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Fatty Liver and Sea Bird Nest Herbal Recipe

Fatty liver ~ "triglyceride fat accumulate in liver cells" is common liver disorder today. it can be Alcoholic fatty liver and Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and the overweight or obese people tend to have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver is refers to the liver disease, there are multiple causes to fatty liver like excessive of triglyceride fat, alcohol intake and toxic metabolite accumulation, excessive neutral fat, obese. Usually in the situation the fat only occupies the liver heavily 4%~5%, majority is the phosphatide, next is the neutral fat, then cholesterol. Excessive nutrient, quantity of calories intakes with excessive carbohydrate, may increase neutral fat stored in liver.

As in initial case, normally what I thought skinny person may not having fatty liver problem, or we think fatty liver only or maybe fall to obese people but not mean to skinny peoples. As on clinical discovered that some people maybe thin, they may have fatty liver when malnutrition, this is due to long-term malnutrition, lacks of protein and the vitamins, similarly it causes nutritional disorder type of fatty liver, as well as to those with chronic intestinal tract disease, loss of appetite, long term in vegetarian diet, malfunction in absorptivity, certain industry and foods poison chemicals may also cause the fatty liver. Many causes can also create low proteinemia and deficiency of choline ~ the essential nutrients in vitamin B family, amino acid thus this eventually causes in the liver’s fat stack, forms of fatty liver.

Many illnesses begins from bad eating habits, weak digestive tract system can also cause of bad bowel movement, as such, we may not aware of  bad bowel movement is the main cause to affect our whole body system and organs. First is to solve problem from improving the good bowel management, increases of fluid intakes and add bulks to your stools with high fiber foods, to improving of gastrointestinal system functioning well and maintains good diet habit. Regular intakes of Sea Bird Nest ~ this is natural food from the sea. It is very effective for constipation people, and it adjust the body weight, when after human body nonessential waste disposal, the body weight reduced naturally.

A simple herbal recipes as in alternative healing properties, I found Sea Bird Nest is good sort of material for treating colon syndrome, this will also help to reduce the fatty liver formation.

In short, Eucheuma / Sea Bird Nest Benefits :

  • It adjustments body acidity
  • Help to reduce cholesterol
  • It is diuretic and good source of low caloric diet
  • Good curative powers for neck pain and edema.
  • It has antibacterial power, expulsion of toxin
  • It helps to prevent thyroid and hair loss
  • Prevent constipation
  • Long term gastrointestinal disease, like stomach ache, ulcer, constipation, diarrhea, hyper acidity, dyspepsia and so on.
  • improvement hypertension and the hypo-tension
  • enables the thyroid gland function normalization
  • to eliminates nephritis effectively, arthritis,
  • Strengthens the blood vessel, promotion blood circulation.
  • improves rheumatism
  • Suitable supplement of natural collagen for joint cartilage, strengthens the physique and ligament, improves problem on joint ache and backache.
  • natural organic sea plant for vegetarian and older age for its supplement in rich calcium and iron.
  • Ideal weight lost diet for pre-menopause and obesity peoples.

What is good about Sea Bird Nest ~ Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed > Go to this link for more information Sea Bird Nest 

Simply Senz's Mulberry Purple Perilla Pandan Leaves Sea Bird Nest Healthy Dessert:
(As in alternative healing remedies, this recipe is good for prevention of fatty liver, diabetes, improve constipation problem, help to reduce arthritic and painful gout.)


  • Pandan Leaves - 8 stalks
  • Purple Perilla leaf - 30 leaves
  • Mulberry Leaves - 20 leaves
  • Sea Bird Nest - 200g
  • Lo Han Guo - 2 (add sweet taste to soup)
  • Red Dates - 20
  • Goji berries - 20g

Preparation and soaking Sea Bird Nest 

Wash Sea Bird Nest with running water, soaking and changing water several times for at least 4 - 6 hours.
Cut it into shorter in length. Ready for use.


  1. Wash all ingredients Mulberry, Purple Perilla and Pandan Leaves, Lo Han Guo, red dates and goji berries.Ready for use.
  2. Bring water to boil, add in red dates, Lo Han Gou, goji berries, Mulberry, Purple Perilla leaves and pandan leaves to cook for 45 minutes.
  3. Strain and remove the herbal leaves,  just keep the red dates and goji remaining in the herbal soup.
  4. Now add in Washed Sea Bird Nest to cook for about 5 minutes, if you prefer chewy, do not over cooked the Sea Bird Nest. Or cook it till dissolved. Serve warm and take it as herbal soup. 
  6.  To cook in longer period, the Sea Bird Nest will totally dissolve. Keep in container. Serve it cool to keep in refrigerator and let it set in Jelly form as healthy dessert.

Mulberry Purple Perilla Pandan Leaves Sea Bird Nest

This recipe gives wonderful effect with alternative healing properties in treating of Colonial infection, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, lower high cholesterol, arthritic and help in bowel movement management at ease. 

