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Why Sabah? Why Sabah Snake Grass~ Clinacanthus nutans

Sabah Snake Grass - Clinacanthus Nutans
Lately, I found my Simply Senz’s blog is getting more traffics through my follower’s recommendation to some forums in seek of Sabah Snake Plant, or Sabah Snake Grass ~ Clinacanthus nutans and other herbs. Thank you so much to those who posted my blog Simply Senz blog link in the forum for sharing. I hope that’s helpful link to all.

And I think many people are suffering from cancerous diseases. From what I noticed, many of them desperate in searching for the natural healing with medicinal herbs to help their relatives. I should say this: “When there is a WILL there is a WAY”. Most important, I always encourage those affected with cancer illnesses patients, never give up hope. There are many god made herbs for healing, find out more details before proceeding with the herbal treatment.

I am so thankful for coming to East Malaysia, and stay put here for many years. I found there are many good nature sources for good health, wellness and health care stuffs, plus tons of illnesses prevention medicinal raw herbs in East Malaysia of Sabah. There are also many useful medicinal herbs, unknown traditional medicinal herbs and unique tropical wild fruits right here, I can say Sabah is a wonderful place of herbal paradise with good nature from heaven. 

Sabah Map picutre source by Travel Malaysia Guide

Not only that, Sabah is really a good place for you to pay for a visit. I am not trying to promote Sabah, but yes I just want to give a good idea for those looking for good health, come for a retreat, come and have a look, for sure you will find many good natural sources of good stuffs in here.

From what I know, how this plant name of Sabah Snake Plant or Sabah Snake Grass came from, as told many years ago, one of the investor came from PULAU KETAM:吉胆岛 to Sabah, trying to cultivate and implement some of the herbal garden in Sabah, but I do not know which part of Sabah he went, and then to some of the reason there are many snakes in the jungle, so to prevent from snake bites, he brought this species of herb, started planting this herb ~ Sabah Snake Grass first in case of snake bites as medicinal herb for prevention purpose readily available, so that he can be safely concentrate his cultivation project in herbal planting. But then, the cultivation of herbs is not as popular as present situation. After a while, this plan has been terminated and this plant is then been named as "Sabah Snake Plant" by locally continuously growing widely in Sabah till now. And we are very fortunate that we can easily get it at very cheap price in Sunday Market at very low price as per big bundle, and you can buy the small bundle of this herb and replanting it with its cutting stem branches, this herb is easy to maintain and continue to re-grow in short period of time.

Strobilanthes Cripus(黑面将军 Hei Mian Jiang Jun) Clinacanthus Nutans (优遁草You Xun Cao) and Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene (过江藤 Gou Jiang Teng) belongs to small growing shrubs, moreover, most of the anti-cancer medicinal herb plants are much easier in re-planting by cutting branches or stems propagation.

Simply insert the branch and bury into suitable soil. There after a week you will see the baby leaves and tiny stems and branches will grow slowly. 

Avoid full sun exposure for at least 10 day under good shelter condition. Newly planted branches or stems may be scald or dried off. 

When the new leaves is growing, it is about time to move them to pot or land, full sun and appropriate watering is best for fast growing.

Sabah Snake Grass - Clinacanthus Nutans (You Xun Cao)
is inserted into the soil to grow.

To multiply this herb by propagated via stem cutting to grow, cutting branches and get continuous supply for long term usage, also to safeguard of shortage, to be readily available for convenient in cooking when needed. Save money and yet it is organically self-planting herbs. Why not!

I used those polystyrene boxes for sprouting plants, and replanting cutting branches or stems from the herbs with the organic compost soil for organic gardening. Once the branches is growing new leaves and branches, and then transfer it to the bigger pot, for having more volume is best to plant them in the bigger land for produce more in growing. It is the cheapest way to grow your own herbs.  

As this herbs is widely used in Thailand in therapeutic use for snake bites, insect bites, herpes simplex virus and skin rashes and other skin inflammation, used it externally in application as this medicinal herbs can effectively treat the harmful snake bite, known as snake bites antidotes or antitoxic and to help in remove the toxic bite by the snake. That’s how the name of Sabah Snake Plant is formed. How true is it? I am not very sure....but this is what I heard the story and its origin of how this name of "Sabah Snake Plant" come from... Interesting story huh? 

