Friday, April 08, 2011

Stolen Blog Content Finally Gone

Last month, I filed a complaint to Google help and with DMCA against my blog content is scrapping by someone. With Google prompt replied and they may need investigation before they can conduct the takedown of the infringed content.

I was told by Google team that they receive many such complaints each day; and my message and complaint is in their queue, and they'll get to it as quickly as their workload permits.

Finally after one month, I received this email from Google Team again:


Thank you for your note.

We have received your DMCA complaint regarding and dated 03/06/11. In order for us to investigate the appropriate content and take further action, please provide us with the specific URLs of the posts where the infringing content is located. You can obtain the post URL by
clicking on the title of the post or the time-stamp found at the bottom of
the allegedly infringing post(s).

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

The Google Team


Immediately I submitted all the specific URLs of the posts to them, in less than 11 hours the whole content is removed from the infringing websites. And the whole infringing content is takedown. I really appreciate the effort and the prompt attention towards those scrapers. They really helpful and good work is done.

Right here I hope those victims of copyright infringement. You may file a complaint to Google and send the notice to takedown the infringed content. This is the Google help URL: 

Now start to protect your hard work. To protect your original copyright content, your copyrighted materials, photos and contents. You can also visit DMCA ~ Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is FREE to join. 

If your works is stolen, you put a lot of efforts in developing your blog. Some lazy people is just ripping your content from A to Z, and putting on their blog to drive the traffics and the worst part is they copied your personally stuff. LOL...

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