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Outer Beauty is Inner Organs Balancing

When our skin complexion shows healthy luster on face, it reflexes our body organs is healthy with strong immunity system, and well functioning of the eternal body, blood and energy flows. 

Although the good quality of skincare is a necessity in maintaining a healthy skin complexion, but the psychological factors like stress and accumulated toxins that inside our body can be harmful to our skin. I always believe Inner organs balancing will achieve outer beauty, firstly is to take care of your body internal organs.

Our face is like mirror image that can reveals how healthy our body internal organs, blood and Qi in healthy condition. Even the face reading it involve in reading the fortune, health and its energies. When you notice the signs of uneven skin tone texture, appearances of pigmentation and dark spot, skin disorders breakout like pimples, acnes and rashes, broken capillaries obviously shown on your face, it is also significance the accumulated toxins that start to build up in our bodies, the transformer points has been malfunction or congested. When the body system getting weakens, this is the effect that manifest on our face, which the attempt of our skin try to expel the accumulated toxins from our body system. So as the skin disorder and sign of dark spots may show on the face as warning sign.

As our body is an energy system organism, in Chinese medicine theory of meridian channel, this overall each internal organs organization has the different function, and affects them in the physiology mutual influence, in the pathology the mutual connection and restricts mutually. Basically natural therapies with meridian channel on face, analysis and its system written here could not cover all aspects in details; anyway, the meridian pathways approach to beauty care is very important and quite complicated thought.

The face has the direct meridian connected of 8 major meridian pathways of human body include of stomach, large intestine, small intestine, gallbladder, and urinary bladder, all these organs linked to face directly and indirectly to meridian system. Each meridian is in pair to its specific point and body organs. There are connected to each and every points to its distinct channel and correspond to certain body organs meridian channel. Each meridian passage through which vital energy circulates has direct or indirect contacting to work on the corresponding organ and its energy. Therefore, all the meridians and its collaterals channel points are closely relation along its specific pathway to the face skin surface. To achieve tender and ruddy skin complexion, exquisite smooth is reflexes the healthy meridian qi circulation which need to be balance, flow freely, and vitality sufficient abundant its performance.

Chinese traditional acupuncture point that located along to its path and the channel is a natural healing way to reach the purpose of curing or relieve of pain. Furthermore, from the general observation on face color, texture and tone, allow us to diagnose and may indicate different syndromes, to know which internal body parts is weak or deficiency, or problems causes; actually reveal on face surface with signs of dark spots, pimples, rashes or other symptoms like swollen or inflamed part of the body. Example the appearance on skin or skin color show pale yellow that is signifies “Yin” jaundice, if it is dark yellow then that’s indicates “Yang” jaundice and what other body organs may have problem and so on.

As part of natural healing, this also quite similar to face reflexology, it works like foot reflexology. It gives relaxing feeling by way of reducing stress and tension on face also as a natural healing ailment, which I had been used widely to my clients. This can be done by face trigger point massage, acupressure point or meridian point and improve the lymphatic drainage flow to stimulate the glands revitalize facial muscles in supporting the healing process. While applying reflex points during face therapy session, this provides good results to rejuvenation effect and in long term you may feel your face is smoother and more radiant.

Meridian channel in our body system which flow continuously through the body, and are paired up in Yin and Yang to improve balancing, influence the body functions that align the energy centers of our human body, to release the tension or such meridian channel if blocked or when physiological dysfunction. The Yin and Yang is always intertwined in meridians, and made up for each in paired.

In order to achieve good complexion, try to stimulate the reflex point regularly which help to increase and boost the circulation of the life energy or Qi and blood flow throughout of the whole face or body. As the meridian channel carries and distributes the “Qi”, also regulate the Yin and Yang to moisten the facial tissue and relieve the tension, and help to reduce fine line with the application of the acupressure point.

In general, such acupressure stimulates and normalizes impaired condition and helps improving blood circulation and relieves tension throughout the body, and reflex the effect to the related part of the meridian channel to heal and restore natural balance by itself. Stress can inhibit our body functions and causes skin problems as well. With the light pressure touch or acupressure point applies on face help in relaxation, balancing, rejuvenation effect and smoothing the fine lines as to improving the skin elasticity. It also works well to the whole body, mind and spiritual.