 Picture source:

In Sabah, many used it as “kidney herbal remedy”, and it is popular and given name as “Kidney plant”, in chineses name as “Shen Cao” 肾草, for those preventing going through the kidney dialysis and kidney stone or renal stones, extract the leaves and obtaining the raw juice or by decoction to cook into herbal tea is used as natural remedy. The chemical composition of Sabah Snake Plant raw juice has rich chlorophyll which possess antioxidant activities, and the whole plant has efficiency anticancer cell inhibitors medicinal agents.

Just not only that, firstly, we may not know the good value of using herbs for healing, and now many of us are aware of the right way of herbal usages, and its potential medicinal effect to cure cancerous diseases. Some maybe afraid of its harmful side effect, and toxicity, and some yet to finalize with further researches and other unknown side effect of it. It is best, try to find out more details, information and researches before it is taken into your stomach.

Usually we only know that, only those old folks are keen in planting herb plants, some of them may not be in touch with the Internet Technology to share the goodies of  the herbs usage and cures. They can only sharing their knowledge through verbally, from what I knew, many of the old folks now are quite good in herbs healing, they can plant, also can do internet surfing and used of internet to share their knowledge too. For those who does not have IT knowledge, they also get help by their youngsters to use of their computer knowledge, to share their herbs knowledge in herbal healing or natural remedies through World Wide Web ~ the highway of internet technology to globalization it. To share, to give hope to those who may need help. That’s great....

Cancer and tumor is scary word. There are many causes and types of cancer, cancer starts in body tissue, due to acidic blood, poor diets, poor and  tired physique environment in collective to the human body, or as cell deterioration, as we age, cell changes to number of genes in development, or in genes mutations, virus cause in genetics cells and thus cancerous cells can be developed too,  when it is damaged by carcinogens which is unable to discharge in vitro, as well as many factors involved causes the poor immune system to our body. Then for cancer curing, we must first understand the main causes of any cancer formation, by its root, the origin, and act appropriately to the situation to cure with herbs, or using any alternative healing method. 

Many testimonials proven in the forums, saying that using Sabah Snake Grass herb juice blend with green apple as natural remedy, yet there are many herb plants that can also be used for treating cancer and diseases. Even to other many kinds of chronic illness, skin disease, and cancer cases. After when drinking the raw herb juice of Sabah Snake Grass, although the illnesses has improved, for the maintenance of good health, we may continue taking Sabah Snake Grass fresh juice for maintenance purpose once a while, just like taking Wheat grass juice for wellness.

From what I know, medicinal herbs plant juice is best to use as raw juice,  with its natural enzymes molecule help to speed up to restore individual good health and curing. As some may not tolerate with the raw herb juice as it is very cooling herb. They can cook by decoction into extraction herbs, some still prefer to use the traditional method by decoction into herbal tea. Raw juice can provide the rich anticancer in treatment with its nutrient consists of alkalinity, it transported to the body cell and blood, in the short period transferred and help to vanish acidity blood and transforming to alkaline base automatically, this improves and enhance the weaken base from acidic to alkaline. 

Likewise, Blace face general (Hei Mian Jiang Jun) Strobilanthes Crispu mixed with Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) by decoction into herbal tea to treat breast and uterus cancer, another herb by the name of  Phyla Nordiflora L. Greene, Chinese Name:Gou Jiang Teng 过江藤 has proven result for treating diabetes, and common treatment for women’s health problems like irregular menstruation cycle, treating cancer e.g uterus cancer and cysts.What we have to know and to gain knowledge in using the right herbs in herbal therapy is most important. And also consult your doctor or physician before taking any alternative herbal treatment if necessary.

Although, herbs healing may help to minimize the size of the cancerous cell or cysts, some serious cases may need to go through via the chemotherapy to cure. After chemotherapy, using of herbal therapy or alternative healing with herb plants also add credit to it,  and this will definitely help to improve the body immunity system to boost and fight against the cancer cell to shred down the size of the cysts, all sorts of healing method, yet it may need constancy and regularity in progress, added with healthy living habits, peace of mind in emotional stages also help to improve individual's body immune system in natural healing process.


