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Therapeutic Anti-cancer Healing Soup Recipes

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My brother is in serious anemic problem, with normochromic normocytic anemia, some macrocyts, polychromatic cells and target cells. Marked Leucocytosis, marked neutrophils and bosinophilla. The inflammation and infection is present due to carcinomatosis.

Partly due to poor digestive system, constipation seemed to be the major problem at this moment. To give a boost and support the red blood and white blood cells count. Therapeutic foods and soup is to help to ease his gastrointestinal problem too. Sufficiency of fluid with nutritious healing soup does gives him an easy absorption and support the digestive tract without bloating after each meal. 

Barley Ling Jiao ~ Trapa Bicornis Anti-cancer soup

Primary care use of therapeutic foods and soup is to help to clear the toxin-heat effect. This soup is particularly good to drink after chemotherapy to help to quench thirst, prevention of mouth ulcers and sore throat or mouth sore problem.

This barley Ling Jiao ~ Trapa Bicornis soup has the anti-tumor and cancer healing effect. 

Good for the spleen and stomach, invigorate the kidney, and edible nut with anti-cancer potent effect for treating lung and stomach cancer, carcinoma esophagi, rectal cancer and carcinoma of urinary bladder and so on has the auxiliary therapeutic healing action. Barley is for intestinal protection and healthy boost. This anti-cancer soup is especially good for constant constipation people. It has the insoluble dietary fiber and good source of Selenium to cancer prevention, the insoluble fiber in barley provides friendly bacteria to large intestine and support healthy colon as well. 

This good combination of Ling Jiao Barley soup is soothing and anti-cancer therapeutic soup with anti-oxidant and phytonutrients. Phosphorus in barley has component of nucleic acids to the building block of genetic codes, it supports healthy cell membranes and nervous system structures. Therefore, cooked barley soup is harmless, a good choice of  therapeutic foods and drink, and it serve good source of phosphorus to cancer patient. Barley is natural medicine and laxative food for constipation, alleviate the urinary tract infection, and aiding indigestion problem.....

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  • Fig or Ficus carica
  • Water Chestnut
  • Lotus root
  • Red Dates
  • Goji or Wolfberries
  • little bit of sea salt (optional) 

He has serious Anemia and according to the hemoglobin test shown some inflammation and infection sign due to carcinomatic cells. This soup has the potent effect to improve the inflammation and relieves of lung heat. It purifies blood.

The figs and water chestnut soup has slightly laxative effect to improving his colon obstruction and constipation problem. It has various anti-cancer properties content in Figs, water chestnut cure jaundice and also resisting and defending of cancer cells growth. Lymphatic system needs nourishment foods to strengthen the normal cellular to remove of waste and breakdown of toxin. This healthy anti-cancer soup has great benefits to liver disease, constipation and diabetes, weak and sick people.


Figs provide iron which enriches and help in blood production that benefits women, and also to those with Anemia, lacking of red blood cells. Thus, it improves blood circulation. In Chinese alternative medicine usage, figs have the wonderful healing benefits for decreases and reduce of blood stagnation, they believed blood stagnation causes diseases, irregular menstruation and pain in menstruation, tumors and edema.   Read more.... 

The Lotus Root gives his lymph and liver detoxifying effect, and its rich iron and calcium for nourishment to blood, when cooked this Lotus root help to promote blood to his Anemia, as well as purifying blood in blood disorder as well as blood builder.

I bought this "wild soursop" from native, they called is as “Mountain soursop” is one of the species of Annona native wild fruit whatsoever. This fruit is just like soursop, simply because it is organically planted by native, I used it as "anti-tumor healing soup" to cook the whole plant with its leaves as medicinal healing soup for him twice weekly.

Wild Soursop 
 Anti-cancer healing soup

Many peoples believed this is also a natural home remedy to treat fever, diarrhea dysentery, digestive problem, intestinal disorders and infection. The whole plant including the fruit pulp, seeds, leaves and stem can be used as medicinal plant, and claimed that it has bio-active chemical known as Annonaceous Acetogenins, which has anti-tumor and anti-cancer active agent to target and kill cancer cells without destroying the healthy cells in alternative healing. Due to this, cooking this raw wild soursop into soup is an additional alternative healing medicine for him. To believe it or not, as long as it is naturally treated without any harmful reverse effect. 

All my alternative healing recipes mainly is designed accordingly to my brother's health condition. Although, it looks simple, as I always emphasize on "Simply" is equally to healthy dietary, easy digestion for intestinal tract problem, balancing the 5 internal organs. Hence, many more recipes yet queue in line for him, it has to be step by step......with CARE.

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