The wonderful of using the thumbs and fingers to the appropriate and specific reflex points along the face, perform this energetic pathway is called meridian acupressure point. With a light stroke in a circular motion along to the areas on the face chart, the stimulation with acupressure to facial reflex points that actually correspond to our body meridian system help to remove toxins.

Generally, If that specific point is pain while pressed, that’s blocked or inflamed, press frequently and certain part may feel more painful, this pain is indicates that particular spot is stagnated or meridian flow is blocked, concentrate on that painful spot to perform the pressure points that helps to treat ailments to that associate body organs, release these blocks and smooth the energy flow, and rebalanced the energy and blood flow as well.

If sign of skin problems like discharge on face or the body, this could be caused by the excretory organs is malfunctioned, stagnated, and stressed. In this case, detoxification is needed and try to avoid stimulate or press on infected or discharge is form areas.

On this Face Chart is focus on reflex points that the meridian channel is affected and related to the internal organs, which is associates and correspond to the whole body system shown on this chart. From certain signs appear on face we can indicate that person’s health problem also helps in diagnosing the problem and to solve it naturally.

The Forehead
Stomach / Large intestine, heart / Small Intestine Meridian
On the top of the forehead the reflex point of the bladder, and transverse colon.

Towards to the outer right side of the forehead is related to ascend colon, the large intestine meridian.

On the frontal area to the left is related to the descend colon that’s small intestine meridian.

Forehead appears pimples, that’s due to accumulate of toxins, and internal heat in the intestine, due to excessive sweating, anxiety, insomnia and stress may also cause rashes and blemishes.

The forehead wrinkle increases suddenly this indicate that liver is burden with overeating of the animal fat congestion, consumed too much of oily foods and daily products.

To reduce of sinus problem, relieve of block nose, and headache, concentrate on the forehead, rub in massage movement along to the bridge of the nose, and side of the nostrils area, with the proper approach by acupressure point, this help to ease the nasal congestion of the sinus problem, improve of blood flow to the head and fast headache relief.

To reduces of blemishes and pimples around the forehead area, is to improve healthy and vitality of the intestines, include the proper diet which consisting of whole grains, vegetable and beans, eat some light foods, spinach, bean curd and fish and so on.
Try to cut down the sugar and refined foods or flour products intake.

The Temples
Liver/Gall Bladder meridian
Pimples or blemishes around this area, it is indicated the gall bladder meridian in not well. Psychologically causes by too much of thinking, worries, poor nutrition, stress and by external pathogen, overeating of fast or processed foods that can causes gall bladder meridian is blockage.
Stimulate temples region with acupressure point help to relieve of headache, calm the mind and for better sleep.


Fasting through body cleansing and detoxification may help.

The Eyes

Spleen / pancreas, liver / gall bladder meridian
As in Chinese Tradition way of beauty care, to prevent eye bags, dark circle you need to provide sufficient blood and vitality to the Liver first.

Liver meridian supports to the eye. Liver meridian is paired with Gall Bladder meridian.

Liver meridian is to keep the energy “Qi” to entire of the body. When Liver “Qi” imbalance and blood circulation is poor, eye area appeared eye bags and dark circle could be due to stay up late or lack of sleep. When stay up late or not enough sleep, the liver meridian is weakening, it disturbs the detoxification process functioning and production of blood will further deterioration of its quality and contaminated as well. When you take good care of the liver it corresponds to the gall bladder and help to function well.

Dark eye circle also related deficiency of spleen Qi. The spleen is the main energy generator. It Ferries fluid to whole body, send it to lungs to support and holds other body organs. Blood Qi and blood from food essence is created when spleen functioning well.

Dysfunction of Spleen can affect the partner organ (the stomach) cause digestion system become weak. It disturbs the other part of the organ like intestines, uterus and rectum, the energy of spleen is to support the woman menstrual cycle, if the spleen function is weak, that may cause the irregular menstrual cycle, abnormal menstrual cycle like spotting, prolong menstrual cycles.

Taking bitter gourd and sour flavors, green vegetables may help and benefit the Liver meridian. Avoid hot and spicy foods.