  1. (: ! Just came across your blog and I got to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG !
    You make me much more knowledgable about Chinese medicine ! Which is very much available in Singapore ! (:
    Thank you .
    Sorry , but can I ask you if you know anything that can heal my scars due to leg infection ?
    There are brown like patches on my skin when I am quite fair ? :( It's been bothering me for months ! I wanted to go for a tan to get rid of it but my mum says that I am crazy !
    Thank you ! Sorry to trouble you (:

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. 幸-,
    Thanks...I like chinese medicine, that's why I created this blog. :)
    For you scars caused by infection, you can try laser treatment to reduce it. There is another alternative way you can do it yourself at home, using Micro Derma Roller, which is quite similar to laser treatment, microdermabrasion and chemical peels, and it is less expensive and less invasive, the skin will renew naturally by itself after the needling stimulating, apply vitamin E cream, scars cream or skin repairs lotion after using the micro needle roller. As it may take quite sometimes for the skin to metabolic and renewal naturally.
    Skin Tanning is quite harmful to fairer skin tone, think twice before doing it...:) hope my answer can help.

  3. hi I'm from KL.Would like top know where and how I can get this SSG and also interested to plant it.Plz advise

  4. Hi Jupester,

    I am sorry, you can use google search to find out where SGS is available in KL areas.

  5. i started planting & shared its usage in 2007 with my neighbourhood after 1st experience my son was sting by bee in hometown sarawak. mom-in-law applied the blended leaves onto my son sting arm & was recovered less than 2 hrs with no mark left. never knew it is edible. :)
    anybody in Pasir Gudang area would like to hv this plant for free may message me. planting method is via cutting. i gave a friend in Bangi. no idea whether his has fully grown.
    the plants are all over in East Malaysia both Sabah & Sarawak.
    -nazrul- fb: meranam nazrul

  6. Thanks Nazrul Azmi for sharing with us.

  7. Hi Jupester,

    You can get SGS from Mr. Sean, please email him -

  8. You can get this SSG from Taman Herba Pantai, Seremban. It is a herbal farm about 10 minutes drive from Seremban. There are more than 500 varieties of herbs found there, It is opened to the public 7 days a week including public holidays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Many of the herbs come with labels in tri-lingual. They also supply fresh herbs, herbal tea and young plants. My h/p No. is 012-6773693,email: if anyone of you need any help to get there.

  9. I really do love your blog. It's very informative and out of the ordinary. I will give my full hearted support.

  10. More about cancer cure can be followed at :

    Does not have to be expensive and exhaustive. Good Luck

  11. hehe sorry din check back in a while.thanks senny for the contact

  12. Herbs for health and longevity, Thank you for your sharing and support.

  13. I didn't know that there are so many people suffering from cancer in Malaysia. We get about at least 15 calls a day asking for the Sabah snake grass (Clinacanthus nutans). We are practically running out of this herb. We have a few thousand plants and they are mostly harvested. We are waiting for the plants to grow new leaves. We now limit each visitor 1 kg each. We just dont have enough.

  14. Hi Mr Nazrul Azmi, I am living in Kuching, Sarawak I wonder where i can find the SSG in Kuching area, as my father has just recently diagnosed lung cancer and we still waiting for further medical clarification for the type of cancer he got. Many thanks. Sim

  15. Senny Ong, Greeting! mind to share your precious articles.

  16. SY, i m sorry i hv no idea where to get in KCH. my inlaw is in kapit. btw, i managed to post to few internet friends. they mailed me their self-address envelope with rm1 stamp for me to mail back to cutting stem. they cultivated the plant themselves afterwards.

  17. Hello everyone! i'm vincent from singapore. My mum is having 3rd stage cancer. If any kind soul can mail me the Sabah snake grass to my mailing address? My Email address is and contact number is +6590306235

  18. Hi Vince85,
    Sorry to hear that your mom is having 3rd stage cancer. I already email to you regarding where to get the Sabah Snake Grass for help. Please keep in touch with the person Mr Khoo that I also sent email and cc to you. Please check your mailbox.

