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Detox Fruit ~ Calabash Gourd Herbal Cure

I bought a small shrub tree from the herbalist here, with the hard-shell gourds that I called it as "Giant Lo Han Guo" in my previous blog (link here). This Giant Lo Han Guo to me is a miracle medicinal healing herb plant that I took it as my lymph nodes detoxification fruit for many years.

For the sake of my curiosity, I was wondering how tall this tree would be in future. According to the herbalist this is shorter arching and small tree, growing to a height of 4 to 5 meters tall only, and bearing the gourd-like melon will take approximately 3 to 4 year after planting. It can be harvested in between of  7 to 8 months when gourd is fully ripen. Immature gourd may have unpleasant taste after cooked, so it is best to wait till it is fully ripen. That’s not too bad for my garden to grow it, I guess. 

The herbalist also gave me some of its medicinal information about natural healing from this miracle gourd, the leaves and bark usages and cooking method. In future, I may need his long-term supply of this healing gourd for my brother's Lymph cancer cure.

It is known as “Calabash Gourd/Fruit” in Philippine and America, is an evergreen tree, as an ornamental plant and with its medicinal effect for many health benefits. Locally here we named it in Chinese name as “Giant Lo Han Guo”. Just because it looks and taste like Lo Han Guo (Siraitia grosvenori) too.

Scientific name: Cujete, Crescentia cujete, Calabash tree/Gourd.

Other name: Bottle gourd, calabash gourd

In Chinese name: The soop tree, pinyin as Piao Shu 瓢樹 (the dried hard-shell can be used as wooden scoop, that’s how its name from.)

This medicinal plant and gourd is cooling in nature, which has laxative, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and analgesic effect.There are many treating ailments and maintaining good health benefits, even thought, there is not medical proof that this medicinal plant and gourd is really an anti-cancer medicinal plant, but I had taken it for years and found that it is really good for detoxification. 

We called its name as “Detox Fruit” due to the content of hydrocyanic acid which is purgative activities agent in it.

The herbalist told me, this Calabash gourd is all kind of illnesses wonder healing gourd/fruit; the whole tree is wonderful herb. This Calabash gourd has been long used as alternative healing drink in West Malaysia, and also packed into bottles as herbal drink selling in the local market, maybe it is still not achieving its popularity yet. Although many peoples still fear to try, due to no medicinal proof yet, but it has been published in the media and news of its healing effect. This is yet to be discovered more in future. To me no harm trying and from my personal experiences of taking it as alternative healing, after many years so far so good.

Its medicinal healing for ailments with the use of bark, gourd and leave:


The leaves boil with water for treating diabetics and hypertension, to treat diabetic foot and healing wounds. 

Fruit of its fresh pulp as decoction is a natural expectorant for treating respiratory tract problem, like cough, bronchitis, asthma and relieving of phlegm, digestive health e.g treat and cure stomach aches, diarrhea, dysentery and stomach blotting. Lymph node syndrome such as thyroids, and lymph infections. Restore liver health to help the liver to filter nutrients function. Use of the leaves and fresh fruit pulp for treating liver jaundice. 

The phytochemical compound of the flesh pulp contains of Acanthoside D which has stress-reducing activities to treat nervous and epilepsy syndrome. It is cooling, febrifuge to treat headache and fever.
• Cooking the fresh pulp with red dates and Goji to boil with water as decoction is goof for treating menstrual irregularities, force and induce menstruation.

• Use of its fresh leaves and bark together with its fresh pulp to cook with lean meat and Goji as herbal soup, which can help to reduce hypertension and blood pressure.

The bark tree is used in decoction as anti-cancer in alternative healing. It has antibacterial effect to treat intestinal parasite e.g Bacillus Subtilis or grass bacillus and E-coli (Escherichia coli).

As it is high in mineral, the nutrient values from the flesh is rich in vitamins and mineral 

Vitamin B1 such as Thiamine
• Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid,
• Carbohydrate
• Protein
• Calcium
• Iron
• Potassium
• Sodium
• Fat

And many phytochemical compounds like tartaric acid, citric acid, tannins, hydrocyanic acid and cianhidric acid etc. 

It is best to choose the mature or the ripe fruit which can juice it with apple or oranges to cure many illnesses as told. But I have never tried the raw juice before. So far I know it’s best to cook it with water and drink it like herb tea. Adding some red dates to boost blood circulation that it all. 

Do not consume this fruit or gourd while pregnant, it is abortive and is used in traditionally to induce labor.


  1. Hi Senny,
    any local name for this fruit? I want to buy also.

  2. Hi delia,
    The fruit is named locally as "Wu Hua Guo" or Detox Fruit in Chinese. :)

  3. I use it for bowel detox (Very Good). Use the pulp of one whole fruit with 2X water. Once boiled, let it simmer for 2hrs until the water content is reduced to half. Taste yummy like bottled prune juice.

  4. Thank you Ireneslsu for sharing.

  5. I cook the pulp and i dnt mix water and wow its so sweet.. I think its better to cook with out water guys and jst drink 1/4 glas only or its up to you.

  6. I cook the pulp and i dnt mix water and wow its so sweet.. I think its better to cook with out water guys and jst drink 1/4 glas only or its up to you.

  7. im looking for buyer on this calabash miracle fruit..

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