In between the eyebrows, this area is represents of liver meridian. Mental fatigue and stress can cause negative effect to the spleen meridian e.g when the spleen is weak can leads to bad circulation, and the stomach meridian is just below the eyes.

Under the eyes is the kidney meridian, it reflexes kidney function when it is weak the drainage is blocked. When eyes bags appear are the adrenal glands exhaustion or kidney energetic deficiency problem, Kidney is paired with bladder that excretion in urine. The Bladder meridian is weak can cause the eye bags and dark circle. When the kidney Qi is weak, not function properly or declined, sign of aging process showed under the eye first.

The gall bladder is also closely related to the eye problems too. At time pimple appears at the outer edge of your eyebrow, that’s the sign of gall bladder is weak. Psychological pressure and stress can cause the crow feet and wrinkle around the eyes appears earliest on face. If it starts at age premature, also due to the gall bladder is weak will show the crow feet and wrinkle around the eye. It is due to gall bladder meridian in charge to contribution of blood to the eyes, total nutrients and energy. It needs sufficient blood from the liver meridian to support the gall bladder to functioning well.

Women having Irregular menstruation, Irregular thyroid or pituitary period as hormone is the major donor to normal menstrual cycle. Heavy menstrual flow during Menstruation period can also cause of migraine headache, this occurred usually because the pathways traverse top and sides of the head is the Liver and Gall Bladder meridian. This could be resulted with the dark eye rings or circle appears obviously on the upper and lower eyelids, because menstruation is related to the spleen and pancreas meridian as well as liver and gall bladder meridian.

  • The upper eye lid is corresponds by the Spleen and Pancreas meridian and Liver/Gall Bladder meridian.
  • The Left eye is represents and corresponds to the spleen/pancreas meridian channel.
  • The Right eyes are corresponding to the liver and gall bladder meridian. Swollen eyes can also cause by insufficient of lymphatic drainage as lymph organs is related to Spleen and Pancreas meridian is reflex to this problem.
  • The inner edge of the eyebrow is corresponding to the liver meridian, outer edge eyebrow is correspond to Gall Bladder meridian
  • Under the eye is corresponding to kidney meridian, puffy or eye bag generally caused by imbalance of liquid and salt.

To reduce and improve the dark eye circle and eye bag, use the balls of our fingertips lightly press on the reflex points, for the eyes areas, use the palms of the hands lightly pressed and firmly covered the eyes areas in circulation movement for 1 to 3 minutes.

Dryness around the eye areas appear fine lines, this indicated you need to boost up your vitamin B2 and B6 intakes.

Under the eyes appear dark circle, eye rings and eye bags, cut down the coffee and tea intake.

The Nose

– Pancreas / stomach/ heart / lung meridian
The nose area is divided into 3 parts, top of the nose is related to the pancreas meridian, middle of the nose is stomach meridian, tip of the nose is correspond to heart meridian.

On the whole it also indicated the spine and nervous system. And the side of the nose is bronchi also related to lung meridian; it governs the skin and respiration and has close relationship to Heart meridian and circulation system.

When facial muscles of the nose reflex the spine and posture stress. If pimple on the tip of the nose, nose is represents our heart, that’s heat (fire) in the heart which can be due to too much of spicy, deep fried and fatty foods. They may also due to crave sweets. Broken capillaries on the tip of nose or redness around the nose area are due to excessive stress and worries, or alcohol abuse.

Side of nose appear blackheads, blemishes, chapping, that’s indicate your blood circulation is poor, improve by light massage to increase the blood flow and stimulates the circulation, and boost up with Zinc, Vitamin B2 and B6 will help to reduce.

The Cheek Bone

– Small intestine / heart meridianWhen the check bone area appeared dark brown or dark spots, swelling and rashes, this is due to imbalance of the small intestine meridian that leads to digestion problems e.g overeating or bad appetite.

Maintaining normal digestion and its metabolism process

The Left Cheek
– Liver/Gall Bladder meridian
Most of the skin problems is related to lung and liver meridians, skin problems appears on Left cheek with dark brown color, it indicates “liver energy stagnate” and is because of the Gall Bladder and liver meridian that includes the nervous system. Too much of worries cause energy deficiency, which may due to emotional, anger, depression and stress, feeling angry and irritating is the sign of imbalance of liver/gall bladder meridian e.g too much of energy in this meridian cause anger, lacing of energy will cause depression. It disturbs our emotional issue. This area also involve with congestion of too much toxins in the liver.

