species of aromatic herbs like Lavender, Rosemary, mint and thyme for the enjoyment of making herbal healing beverages. Partly these healing herbs and its aromatic herbs really gives our body and spirits refreshing and uplifting feeling.

I have been looking for Stevia Rebaudiana (Sweet leaf) a very unique name kind of herbs plant for quite sometimes. I like brewing herbal tea from variety of herb plants, some may be easily found in dried leaves form, but seems hard to find this herb plant in fresh leaves out here.

After all, I am still lucky enough that I found one of this herb plant of Stevia Rebaudian, 'Tian Ju' in Chinese, commonly known as sweet leaf or sugar leaf, it is a sweetener and sugar substitute kind of herbs plant for tea or food. This herbal brews is rich in mineral, health giving compound for nourishing and support body, mind and spirits. It is not like those refine sugar, it won’t drain our body and it is worthwhile to try to use is as sweetener substitute. As the raw Stevia Rebaudiana leaf contain phytonutrients and volatile oils, it is good to take it fresh or in raw, when brews herbs tea remember do not overcook it or simmer for long period just to prevent the evaporation of it essence oil and volatile oil.

What is Stevia Rebaudiana


Scientific name: Stevia Rebaudiana, sweet chrysanthemum leaf, Sweet leaf or Sugar leaf, honey sweet leaf.

Chinese Name: Tian Ju, 甜菊、Tian Cao 甜草、Tang Cao 糖草、Tang Ju 糖菊

It is the species of herbs of Chrysanthemum family, in Brazil they called it as ‘sweet herb’.

The benefits of Stevia Rebaudiana

The entire plant has the sweet taste, takes the leaf as the important source, is the best natural alternative sugar. non-calories. It is a sweetener or sugar substitute and its extracts is 300 times sweetness of sugar cane or sucrose.

It contains low sugar and also benefits diabetes and used as medicinal plant for substitute of sugar or as natural sweetener, for energy and improving of blood regulation and negligible effect on blood sugar and enhancing glucose tolerance.

It is delicious and refreshing in sweet taste, it contains Steviol glycosides that responsible for the sweet taste of its leaf. Yet it contains no calories as a supplement for obesity and high blood pressure patients, it also medicinally use on prevention of obesity, lower uric acid, high blod pressure, hypertension, heartburn, hysteria and cavity.

Stevia Rebaudiana (Sweet Chrysanthemum Leaf) has been widely used in several countries like Japan, Taiwan, china, korea, Uraguay, Brazil and Israel as alternative sweetener market. For which it has been proven that is has therapeutic uses and the leaves used for medicine, as safer than sugar and other chemical drugs for treating:

• Diabetes, as a sugar-free sweetener, sweet enhancer.

• Obesity, to turn-off sugar craving

• Neurasthenia with condition symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, taking its leaf brews in tea has the calming and soothing effect

• reduces the blood pressure, to stabilization of blood sugar

• Promote metabolism function and against hyper-acidity of stomach

It has been reported according to some of the medical researches that frequently drinking of Stevia Rebaudiana, or sweet chrysanthemum leaf as herbal healing tea or beverage, may help in treating anxiety and depression, heart palpitation to reduce in speed, short of breath, lower blood pressure levels, as its function similar to inhibit movement of calcium ions across a cell membrane, used in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders called slow channel-blocking agent. which can expand the blood vessels. 

For those prefer weight lost naturally. It also helps in “turn-off” hunger sensation and reduces of sugar and fats craving. Taking prior to meal may alleviates and turn-off hunger sensation to reduce appetite.

In Chinese tradition medicine theory, fresh Celery juice has the benefit of lower blood pressure in hypertension, to lower uric acid level, as it acts upon the liver, celery juice added with Stevia Rebaudianna (sweet leaf) in substitute of honey or sugar. Food as medicine in natural method, the easy way is to take it as beverage, no harm trying this alternative sweet portion.

Making Stevia Rebaudiana with fruit juice:

• Stevia Rebaudiana or sweet leaf blended with celery as juice, helps in reduce blood pressure and uric acid. It is diuretic tonic helps in drain excess body fluids.

Making herbs tea

clear liver heat

• Taking dried or raw leaf of Stevia Rebaudiana (Sweet leaf) as herbal tea. It can be combined with Chrysanthemum, Red Dates and Goji.

Alternative healing tea

~ for Hepatitis, liver problem, clear liver heat, diabetes and weight lost.


Most important is to understand what is right for your health condition, although herbs are safe for some people, if you wish to try it is advisable for you to consult with your holistic health practitioner or doctor first. No matter what type of healing herbs or alternative healing method, we still have to be careful in consumption, start off slowly and minimize it to prevent overdoses with it.


  1. Stevia has 0 calories but has actions very similar to several currently used medications. It stimulates the release of insulin and normalizes the response to glucose, especially in type 2 diabetes. Other sweetners like Aspartame or Splenda have additives in them that are very bad for your health and can cause various diseases. I myself have been using Cid Botanicals Stevia and so far very satisfied with it. Check out at

  2. Could you please let me know where I can buy a stevia plant?

  3. The more it taste bad the more nutrients it has.

    green drink

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