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Gallbladder Carcinoma and Lymph Cancer-Fighting Journey with SSG Raw herbs

  Sabah Snake Grass (SSG), Clinacanthus Nutans, 优遁草 in Chinese pronounce as You Xun Cao

 Sabah Snake Grass with Apple Green Juice

No time for Simply Senz blog for the past few weeks. Due to my busy schedule in taking care of my elder brother, who is in latest stage of Gallbladder carcinoma that metastasis with lymph cancer, it spreads through lymph nodes and the whole body , and his life span may not be longer than 3 months according to the diagnosis reports. I am counting the it is almost 2 months passed.  

At the first stage, he was diagnosed with Phenylketonuria. But he has no diarrhea and vomiting symptoms at all. The sudden weight drops and lost of appetite is the main symptoms. Lastly, after several diagnosis and CT Scan as claimed by few doctors said that he is in the latest stage of Gallbladder Carcinoma and Lymph cancer, several diagnosis results had given since April this year, the chances to be curable by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and medication may gave him very negative option. We have no other options instead of waiting for miracle....we try our best to work together amongst all sisters and brother for my poor brother.

So in the situation of sought out with alternative palliative treatment which may give him some hope, my brother and his wife flown from Johor to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah last month, and he chooses to be treated with raw herbs and anti-cancer therapeutic foods of anti-cancer diet plan by me. Just because no other options he thinks that’s only alternative way as he also prepared to build his immune system, rather than using chemotherapy or radiation therapy and he is real weak.

At first stage, my plan in this cancer-fighting journey for him, the primary factor is to start with Detoxification and boost his immune system. I believe self-healing in immunity system is the best medicine to cure.
Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) + Houttuynia Cordata herbs

I have been using all sorts of alternative healing with raw herbs, vegetable fruit juices that also include of Sabah Snake Grass mixed apple fresh juice ,and also combined with several raw herb, another strongest anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation herb ~ Houttuynia cordata with apple juice raw juice, to ease his constipation. Sabah Snake Grass ~ Clinacanthus Nutans herb added with apple fresh juice, alternatively combined this Houttuynia Cordata 鱼腥草fresh raw herb juice give him a very good detoxify cleanse and increase self-healing abilities. 

Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juice Flush ~ Detoxification system
Other than raw herb juice, the combination of raw herbs and vegetable fruit juices is also given.

Every morning alternatively serve with empty stomach:
a) A glass of Potato, carrot and apple fresh blend juice (for stomach and spleen)
b) Beetroot, Carrot and Apple juice (for blood purifying and heart)
c) Burdock, Carrot and Apple juice (for lymph node cleanse)
d) Bitter gourd apple juice, once a week(For liver cleanse)
e) Asparagus or broccoli, Carrot and Apple Juice (Anti-oxidant and cancer fighting juice)

Every afternoon after 3pm: 

It is best to take SSG raw juice early morning, or 1 hour before meal. But for some reason, when he takes juice early morning, it caused stomach cramp and pains to him. This is due to his digestive tract problem that caused. After few months I observed trials, after when I changed the drinking time, as when he takes it 2 hours after meal, or 2 – hours after lunch, he is fine with it. No more gas producing and stomach cramp complaints to take SSG juice at this time schedule.
  1. Every afternoon after 3pm, Sabah Snake Grass 300 leaves + Green Apple juice. For Anti-cancer in Alternative herbal Healing.. (To be taken daily.). Due to his gastric and weak digestive system. Take it 2 hours after meal.
  2. Or alternatively, Houttuynia cordata with apple juice (for anti-inflammation). Only take it once a week.

1.  Herbal decoction drink cooked for at least 2 hours ~ 
     Huo Tan Mu 火炭母 (Polygonum Chinesis Herba) + Black Bean + Red Dates + Goji for his skin problem.
2. Herbal Infusion with Chrysanthemum + Mulberry leaves for liver detox.   
3. Elephantopus Scaber (whole plant) 地胆头 +  Houttuynia Cordata 鱼腥草 in Chinese, cooked for 1 hour as herbal drink for his stomach, spleen and liver cleanse. (once a week) It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation herbs. (Adding red dates for warming and better effect to the herbal ingredient, *optional)

Elephantopus Scaber (whole plant) 地胆头

    Houttuynia Cordata 鱼腥草'Yu Xin Cao' in Chinese

    His major Therapeutic Food Diet:

    1.  10 grains rice cook with night jasmine porridge, Night Fragrant jasmine help  to boost liver and clear eyesight. Drain liver-heat, and 10 grains rice is good source of high in fiber and provides energy nutritional foods for cancer patient.   

