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Bai He Ling Zhi ~ Natural Herbs for Skin and Lungs

This seems like the little small white crane standing and pauses on the tree. When I first saw this type of shape like cranes white flower, it is just like the Manchurian crane gregariousness branch, and the flora is so fair and clear, it is really a marvelous view.

I discovered this medicinal herb is a very special medicinal plant to skin and cough. originally with its herbaceous medicine cures especially to treat lung, liver and breast cancer.

The name of this white crane herbs in Chinese name: ‘Xian he Ling Zhi or ‘Bai He Ling Zhi’ (white crane grass), Yun nan bai yao
Scientific name: Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) kurz
Its nature is cool
Meridian channel enters the lung, the liver, the stomach, the big and small intestine.
Toxicity: slightly (do not overdoses)
It has the anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-allergic and cytotoxic activities

It’s the best green grass herbal tea raw material for keeping good health medicinal preparation. By using the tender leaf to boil as cooling herbal tea come with flavor of pleasant and tasty fragrant. To make it as herbs decoction, take the leaves and branches t cook it for at least 2 hours with red dates, honey dates, adds crystal sugar or brown sugar is optional and depend on individual taste, it is the good flora aroma tasty healthy and yet alternative healing drinks. 

In additional, I personally found out this is a wonderful curative herbs for skin problem and long term coughing. Maybe it is due to cooling blood effect and clearing lungs heat.


It medicinal benefits:

Lowers the blood pressure
• treats diabetes
• Nourishes Liver and curative effect to treat liver disease
• As medicinal herbal bath for skin problem, eczema, tinea versicolor, skin rashes and ringworm type of skin disease.
• Hypertension and high blood pressure
• breast cancer
• Treats gastrointestinal disease and ulcer
• Diuresis effect
• Treat urinary infection
• treat dehumidify of stomach
• Clear lung heat,
• Cough, pulmonary tuberculosis and esophagus tuberculosis
• Nose sickness, bronchitis, laryngitis

According to the ancestor it claimed that these white crane herbs in earlier China used it to cure wound wondrous medicines “the Yunnan white medicinal powder” - Yun nan bai yao is the main medicines obviously it is extremely good to cure the wound hematischesis effect. 

For the external use, as herbal bath or blend it and apply to skin and infectious areas to treat the ringworm as well as eczema is good to try. For skin problems, try to boil it as herbs tea, drink for a period and combine with external application the result is possible to reduce the symptom gradually. Making fresh juice extract of this herb mixed with orange juice is good for drinker and liver problem.

Use with caution:

When taking fresh herbs juice do not overdoses. 
Not suitable for pregnant woman.

I quite like this herb plants, firstly it is really a beautiful medicinal herb plant, secondly this medicinal herb is very easy to plant and maintaining, simply cut the trunk and branches and plant it. it is easily plant by insert the branches only need transplant a cutting plants. 

Takes a section of approximately 10-15 centimeter to insert in the earth, maintains the soil in certain moist condition, place it indoor to avoid hot sun for approximately 1-2 weeks later, it will emit the sprout and then place them outdoor for further growing.That's it.

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  1. Gong Xi Fai Cai 2012 to all

    I would be very grateful if someone can direct me to sources where I can buy
    the medicinal plant : Bai He Ling Zhi ( Rhinacanthus nasutus ) . I am a medical
    doctor practising Holistic Medicine .
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    With regards
    Dr FHLew
    Hulu Selangor


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