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Hi-fiber Pumpkin Sea Bird Nest Kelp Soup

Seaweed is my favorite ingredient which is quite suitable for most of the healthy recipes in my culinary preparation especially making salad and dessert drink.

Seaweed is also known as kelp, its meridian channels: Liver, stomach and kidney. which is high in natural source of trace mineral, its mineral macro-nutrients consists of Iron, calcium, Phosphorus, Protein, selenium and iodine manganese, cobalt, zinc, Vitamin A, copper and Niacin.

Sea Bird Nest as in Chinese name: San Hu Cao
I had mentioned earlier in my blog for its benefits and usage in dietary. For more details and information please visit this link: Eucheuma Seaweed or Sea Bird Nest.

Seaweed is sea vegetable which has very little fat, the benefits of taking seaweed or kelp which benefits those ladies they prefer to slim down naturally, and it helps in reducing of cellulite and lymph flow problem, it may also help in prevention of obesity by dissolves the fatty waste through the skin in application.

Other than it is a good valuable food, Seaweed or Kelp has extremely rich in iodine that beneficial to thyroid function to preventing goiter by its rich iodine, calcium, fluorine and iron, aside from iodine, it aids edema and help to drain excessive water to reduce of water retention due to lymphatic drainage flows problem, also can use to treat such condition like anemia and correct mineral deficiencies, helps maintain hormone balance and improve of well functioning of our body glands system and swollen glands. Helps in detoxify the body as well as increases and strengthen the immune system.

Pumpkin has many beneficial effects and such good stuff in culinary preparation and its medicinal effect in Chinese medicine, its nature is neutral food, taste sweet, the nutritive value including of Vitamin B, C, and the nutrition is rich.

Pumpkin in traditional has many medicinal effect and good food especially to diabetics in Chinese dietary therapy, a soup of Pumpkin mixed with Sea Bird Nest and Kelp has the healing effect which can appease hunger for reduce of weigh as a supplement dietary food, it cleanses heat, improves indigestion, alleviates testicular pain and swelling, adds the Sea Bird Nest and kelp to aid in weight lost, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure also to suit the obese hypertension people, regularly taking or drink for a certain period with this healthy high fiber soup will gain good result, It alkalizes blood, balance of blood sugar, most important it helps to aid digestive system and improves constipation problem.


  • Pumpkin small slice
  • Sea Bird Nest (San Hu Cao) – 50g
  • Kelp or Seaweed -5 - 10g
  • Ginger – 5 slices
  • Pinch of salt
  • Water 500 ml
  • Brown sugar – 3 tbsp. (Optional)
Note: for diabetes people, can use salt instead of brown sugar. For making Jelly (agar-agar) it’s best to use brown sugar.


1. Peel pumpkin skin and wash. Cut pumpkin into smallest cube or blend it. I prefer to use in cube size.

2. Wash and soak Sea Bird Nest in water for at least 5 hours. Cut into shorter in length. Ready for use.

3. Wash and soak kelp or seaweed in water for 5 minutes. Drain dry and keep it aside.

4. Cut ginger into thin slice


1. Bring water to boil. Add in ginger slices and pumpkin cubes to cook for at least 40 minutes.

For blended pumpkin just cook for about 15 minutes or till boil.
(To make into Jelly form, it is best to blend it.)

2. Add in Sea Bird Nest and Kelp to cook for 5 minutes.

3. Then add in brown sugar and pinch of salt. Done. Serve it hot or cold.

• To serve cold, keep the soup into container and keep it in refrigerator. It will become Jelly dessert. Nice to try.


  1. Hello,

    Did you receive my comment earlier...having some problem......on the glass pot ?


  2. Hi Joyce,

    Sorry I haven't receive it...what's the problem? What about on the glass pot?

  3. Hi Senny,
    Ops so sorry.....cos while typing the comment the system hang and kick me out of yr blog so wonder you recvd my msg anot lol.

    Anyway, i wanna try out yr recipe for fatty liver as recently my doc told me that i got fatty liver and multiple of gallstone so i was so worry.....and i decided to try out yr recipe.

    I have been looking ard for those type of glass teapot that you're using....but in spore I'm not too sure where can i buy i only get to see it selling in Taiwan and malaysia.....
    I love the look of the transparent glass pot....very unqiue and nice. Can you share with me where can i buy it ? And how much it is.

    I did try growing mulberry previously but ihave no luck actually give me 2 stem cutting but it seem always the stem gonna dry i just dump it away. Now growing roselle...hoping 1 of these day i can harvest my abt 40 cm tall but only skinny stem and no flowering ........

    Last but not least, i wanna praise that i really enjoy reading yr blog and try out those recipe that you have posted.

    Good Job...keep going....


  4. Hi Joyce,

    LOL, Thanks for visiting my blog. If not too busy with my work b4 and after CNY, I would write and prepare more recipes for my blog.

    Anyway, you like the glass teapot huh...I bought it about RM 99.00. It's quite cheap and cost more or less RM 88.00 at promotion price now. You can contact this person or visit to find out more or purchase online.
    E-mail •
    Tel • 603 8076 3388

    For the mulberry tree, I wonder where do you plant it? Indoor or outdoor? it needs full sun and well-drained soil to thrive. If too skinny try some organic fertilizer or compost with vegetable waste. Mulberry tree prefer lightly acid soil (pH 5.5-6.5), need regular pruning keep them healthy and to achieve more branching leaves and fruits. But remember try to avoid heavy pruning of mulberry trees. Do not make cuts that are greater than 2 inches in diameter. This apply to Roselle tree too. I usually do the pruning when the tree still young, and not too regularly. Keep trying and I hope this helps. Meantime you take good care of your health too. Regards

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    Nice post.
    Valuable information is here.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Health benefits of bird nest


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