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Replenishing Beet Herbal Tea

When think of the grey hair, first I think of “He Shou Wu”.

He Shou Wu (
Plygonum Multiflorum) is black in color.
Black in 5 elements is for “Kidney”.

What about Red in color Beetroot?
The red color beet is for Heart, blood and circulation.
Important for cardiovascular health to lower blood pressure.

This fancy “Black and Red in color” combination makes a simple traditional herbs drink to replenishing and invigorating the kidney to strengthen the “Yang”, nourishing the “Yin” by ways of improving the Kidney “Qi” and ”Blood”.

With the nature of “Yang” and “Yin” in this herbs tea to treat deficiency of the Kidney and blood, something like immerse a pot of “He Shou Wu and Beetroot” herbs tea come naturally and easily to prepare for health purpose.

This shocking reddish in color herbal tea is kind of aroma soothing and sour in taste yet not the least, it works wonderful kidney and hair tonic also as a “blood builder” and “youth preserver” to promote of blood circulation for skin plus good stimulates of hair growth. Help with keeping healthy arteries to prevent hardening of arteries.

Constrained flow due to stressful and emotional constrains that cause restricts the flow. If kidney “Qi” and “Blood” is insufficient this aspect will also influence to bad blood circulation. That will eventually affect to the skin complexion, not only which, it may also link to other illnesses. Certainly some due to bustle about stressful work lifestyle and it disturbs the hormone secretion, metabolism, insomnia and headache.


He Shou Wu – 10g

• Beet – 14g

• Rock sugar – 1 tbs. (optional)

* Beet is high sugar content.


  1. Wash Beetroot and He Shou Wu. Peel Beetroot skin and cut into smaller slices.

2. Immerse both ingredients into tea pot or infuser with boiling water.

3. Simmer for about ½ hour. Serve warm.

Simple and yet it’s nutritious and healthy for:

Stimulates hair growth.

• Anti aging formula

• Improves insomnia

• decrease hardening of the arteries,

• Improve immune function.

• greatest estrogenic activity

What is He Shou Wu
(Plygonum Multiflorum)

He Shou Wu is a Chinese medicinal herbs and important longevity herb which is derived from the dried tuberous root of the plant Plygonum Multiflorum.

Nature is mild and slightly warm. It is painstakingly astringent and tastes a bit bitter and sour sweet.

Used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, stimulates hair growth as hair tonic, restoring hair color and preventing hair loss, this herbs contains laxative compound to treat constipation, menstrual and menopausal complains also it is a youth preserver.

Meridian channel: to the liver, the kidney, the heart, the lung.

"He Shou Wu" combination with other ingredients benefits:

• Boil with black soybean for strengthen kidney and improve vertigo.

"He shou wu" with mulberry leaf or fruit used for preventing grey hair too.

Caution when use of He Shou Wu:

• Skin Rashes and numbness may occurred to certain people if overdoses of "He Shou Wu".

• Not for Acute hepatitis and stomach inflation people.

About Beetroot

Beetroot is rich in folate and vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, beta carotene. A good colorants use as a natural food coloring or dye from the red pigment (Betacyanin) in beetroot. Its nature is cold, taste of aroma sweet. Good blood purifier for treating pimple and skin disease.

Beets are considered aphrodisiac and it plays an important role in human sex hormones. Good for treating menstruation and menopausal problem.

Beetroot combined with He Shou Wu (polygonum multiflorum) as therapeutically herbal drink, it is a stamina builder and helpful to kidney "Qi" and "Blood" which makes up the body to be insufficient with, and a tonic to increase vitality and energy, strengthen the blood, kidneys and liver.

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  1. Dear Simply Senz is there any herbs to treat ailment of the stomach call Chron Desie which a friend of mine suffer from n he is on western medication daily twice /day
    Thank you

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