  19. i followed the steps u suggested for planting. they r growing well. i am now growing a few sample control plants in direct sunlight to see how it does as it is not convenient to transplant and much easier to just it grow wild in my garden. thx for the tips

  20. That sound good...Bengbeng, take good care of it.

  21. hello there. may i know where the place that i could get these herbs, Sabah Snake Grass in Kuala Lumpur or near Klang Valley. my mum needs it very much. please email me :) thanks

  22. please do email me at
    my family has tried mostly everything so far to fight cancer. and i just heard about this herb. i hope i can get my mum to consume this.

  23. Dear AF,
    I am sorry to hear that your mom is suffering with cancer. What type of canceer?

    Presently, my brother at age 57 with unresectable and latest stage Gall Bladder Carcinoma and metastasis lymph node cancer to whole body, and confirmed with limited life expectancy estimated 1 – 3 months since earlier April 2011. Doctors claimed he is too late for chemotherapy and surgery. For the time being as he may need palliative management. Now he is staying with me and going thru an intensive and alternative Raw herbs healing by me, so far the result is good without any side effect. The enlarged lymph nodes growth behind his neck and right side of his neck has disappeared totally after 2 months with few type of anti-cancer herbs, quantum energy meridian healing, juice flush and cancer diet plans. I hope he has stronger self-immune healing power to fight against the cancer cells. Right here, I wish you all the best and be positive, please try all you best to help your mom....Herbs can be miracle. But most important thing to most cancer patients if we can give them moral supports too. I will email to you soon or you can email me at

  24. Help...

    I read your article and I'm excited to learn that there might be hope to help cure my kidney disease. I've been on dialysis for the past three years with unexpected complications and still unknown cause. I'm from the state and would like to know if you'd know where I can get some of the SSG? I do have relatives in Bangkok, Thailand who might have access to the plant, if there are any there. Please email me at Thanks for your post and informative blog.

  25. Hi

    My FIL is at last stage of bladder cancer and we heard about the sabah snake leaves and tried giving him the special concotion of blending the leaves with green apple and lemon juice. But i think it is very difficult for him to swallow the raw leaves. Is there any other methods to make it easier for him? He has totally no appetite and seems so fraile and always in a daze these days after stopping chemo and food intake 2 weeks ago. No energy to even chew and swallow. If there's anyone who know of a way to make his life easier and yet be able to consume the benefits of the leaves, please email me at Appreciate all help

  26. Hi Ctlnwong,

    You can use the good juicer or blender to make the finest juice for your FIL. Making herbal and vegetable soup into liquid form is much easier to swallow it. Try to surf thru my blog and see whether that's any suitable herb or herbal tea as alternative.

    Cranberry juice provides bladder support and yogurt drink is good for bladder problem too. Herbal like Herba Plantaginis or plantain herb in chinese known as 'Che Qian Cao'is good for bladder, it is anti-inflammation herb also natural herb for bladder cancer, normally cook with barley. Try it! Take care.

  27. Hello Senny,
    I am from Kuching and has been looking around for SSG for a good while now. I got hold of a plant called "hempedu bumi". It looks very similar to SSG. I don't know if I got the correct plant? If not, do you have contacts in Kuching which I can get the SSG from?
    Thank you for your herbal blog. It is very precious.

    Best wishes to you and your brother.

  28. Hi Senny!
    Can I know if I can get SSG in Australia? Thanks!

  29. Hi, my Mom is a stage 4 lung cancer patient & shes currently consuming the SSG as part of her treatment. She buys them from a Malaysian who can deliver to Singapore frequently, for more details/interested parties pls contact me at

  30. Hi Ikan Bilis,
    Hempedu Bumi is another type of bitter herb. More info here:
    You may find Sabah Snake Grass from Sunday Market in Kuching I guess.

    Samantha LJ,
    Sorry for the late reply. Not very sure where in Australia you can find SSG.

    Hi Thriftedloots,
    Sorry to hear that your mom is suffering with lung cancers.

  31. Senny Ong,
    Can you pls tell me where to buy the SSG ? My cousin is suffering from cancer and i wish to share with him about this. Please advice where can i get and how much will it cost. I am from KL

  32. Hi starseeker,
    You can get SSG in Seremban,
    click link below for direction

  33. Hi starseeker,
    I do not sell SSG and where to get you can refer to robin's link too.

    Hi robin, thanks for the info.

