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Slimming with Stevia Rebaudian Ku Ding Cassia Seeds Tea

Stevia Rebaudian ~ Sweet leaf is useful therapeutic herb and medicinal plant as an alternative sugar substitute to sugar, or natural substitute to replace the artificial sweetener for lower blood sugar and diabetes. 

Dried Stevia Rabaudian Leaves

To infuse along with this Ku Ding Tea and Cassia Seed (Jie Ming Zhi) added with Stevia Rabaudian gives the sweetening flavor, and this is one of the good alternative healing for constipation and relieves of upset stomach. (for more information about Stevia Rebaudian Leaf)

Making Stevia Rebaudiana Ku Ding Jie Ming Zhi (Cassia Seeds) Tea.

Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf with Kuding Tea and Jie Ming Zhi, this herbal tea is bitter-sweet in taste. 

Sweet leaf - Stevia Rebaudiana leaf instead of using sugar. This leaf is a 'dietary supplement' common used for diabetes as sweetener. All natural sweeteners from the natural herb plant of Stevia Rebaudian leaves which contains of sweet flavor. 

  • 10 sweet leaf (dried stevia)
  • 2 - 3 rolled leave of Kuding Tea
  • 10g Jie Ming Zhi (Cassia Seeds)
Brewing this herbal tea can be done as infusion. Brew this herbal tea with an easy infusion method:

1. Use the loose dried Stevia Rebaudiana leaves, Ku Ding Tea, Jie Ming Zhi, place all the ingredients into the infuser. 

2. Add in hot water, simmer for 15 minutes.

3. Serve it warm. 

* It is best to take it after meal.

What is Jie Ming Zi

Scientific name: semen cassiae, Cassia Seeds

In Chinese name is Jie Ming Zi or Jue Ming Zhi, Cao Jie Ming

The Semen Cassiae seeds is a chinese traditional herb,  it is a bit bitter sweet in flavor, cold in nature and its meridian channel is to the liver, kidney and large intestine channels.  

It is commonly used in Chinese medicinal for reduce fire (heat) and maintaining good health, especially drain liver heat and nourish liver and kidney. 

Cassia Seeds medicinal benefits:

Cassia Seeds (Jie Ming Zi) contain the effective component which may adjustment immunity, benefits eyes as for eye ailments to improve blurred vision (add chrysanthemum gives certain curative effect on high blood pressure), adjust blood fats, reduces cholesterol and ease constipation for those with intense heat from the liver, it helps in loosen the bowels to relieve constipation, as also use for achieving lost weight in herbal formula. To purge heat and replenish yin (body fluids).

Cooking Cassia Seeds chrysanthemum porridge

Some of the traditional natural healing like cooking the Cassia Seed, jujube and dried chrysanthemum are put together to cook into soup, and keep the soup to cook with the rice into porridge to treat gastrointestinal tract problem, reduce stomach fat for natural weight lost, clear liver heat, improve eyesight, and lower cholesterol.

Cautions on Use:
For those with Qi (Energy) deficiency with loose stools should be avoided to add Semen Cassiae Seed (Jie Ming Zi) for this formula. It is best to fry it before use. Jie Min Zi has a natural laxative effect also contract the uterus.

Used as herbal drink and should not be decocted for a long time for those used it to relieve of constipation.


  1. Great! I really like it and I want to try it now! I was looking for lower cholestorol, since I have unhealthy cholesterol level I've been trying to find ways to get rid of it without spending much.

  2. Have a good try, Celine. Take care


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