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Youzi Cha ~ Honey Pomelo Tea Healthy Drink

What is Honey Pomelo Tea

The Honey Pomelo Tea or “Youzi Cha” is a syrup Jelly type of healthy drink, but it has no “TEA” in it, I don’t know why it has been called as “Honey Pomelo Tea”?

Honey Pomelo Tea is made from the flesh, skin, steep in boiling for 1 and half hour with rock sugar and honey, as the skin of Pomelo has the effect of reduce and lower blood level of LDL cholesterol, in alternative healing this syrup is made to use in home remedies for treatment e.g asthma and soothing of senile cough, cough resulted by heat in the lungs, sore throat, cough with phlegm, headache, added ginger slices to Honey Pomelo tea help relieve of arthritis, ease indigestion and detoxify the intestine, and it claims that this is highly anti-oxidant healthy drinks.

in Japan and South Korea is famous in taking “Honey Pomelo Tea” as healthy drink and therapeutic care purpose, Chinese name it as “YouZi Cha”, in fact, it looks like fruit jams or syrup jelly in jar selling in most of the superstore. It is commonly used as beverage for cooling heat effect as well.

Why taking Honey Shaddock or Pomela Tea?

In therapeutic care and medicinal usage, cooking of the flesh, skin of Pomelo has been famously and easily found in Korea. In beauty care, if you wants to lightening the black spot or reduce the pigmentation on face naturally, the Vitamin C and L-cysteine in Pomelo can collaborate and lightening the skin naturally.

For constipation and acnes skin people regularly taking honey Pomelo tea may possible help in improving and relieve the symptom. The effect of taking this healthy keeping in good health tea, strengthen the immunity, lower cholesterol to prevent of cardiovascular disease.

Pomelo or Shaddock is an exotic fruit of Southeast Asia which belongs to citrus family and an antecedent of grapefruit. Other names include Chinese grapefruit, jabong, and shaddock.

Common Name: Pomelo

Vernacular Names: Pummelo, Shaddock,
Chinese grapefruit, lusho fruit, bali lemon, pompelmous, Papanas,

Scientific Name: Citrus maxima

In Chinese name: You Zi

Cantonese name as “Luk” in Cantonese means “Wealth”.

We use it as the seasonal fruit in the mid-autumn festival or moon cake festival as its shape is roundness and full moon to associate with mid-autumn festival. So Pomelo is a popular fruit for harvest festival celebrated by Chinese. Chinese New Year comes, this seasonal fruits is to use as decoration and also popularly selling in the market as believe and symbolic is 'to bring prosperous' and “to have” wealth and good fortune in meaning.

Pomelo is a large juicy citrus fruit which has contains of rich source of vitamin A and C, dietary fiber, carbohydrate, protein and potassium, it helps strengthen and maintaining elasticity of arteries and good for our heart. It is naturally fat and cholesterol free, and has various health benefits mainly help in reduce of cholesterol, and the homothetic insulin factors help in reducing blood fat and blood sugar effectively and clean red blood cell.

Its limonoids found in Pomelo has the effect of preventing cancer cells from divining better than chemical medicines. The rind of the Pomelo is high in bioflavonoid, which was discovered that to even stop cancer cells from spreading in breast cancer and ridding excess estrogen in the body.

Some medical expert pointed out that simultaneous ingestion of grapefruit juice during or while taking medicine like certain cardiovascular medications may lead to increase of bioavailability and depends types of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs. But Pomelo has less bergamottin than grapefruit, because Pomelo or shaddock also in the grapefruit family, as for grapefruit has some active material like bergamottin inhibits an enzymes in the intestines tract that may cause metabolizes certain drugs enter the human body. Which has inhibitory action to human body intestinal tract and liver, it disturbance of medicine normal metabolism, may causes medicine in blood density become higher than the normal value and not only that, it may also cause the liver function in harmful condition and possibly have poison reaction. So it is best to avoid taking it if the interaction persists.

How to make Honey Pomelo Tea


  • 1 Pomelo
  • 100g Rock Sugar or sugar
  • 300ml of Pure Honey
  • 2 tbs.Salt (for soaking and cooking the skin)

Cooking time: 1 and half hour

(Note: This recipe use the Pomela pulp or flesh and skin only)


1. Wash Pomelo skin thoroughly in warm water with salt.

2. Peel the skin and cut it into thin slices,

3. After cutting the Pomelo skin into slices, place them into the warm water with salt and soak it overnight. This help the to remove the bitter taste

4. Bail out the Pomelo skin and discard the salt water, rinse with clean water and set aside ready for use.

5. Peeled the Pomelo fruit pulp or flesh of Pomelo beforehand, slightly blend it with juicer for 1 min. Or use “compress” method to press it with spoon lightly. Keep aside for use.

6. Remove some of the thick peel or rind and all the membranes the translucent segments containing the teardrop sacs, which is bitter in taste.

Method to cook Honey Pomelo Tea

1. Firstly, use 2 cups of water to cook Pomelo skin slices with 1 tbs. of salt for 10 minutes. Discard the salt water and rinse it thoroughly with water and drain dry.

2. Place the blended or “compressed” Pomelo flesh and juice and Pomelo skin to cook till boil, stir in rock sugar or granulatedsugar continue cooking and stirring

3. possible to continue cooking and stirring it for at least 1 hour, slowly reduce to low heat and stir till the ingredients become more and more thick, the color will turn to golden yellow. Remove from heat when it turn to golden yellow and in thicken form like jams.

4. Wait till it is almost cold, add in pure honey and stir well. Keep in to the clean glass container and keep in refrigerator.

To keep in refrigerator for at least 10 days, the taste will be better and the longer it takes and taste better.

Done...This is my 'Korean Honey Pomelo Tea' try Do it Yourself

How to take Honey Pomelo Tea

1. Stir in 2 tbs. of Honey Pomelo Tea to a glass of hot or cold water.
2. stir and dissolve well and drink it. That’s it.

How its taste

It is slightly bitter-sweet refreshing citrus-like in taste. The best part is the honey sweet Pomelo skin slices. Love it !


  1. Hi!

    Could it be that you swapped step 5 and 6?

    This recipe looks super tasty and I will definitely try this!


  2. Hi Alex,

    This recipe is tasty and nice. for the step 6 is optional. Thanks

  3. Hi there! I tried this recipe last week but my tea taste very bitter. And the mixture is dry. Do you know where is the problem?


    1. Sorry for the late reply. I have been slacking off for months. For your problem, I think is to reduce the pomelo peels, and also remember to rub with salt to the pomelo skin firtst, then cutting into thin slices then soaking in water for overnight or at least 24 hours before cooking to get rid of the bitter taste. Too dry can added more pomelo juice in cooking till in paste form.

  4. I tried this recipe yesterday and today and after over 2 hours of cooking and stirring, it never became yellowish and jam like. What happened?

    1. worldtravellerthrufood,

      You can reduce the Pomelo Juice, add more peels and don't add water to it. Continue cooking till it's thickening.

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