  34. Hello Senny,
    My mum has just been diagnosed with pancreas cancer, and we would like to try traditional herbal remedies before deciding on further treatments. Please let me know if I can get the clinacanthus natans in singapore? Here's my email address
    Thank you:)

  35. Robin & Senny,
    Sorry for my late reply.
    Thanks for your info.
    Is there any nearer place as i am staying in kl...
    seremban seems far......

  36. hello. It's not that far starseeker. the directions in the blog is convenient.
    merdiin, do try all alternatives, traditional and modern, as we are not the ones who decides whether can live or not. we can only try THE BEST that we could, only GOd knows.

    keep motivated , as our loved ones will be motivated too. cheers :P

  37. Hi AF,

    LOL, you are right...distance is not the fearful.

    Hi starseeker,

    Seremban maybe far....but there are courier and postlaju services. You may ask them to send it by courier will be much easier for you, hope you can find that herb.

    If there's will...there is a way! Try your best then. All the best to you. :)

  38. Hi Senny,

    I'm David from a small town name Kulai in Johor. Currently my dad is contracted with a Gastric cancer, at least 3rd stage. Had done the PETSCAN, good thing that the cancer doesn't spread elsewhere. He been taking the SSG for about 2 weeks already and we been planting it too, but it tooks sometime to cultivate. Do you have any idea whether where we can get more stock for the SSG ? And then is it ok, if my dad consume the "Hei Mian Jiang Jun" as tea while taking the SSG raw ? My dad had his blood test yesterday, doctor said his hemoglobin is very low.. 8.1 only... is bleeding inside... Do you have any prescription which can stop the bleeds and increase the blood level ?

    Awaiting for your earliest reply,

  39. Hi David,

    Lotus Root juice is great for gastric and intestinal tract problem. Lotus root consists of tannic acid which has the vasoconstrictor effect. It can be used to stop the bleeding and soothing relief. Juicing Lotus Root raw juice, let him drink 2 – 3 glasses in a day, but try with small quantity first to see any reverse reaction or not, then slowly increase the doses. This juice help to improve digestive system, promote and increase appetite too. It also relieves constipation, it’s rich in iron, and Lotus root juice has tonic effect, but it is very cooling juice. You can cook “red date soup” separately and let him drink 1 or 2 glasses in a day, it helps to increase the blood level and boost blood circulation. This is when you using raw herb healing, it is best to combine this simple remedy to your alternative healing with it.

    For gastric cancer, try to use 200 to 300 leaves of Sabah Snake Grass mix with 2 to 3 leaves of “Qi Xing Zhen”, Pereskia Bleo or English name “Rose Cactus”, blend both of the herbs with apple as raw herb juice. "Qi Xing Zhen" for stomach, gastric and ulcer healing is better than “Hei Mian Jiang Jun”. Taking this juice is preferable 1 or 2 hours after meal.
    Note: When taking any alternative healing with herbs must observe patient’s health condition with care. If bleeding persists, kindly please seek doctor’s advice as soon as possible. I hope this can help your dad. Take care.

  40. Hi Senny,

    Do you have any idea where we can get more of these SSG grass near my hometown... Because having 200 - 300 leaves is really very fast finish ...
    although we did plant it, it takes quite sometime to cultivate... I really need help here... Awaiting for your earliest reply..

  41. As your prescription, 200 to 300 leaves is daily which can divide to 3 times a day ?

  42. Sorry to trouble you Senny,

    Normally, what is the reverse reaction after having the Lotus Root juice ?

  43. Hi David,
    1st Q: For SSG where to get? you can try to surf and find out more info from other websites.
    2nd Q: For the doses to take, you can divide it into 2 times.
    3rd Q: For Lotus Root juice, there are not much reverse reaction, but depending on individual’s health condition.

  44. Hi Senny, as this herb juice is a very cooling juice and my dad has been coughing for a few days.. it's it normal ? As i gave him some WOOD's peppermint lozenges too soothes his cough but still not well yet..

  45. Hi David,

    After drinking Lotus Root fresh juice, coughing may increases and this is due to lung detoxification. Some may experience sneezing and flu. During and after this detoxifying crisis, coughing is just to help to expel and resolving phlegm out from the lung.

    If coughing still persists, you can also use this method to reduce the coughing:

    mix ½ cup of Lotus Root Juice with ½ cup of Pear juice, or add little bit of ginger juice (optional) can minimize the coughing, if you think Lotus Root Juice is cooling.