The Right Cheek

– Lung/Large Intestine Meridian
Right Cheek is connected to lung and large intestine meridian. The Lung/Large intestine major functions. The lung meridian also associate to skin as it governs the skin, pores and respiratory system, if skin allergy and heavy metal toxicity is present, or oxygen content is poor, constipated problem, upper respiratory ailments and lungs sickness and problems with sweating can be related to Metal imbalance, When metal meridian is weak will show the sign of blemishes, eczema, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne or rashes around the right cheek area. This concerns the control of vital energy and the receiving and discharging of the body’s waste.

The Mouth

– Stomach, spleen, Large Intestine meridian
Saliva in our mouth is begins of the digestion process, and goes to stomach.
That’s why the mouth associates and corresponds to the stomach meridian.

When the mouth area appears cracked, dry and chapping is indicating lack of saliva.The mouth is indicating our digestion system that corresponds with stomach and large intestine meridian. The mouth and lips also showed and reveal the condition of the spleen, stomach and intestine.

Cracked and dryness in the lips more towards to constipation problem.

Upper lips reflex the stomach condition,
Lower lips reflex large intestines.
Left side is the descending colon
• The middle region is the transverse colon
Right side of the lower lips indicates condition of ascending colon

If the upper lip is red, when redness on upper lip that’s sign of stomach problem, or blister that indicate stomach acidity, stomach heat caused by over eating of fried foods and inappropriate diet. Simply apply light acupressure the reflex point just right below the eye will help to stimulate the stomach meridian.

Line appears at the corner of the mouth is indicating the problem of the duodenum also represents our sexual organ, or reproductive organs or function of ovaries is weak.

To improve is to add more enzymes in your diets, because the duodenum is closely related to function well with small intestine as to secretion of enzyme part. This can be due to excessive consumption of salt, saturated fat, deep fried or baked foods and caused dysfunction. Lines or dropping sign at the corner of the mouth also indicates the strength of the ovaries is weak.

Lines around the corner of the mouth, you need to increase your iron intake.
Dry lips or chapping lips, you are lacking of Mufti Vitamin B. When the liver/pancreas meridian is healthy, lips color and tone of the lids is reflex by the liver/pancreas meridian.

The Chin
– Kidney / Bladder Meridian
When imbalance of the kidney/bladder meridian, commonly dryness around the mouth, face swelling and bloating is indicate the kidney and bladder meridian is not functioning well. Pimples on the chin area, normally it will happen to most ladies especially before or after the PMS. This area is water energy "Yang" area especially the jawline area is connected to hormonal system, sexual vitality, fertility and menstruation, water metabolism such as urination problem is related to it.

When kidney Yin is deficiency on physical symptoms will manifest the eye problem such as dark eye rings, swell, ear problem e.g tinnitus, and also affected imbalance of endocrine hormones that will also reveal on the chin area e.g pimple, spot and double chin.

Kidney meridian is connecting to upper part of face when the face is swollen; it means your kidney is weak. Stagnate of the kidney can also caused of double chin and the prolapsed of the large intestines. The lower part of the face is related to the lower abdomen, when the lower part of the face is swollen, it means your spleen is weak.

Try lymphatic drainage body massage to increase the body fluids flow would help.

Apply reflex points while doing facial massage, and you may feel like an instant face lift naturally without beauty equipment. This takes to the meridian channel with energy and supports the whole body healing system naturally. To get a boost energy and “chi” to face, it is good to try and do it daily before going to bed. The benefits of toning, stimulating and give a healthy luster skin complexion.

Note:• To practice this you must first cleans your face thoroughly with your recommended skincare. Apply essential oil blends or cream and begin your massage and reflex point.
• Do not harshly press on the reflex points which are eczema or skin disorder condition.
• As our age is mature, facial wrinkles and muscle sagging eventually appears the changes through our emotional flow, and it is also closely related to our meridian channel system. With the regular application of acupressure point massage and pressed on the reflex point can actually help to unclogged the meridian channel, to balance and maintain, rejuvenate as well as reverse the aging delay.


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