     10 grains rice

    Night Fragrant Jasmine cook with 10 grains rice as High fiber nutrients herbal porridge

    2.  Wholemeal oat with red dates barley mixed fruit like banana and avocado. Avocado has good source of monounsaturated oil.

    3.  Daily intakes of  5 Element Vegetable Soup with  radish/daikon and leaves, Shitake mushrooms, burdock root, and carrot for rejuvenating and harmonize the intenal 5 organs. 

    5 Element Vegetable Soup 五行蔬菜抗癌汤

    4.  Black bean brown rice porridge, this helps to support the kidney energy (Qi), and taking it with top-list anti-cancer food ~ sweet potato. Add ginger root to the porridge has the effect to suppress the cancer cells.

    Black bean brown rice porridge

    Note: The above Anti-cancer therapeutic food and soup diet, herbal and vegetable fruit juices are based on his individual body condition, it comes with cancer-fighting abilities and nutrients.

    There are some problems with him, just because he never liked all the cancer killing foods, I know it is not as tasty and mostly flat taste foods. The therapeutic foods diet is strictly alkalinity foods, mostly serve from  anti-cancer foods, organic vegetables and fruits. 

    For his diet plan is totally avoid acidic foods and drinks, No sugar, no flour and no animal protein that including meat, More grains foods, 5 element vegetable soups and herbal drinks are the most essential in daily intakes.  

    No oil (Gallbladder is malfunctioning) but used of extra virgin olive oil in minimize, more monounsaturated oil from avocado, supplement like fish oil, garlic oil and spirulina.

    Presently, he has good appetite, still mobile, the enlarged lymph nodes behind his neck that caused stiff neck and sore has lessen, 2 months ago the frequently feeling thirsty has gone. Occasionally upper right abdomen pain may happen but mild pain compare to earlier April. His skin condition is worst, the T cell (T-lymphocytes) is malignant and the cancer cells are in the lymph nodes and to other parts of his body, that causes his arms has a thick layer of darkened dead skin cells, both arms and legs had thick coated skin that already blocked his sweat glands, and he seldom and hardly sweat, due to the thickening skin (like elephant skin) is covered the whole arms and legs. It is dry and scaly but no redness. This is very common symptoms, especially cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

    Both arms and legs skin color from dark color turned to fair tone but still dried and chapping.


    After a few weeks of intensive raw herbs, anti-cancer foods diet and herbal decoction consumption, daily Qi Gong exercises, quantum energy meridian healing 3 times a day, with my home spa hydrotherapy for the lymp flows, and sauna help to open up his sweat glands. The result of alternative healing shown potent effect. Presently, I am happy to see his enlarged lymph nodes behind and side of the neck which is stagnated there for years has totally disappeared. 

    This is really a big war of cancer-fighting experience for me and to HIM....I hope he is in my good hands...with CARE!! 

    I believe when There is WILL...There is HOPE! I put all my full efforts and love towards him...........

    To be continued.....My Alternative Healing with Anti-cancer Diet Program


    1. Truly you had battled cancer and won.
      Wished more warriors like you come and share life knowledge and give so much hope for humanity. Keep up the good works!

    2. Soaking beans for 48 hours before cooking helps to reduce Phytic acid contents which may keep our body from absorbing some of the nurients and minerals in our food.

    3. Hi James Missier,
      Thanks for the inspiration and hopefully he can overcome it.

      Hi Sharon,
      your sharing on my blog is much apprecaited.

    4. Hi where to get yu xin cao Houttuynia cordata??

    5. Can it be found in klang valley?

    6. Hi Bunny,
      Not sure where to get in Klang Valley area. Sorry :)


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