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Green Papaya Ku Ding Tea Cure Painful Gout

Ku Ding Tea

Chinese name, as “Ku Ding Cha’, Ku means 'bitterness', Ding is its appearances is twisted rolled leaves into a narrow spike like, like a nail. literally as 'bitter-nail tea'.  

Ku Ding Tea is the wax tree species Ligustrum Robustum, and the holly species of llex. Grown in the Sichuan and Guangxi Provinces and Japan.
It is a traditional Chinese health Tea or the beverage consumed in china And its taste particular distinctive bitter and with a bit of sweet taste undertones.

In Chinese medicinal properties its ability is to disperse wind-heat, to resolve toxin, eye ailments for itchy eyes and red eyes, it also alleviate thirst, invigorate stomach and as for slimming and beauty herbs tea to control obesity. It promotes blood circulation and increase blood flow, detoxifying and has anti-oxidant effect similar to tea.

Using Green Papaya with Ku Ding Tea for Gout cures.

Papaya is a wonderful fruit in medicinal usage. Papaya contains an enzymes called 'Papain', papain is a good source of protein digestive enzyme to helps in dissolve and break down protein to form amino acid, it also in aiding the body upholds better overall health to alkaline condition. It has been proven its medical benefits, it is an active anti-inflammation agent.

As using food as medicine, this Papaya herbal tea drink has the certain medicinal properties to put off the uric acid that accumulated and build up in the body. This simple alternative home remedy can help in alleviate joint pain, body aches and pains, rheumatism, so as to alleviate the digestion problem, try Papaya Ku Ding Tea.

Using an unripe Green Papaya with Chinese Tea or Ku Ding Tea to cook it as herbal drink or brew into herbal tea for treating painful joints and gout. Ginger is also a good home remedy for gout and digestive tract problem, to relieve of stomach gas and body aches, you can add in 1 or 2 slices of ginger into the infusion.

Method of how to brew Green Papaya Ku Ding Tea:
  • Use one unripe Green Papaya to act as a tea pot. 
  • Cut open the top portion of the papaya and removes all the seed, 
  • place in your Chinese Tea or Ku Ding Tea, add hot water into it.
  • Open a small ventilation hole to the top cover of the papaya, covers back the top portion of the papaya, and brewing the tea.
  • Steep the Ku Ding Tea leaves in the Papaya with the hot water at the 80°c to 90° for 15 minute. 
  • Increase the steeping time after the second brewing. You may add more water if the Ku Ding Tea is too bitter.
  • Drink the tea.

Note:  This Tea can be infuse at least 3 - 4 times continuously by adding hot water in steeping. The water temperature is very important for brewing this herbal tea. Repeating adding hot water to keep it warm for drinking.

As this recipe helps in treating arthritis, uric acid, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Also helps to reduce the body weight naturally and effectively.

Most important is to understand what is right for your health condition, although herbs are safe for some people, if you wish to try it is advisable for you to consult with your holistic health practitioner or doctor first. When taking medication try to consult your doctor before taking any of the alternative healing herbs.

No matter what type of healing herbs or alternative healing method, we still have to be careful in consumption, start off slowly and minimize it to prevent overdoses with it.


  1. I had started taken this remedy with green tea instead for the past half month but nothing had happen and I still having this gout attacked frequently. As for me I had mild gout attack every now and then almost once everyweek. I would say not the severe type until you cannot walk. I check my uric acid quarterly and I will monitor further to justify this claim.
    My method of brewing this drink is cutting the green papaya into cube after removing it seed but I never peel off it's skin. Boil the water in sauce pan with Lid until boiling and then put in green papaya and green tea together. Lower down the fire to simmering for any 2 minutes and putoff the fire and let it absorb the mixture for another half hour before drinking. what difference does it make between Ku-ding tea and green tea.Pls comment and advise. Thank

  2. Hi wantalk,
    Your method of cutting papaya into cubes to brew with green tea is similar effective to my method. However, the effectiveness is subjected to frequent drinking. Other than taking home remedies, the overall acidity or alkalinity of the body can affect the gout attack. Daily dietary need to control and avoiding high purine base content foods as well.

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