Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life is fragile

Life is fragile. My brother and the family really strive as hard as we can, that including myself.  At time we supposed to give him all the supports and hopes. But the cruel thing is that…he really tried hard to survive and fight against the cancer cells with great improvement shown, but who knows choked him to death is caused by the broken dentures.....We are speechless to such incident can be happened to him.

The fatefulness is one thing. If we would have not let him use back the repaired dentures....Thing maybe changed. He insisted to use back the broken dentures, so we repaired the dentures and let him using it for his comforts. We intended to make a new set of denture for him once we reach our hometown. This accident happened so suddenly on flight while we are on our way back to hometown, yet we still not aware of it till we landed. Sadness to say......Sometimes the stubbornness and carelessness can kill one…I felt so sorry and sad for that.

To embrace my pain, I still can recall back this journey of cancer battle to him is really suffering but painless. I did my best to give all he wanted for the rest of his life with comfort and care. Still not enough…if he has the fully support from his other half, I think thing can be changed and accident would not be happened.

I should be proud for him, as he really striving hard for this dreadful cancer than anyone on earth….This journey of life is too short for him. The unpredictable happening, unwillingness as such some how he still cannot survive even he had tried harder... may his soul rest in peace, as I have to accept the fate and I'd learned to live life meaningfully.

Thank you to all my Facebook friends for the kindness and sympathy towards my deceased brother. I really appreciated that so much!

Grieving my heart, even he is dead but I still feel his presence......Always!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." Anon

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