    As I also mentioned before, cooking some red date soup can help in warming and boosting energy effect.

  46. Sennny,

    My dad hasn't drink the lotus root fresh juice already coughing.. taking the ssg will have coughing too ? Yesterday he vomited after eating the ssg raw.. the thing he vomitted is extremely smelly... me and my mum are worried.. is it a good sign or a ... ?

  47. Senny, just now i gone through your blog...
    Does this 'Jian Zhu Zao' really that good?
    Can my father current situation consume it too ?

  48. Hi David,

    Sorry for the late reply. I saw your comment on my Simply Senz Facebook.

    To answer your question about Jian Zhu Zao or Hao Zhu Zao:

    This is what I always afraid of...If anyone, or you wish to give any alternative medicine for your father, it's best to consult the doctor before giving him any alternative herbs or medicine with caution and contra-indication. Also make sure whether that's safe for consumption especially to your father's cancer case.

    About the "Jian Zhu Zao" I found it's good especially to treats dengue, inflammation, and high fever. There are many fake Jian Zhu Zao if only you can find the "genuine" Jian Zhu Zao in the market. Or else you may give him more troubles than cures.

    Read this chinese news about the fake Jian Zhu Zao and caused death news:

  49. Hi AF,
    Thanks for the words of courage. God will always have His best for us. I'll check the place out.

    Hi Senny,
    Thanks and i'll check that out so that they can send to us. Anyway, will find out the place and have a face to face chat and check with them to have a better understanding of these herbs.

    Thanks guys

  50. Hi Senny,

    My dad currently is taking the "Jian Zhu Zao" porcupine dates... he can feel his stomach moving after taking the "Jian Zhu Zao"... can it combine with SSG & Qi Xing zhen ?

  51. Hi Guys,

    If anyone of you is looking for SGS, in Brunei or Kuching City, please do drop me a line.


  52. Hi David,
    Take SSG and Qi Xing Zhen separately with Jian Zhu Zao.

  53. Hi Paras,

    Not sure where in India you can find SSG. Sorry about that...:)

  54. Hello. Do you have any testimonial that this herb cured a diabetic person? Thank you.

  55. Hi Senny, Is it normal reaction to purge after taking 30 leaves of SSG + apple juice, after 7 days of taking it? and during this time I try to hv an alkaline diet hoping it can be more effective.


  56. Hi Renevic,

    Presently no testimonial in diabetic patient.

    Hi Zakia,

    After taking SSG + Apple some reaction may occur differently to certain people, purging is quite normal as this is detoxification in process.

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. Hello Senny,
    I am from Tampa, Florida and my mother has kidney disease. Furthermore, my dad has cancer. I have just heard about the SSG, and would like to have them try it. I want to know if there is any way to get this plant. Please email me at Thank you :)

  59. Hi Senny

    Fyi - In Thailand , this SSG is called เสลดพังพอนตัวเมีย (salekpangpong-tua mia ) in Thai and is available in Thailand as well as in Malaysia,Singapore. This is what one of my Thai friends told me. I went to the JJ market in Bangkok and found the plant. I hope this helps for anyone looking for it in Bangkok.

  60. Hi Senny

    Do you have any helpful advice for enlarged spleen?

  61. I see someone asking about the availability in Tampa, Florida. If anyone knows where to get them in the USA please let me know. Thanks everyone!

  62. Hi Vivienne,

    Enlarge spleen can be complicated like viral infection, inflammation and cacer, try to do physical exam, and need diagnostic tests to find out more first to confirm what are the causes of swollen spleen.

  63. hi
    could you please tell me that how can i get this plant available in INDIA


  64. Hi Senny,

    Any idea on Alternanthere sessilis or 红田乌?
    what they called it in malay ?...

    Jason Lim

  65. H Ashutosh,
    Maybe you can google search to find out.

    Hi Jason,
    If not mistaken, Alternanthere sessilis or 红田乌in Malay name is Daun Rusa.

  66. hmmm~ I wish to print it out to give my parent~ but unable to print out~ so sad!! any method i can get this information~ my mum cannot read in front computer~

  67. behind my husband shop (SS2) got a lot of snake grass.

