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Home Remedy for Sore Throat and Influenza ~ Raw Mung Bean Licorice water

Use of Chinese Herbal medication to treat H1N1 has received expected good result in China hospital. And many herbal prescriptions are from Chinese herbal medicine, which was released online by most Chinese Herbal Medicine Hospital to treat some other flu-related illnesses and viruses such as H1N1. The natural prescriptions with traditional Chinese herbs by decoction into herbal medicine has gained popularity as well.

I know some of the herbal raw materials for decoctions might not easily obtained in western countries. Other than using the prescription from traditional herbs, I found this is most simple alternative healing formula is quite a good one for common flu, cough and sore throat, skin disease and anti-inflammation.

This herbal drink can also helps to combat as preventative and control of influenza and coughs, sore throat, mouth ulcers, reduces of liver heat and fever. Prolonged in coughing and flu may cause of throat inflammation and sore throat as well as fever. One of the most popular anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant and anti-allergenic properties used by Chinese medicine is Licorice root.

Licorice root knows as “Shen Gan Cao” in Chinese. This herb has many ailments including asthma, common Use for viral infections, treating bronchitis, inflammation, coughs, Liver problems, suppresses the gastric juice secretion, lowers stomach acid levels, treat ulcers, improve constipation and arthritis.

The Licorice root has powerful detoxification effect and detoxify the liver toxins by dispel poisonous substances from the body. It has aspirin kind of effect in relieving of fever and soothing pains. Also as a flavoring herbs for pickles and its taste is sweet, soothing herb that protects liver.

Licorice root commonly mixed with certain Chinese medicinal herbs to prevent toxicity and alleviation medicinal properties for
detoxifies purpose, also as a flavoring herbs for various pickles and its taste is sweet, soothing herb that protects liver, used for chest congestion and cough, cold, flu, especially in treating mouth ulcers.

Additional sweetness from Glycyrrhizinic acid and it is sweet in taste. Glycyrrhizinic acid of Licorice root has inhibited action in control the growth of bacteria and viruses such as influenza A.

The taste of this drink is cooling, soothing and sweet to try. This herbs drink is easily given to children who suffered from cough, sore throat and flu. Something like this is quite easy to prepare instead of cooking.

What I found it is a real good home remedy, lately, due to plant contact skin dermatitis, I used this formula to wash the affected areas, and drinking this drink has shown rapid improvement to my sensitive skin problems.
Once a while I used it for preventing of tonsillitis and throat inflammation, a few cups of this Mung Bean Licorice extract drink is a must for me thought. How good about this herbs drink, you have to try it by yourself to find out.

Raw Mung Bean Licorice Herbs Drink
Mung bean and licorice root has anti-virus's auxiliary curative effect for influenza prevention.

The formula is simple, just using raw mung bean (Lu dou in Chinese) and Licorice root.


Mug beans 200grams

• Licorice 50grams

• 1000cc of water


1. Bring water to boil, pour boiling water into a pot or bowl and soak licorice in hot water. Simmer or Set aside and let it cold.

2. Put in Green Mung bean into the cold licorice extract and submerged in licorice extract water to soak for 6 – 8 hours.

3. Strain soup through a fine mesh strainer and drink the water only.

The benefits of this natural remedy.

Mung Bean has cooling properties help in dispel pathogenic heat and toxins from our body. Based on its effectiveness, and well known as medicinal effect used for food and drug toxins poisoning, heat rashes, and dyspepsia.

effect of after drinking this Licorice Mung beans extract, you may feel stomach wriggle, and sign of gastrointestinal motility, it will exhaust and breaks wind, stimulant bowel movement, enhance bodily immunity system after expulsion of toxins. As such, the extract of Licorice mixed with mung bean can be used to treat skin disease, acne, boils and psoriasis too.

Why used raw mung bean instead of cooking it

As why using the way for which without boiling the mung bean, is to prevent the enzymes of mug bean destroyed by heating, with cooled boiled Licorice water immersion, mug beans enzymes infiltration slowly into the Licorice extract will make the therapy effectiveness.

Other benefits of taking raw mung bean drink

Taking raw mung bean water it helps in control of diarrhea. Just soak the mung bean in water for 4 to 6 hours. Add a little bit of salt and drink the water. That's it.

Note: Even if according to the Chinese medicine theory, Licorice root usage is not multi-purpose, even though its has many powerful medicinal effects. Many forbidden of usage, prolong in consume and dosage measure need to be caution to certain people. For high blood pressure, it may cause blood pressure raised. For kidney disorder patient have to be caution in taking Licorice, it may cause adrenal glands stimulant. Its effective component similar to hydrocortisone and other corticosteroid hormones function and anti-diuresis function related.


  1. Interesting post about Home Remedy for Sore Throat and Influenza ~ Raw Mung Bean Licorice water, in these days sore throat is more common and people have to try to be careful with their health, for example I unfortunately spend much money in buying generic viagra only because I need it and well Im close to be a senior citizen.

  2. Senny,
    This remedy is for heaty cough, right? My daughter who is 8 years old is having 'cold' cough. Had taken various types of medication both western and chinese but to no avail. Do you have any remedy for it? She had been coughing for about 4 months already.

  3. Hi Delia,
    You can try to give her garlic oil(in capsule) to boost the immune system, and boil some lemongrass tea with honey may also relieving cough and it is not too bad for young children to take it. Plus drinking lukewarm water continuously is the best way to get rid of the phlegm. If throat inflammation caused by long term coughing, add Manuka Honey, it is very good and natural antiseptic for kid.

  4. Do you know if this tea is safe to drink while pregnant or trying to conceive?

  5. Juli,

    This is too cooling for pregnancy woman or trying to concive too. :)

  6. Hi Senny,
    I want to ask u something, you put the mung bean in cold the licorice water and leave it for 7-8 hours. so, they are not boiled again? or i boiled mung bean first then put the mung bean in the licorice water?

    1. ooo, i am sorry, you have tell it " Why used raw mung bean instead of cooking it ". then, you dont need to answering it, :-) Thank you..


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