Benefits of Mulberry leave and Purple Perilla leaf 

With the uses of Mulberry leaves, Pandan Leaves and Purple Perilla Leave as herbal ingredients to treat fatty liver, HDL cholesterol, sore joints, body aches, rheumatoid arthritis and bowel management purpose, and my first choice is to combine and use of Sea Bird Nest, Euchuema Cottonii Seaweed with medicinal herbal foods like Mulbery, Panda and Purple Perilla Leaves to make into dessert in jelly form or healthy soup, this helps to increase of patient's appetite, and it looks tasty delicious for easy consumption without hesitating mood.

The benefits of Mulberry Leaves

Mulberry leaf has many medicinal effect for ailments to promote metabolism, strengthen energy and improves vision, to protect the liver and lower fatty liver, and help in lower Plasma triglyceride and non-esterified fatty acid levels. Use of Mulberry leaves, barks and stems to cook into extract, herbal tea, soup and dessert give significant result on fatty liver treatment, and prevents as well as maintains oxidization state. It further enhances fatty acid oxidation.

The mulberry leaf has biological active substances and the active ingredients of chemical 1-deoxynojirimycin, flavonol glycoside in reduce of blood sugar, blood pressure and glucose metabolism, this help in reduce of type II diabetes and reduce the absorption of sugar to suppress of insulin production in stabilize the blood sugar. It also has active cancer resistance effect.

Purple perilla Leaf, Perilla frutescens 紫苏

Purple Perilla Leaf or Perilla frutescens is an ornament plant also medicinal plant. It has many effective medicinal ingredients and consists of arginine, glutamic acid, catechin, Rutin and Apocynum prime A and B.It natures is warm and acrid in flavor. Meridian channel enters to stomach, lung and spleen.

Main function of Purple Perilla Leaf: 

This common home plant help to alleviate ailments like treating edema, water retention, shock epileptic seizures, supplement liver and calm nerves, relieve fever and internal heat, treat dizziness, improve stomach functions, moving Qi to ease stomach bloating and gas, lungs ailments and treating cough to expel phlegm and relieve cough, stuffy nose, asthma, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, disperses depressed vital energy, improve coronary flow and circulation, Anti-allergy effect help to prevention of poisoning especially  foods allergy when taking seafood, flavonoid contains in Perilla leaf has the anti-inflammatory agent, anti-radiation used after post-chemotherapy especially mouth sore, anti-aging, natural expectorant for phlegm, soothing throat and sore throat.

Purple Perilla Leaf is great herbal tea for infusion used in decoction, the soothing aroma taste help to relieve tension, as preventative for cough, flu, colds, expel phlegm and treat malaria.  The stem and leaves can keep in dried form or raw to make into decoction to treat distension, abdominal pains, and flatulence. The whole plant has warming, stomachic, antispasmodic, and diaphoretic properties. It is very common to use by Japanese as natural preservative side-dish, appetizer or to take it with Sea foods to avoid and help in preventing of food poisoning effect from ingestion of crabs or fish, especially the allergic reaction.

Perilla Frutescens or Purple Perilla (Zi Su in Chinese name, 紫苏), its essential oil from the extract has shown improvement of lowered of serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels to liver health. 

Pandan Leaves medicinal properties:

Many of us especially in Malaysia, Pandan leaf is very common plant also an old folk’s medicine, it is very useful for treating painful gout, arthritis, uric acid and lower cholesterol, hangover, and headaches etc. Also widely used for herb for cuisines, making desserts and culinary uses.

The medicinal value is great its not only give the nice fragrant and aromatic to taste, it has antioxidant properties, chlorophyll, and the Pandan root has anti-diabetes medicinal properties too.

Useful Tips:

Pandan Leaf is the great plant can use it as natural car aromatic perfume and insect-repellant to keep cockroaches away without harmful side effect.

Few important points I always have to keep in mind for my recipes:
  • Creativity in making foods, juices and desserts and what materials to use, easy for digestion, harmless and most important, the ingredients and its nutrients give beneficial in treating ailments.
  • As for liver cancer patient, who wish to try this recipe, try not to add any sugar, when feed the cancer cells with glucose and is to try to cut down the sugar intakes, this help to starve cancer cells by feed off the glucose and fructose, normally cancer patient may becoming weakened, no energy and strength when sugar intakes is totally cut down. It is best ADD NO SUGAR to any drinks, desserts and foods for cancer patient. 
  • Sea Bird Nest and herbs is cooling food. Adding Red Dates help to boost the energy and harmonize the other herbal efficacy, slightly give taste to the dessert WITHOUT SUGAR. Sea Bird Nest is consider high in fiber and it help to ease bowel movement. 

Note:  Some of the foods and herbs I used as natural medicine in my recipes as for alternative healing remedies only. Remember, if you wish to take it as for healthy purpose or healing purposes, for anti-cancer or any other reason, try to consult your physician before trying any of my alternative healing herbs recipes. 

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  1. Hi Senny,

    Today,I came back fr the gdn with some mulberry leaves. I searched on how to cook it and I read on a website that said that mature mulberry leaves should not be eaten/used as its toxic. Only young leaves that ain't open yet are okay for the salads.

    Can you kindly confirm that old leaves are okay to use to make anti cancer tea as in your recipe.
    Thank you so much for such a great site for the world to visit.


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