  68. I am looking for a supply of SSG in the United States. I too am in the Tampa area. Any info on how to obtain here within the United States or how I can order some from a supplier overseas but have it shipped express delivery?

  69. Hi Graveblossom,

    Sorry I can't help you in supplying SSG to oversea. Try to google search and surf to find out wherr to get supply to oversea then.


  71. We so appreciate your site post. You can find dozens of methods we could put it to very good use by means of a minimum of effort in time and financial resources. Thank you so much with regard to helping make the post give light to many concerns we have had before now. gout treatment

  72. We are one of the supplier for sabah snake grass (优遁草), Strobilanthes Cripus(黑面将军) and also others Chinese herbs in KL Malaysia. for more detail please visit:

  73. Would like to know some more details regarding the main supplier.
    az medical marijuana doctor

  74. Hi Senny,
    Glad i found ur blog..i enjoyed reading and grabbing good infos at the same time. My dad is a diabetic and has been under medication for 3 years now..we focus mainly on his low-sugar diet but sometimes we feel sad when he seems to give up hope..i came across the plant called STEVIA in your blog and looking forward to STEVIA-Diet plan for my there any other remedies for diabetes and hypertension? Thanks again for your time..

  75. We have heard a lot about this herb. My husband has kidney disease. How may we be able to get this herb here in the US (Kansas)? Any leads/info is greatly appreciated. Peace and Blessings. Jeannie I can be reached at

  76. Hi Senny, wow! Your blog site is very informative. I was surfing for a childhood friend looking for SSG in Klang Valley.
    Now I've found from my Indian colleague that they use it for toddlers for persistent fever and it is also called Indian Snake Grass which they grew at home.

  77. Hi Jeannie,

    You can surf for Sabah Snake Grass online and find out.

  78. Thank you for this very informative page. My sister, who lives in Seremban, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and a friend of hers recommended she take Sabah Snake Grass to help fight it so that was why I'm been online, looking for info about the SSG. It's good to know that it can be gotten in Seremban itself so I'm checking to see if it's possible for her to go there and get some cuttings to plant for herself?

    1. Dear ashlaegl, yeah you may try and see. No harm trying.

  79. Hi Senny, I've grown SSG in my garden in PJ and found many of my relatives and friends have them too. By end of the month of July, my friends & I should have a big patch grown to supply my childhood friend & anyone who need them.
    Email me at

  80. hi senny, can SSG to be used for blood cancer like leukemia especially for the CML. Is there any others herbs that can help to cure blood cancer? Thanks..

  81. I would recommend SSG tea for general health drinking. I personally have gout and have benefited from SSG. After introducing to friends with cancer (fresh leaves), diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure problem, they have significantly benefited from SSG.

    I am getting my regular supply from Will 010 525 7782 or more information at

  82. Hi Senny, my sister has colon cancer and has suffered many bad side effects from chemo. I wud like 2 buy SSG 4 her 2 try. I tried googling it, kept getting info but no ways 2 actually purchase some. Pls help. Aline, London UK

    1. Hi Aline,

      Have read your question in

      You can call Mr.Liu at +6010-381-4643. He is from Perak and had taken SSG and was cured from cancer. He could advise you on the consumption of SSG. His friend, Mr. Lam , hp no :+6016-541-5107, does have the leaves but will not know how much is to be charged to you if he need to send to UK. Moreover not sure if herbal plant like SSG would be able to pass through customs in UK.

      Hope this info will help and God Bless.

    2. Hi Aline,

      Sorry for the late reply. Unable to update this blog and replying comments lately due to personal matter. Thank you Babbyboomer for your help and useful replied to Aline. God Bless you all.

  83. Dear all, Clinntans, a company producing Sabah Snake Grass is giving FREE SSG. You may refer to If you need SSG, you will only need to pay RM10 for courier charges. Let's share this to more people around us.

  84. Call Me Mr Chew at 90669858,i grow my own sabah snake grass in singapore. Delivery provided.

  85. How do you prepare SSG tea (from fresh leaves) for daily health drink?

    1. Hi Joy,

      just blend SSG with green apple. :)

  86. Hi
    where can i get the sabah snake grass in chennai???????
    pls help if anyone knows??????????

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