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Loquat Leaves Rose Petal Seaweed Mung Beans Soup

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Cooking green bean soup is quite a simple nutritional dessert soup and ideal slimming dessert. Green bean (Mung beans) claims to be cooling properties and “Yin” in food categories. 

It has excellence high fiber that contains complex carbohydrate. Its high fiber improve our body's digestive function, regulates blood sugar level, usually we take green bean soup after meal help to stabilize blood sugar to prevent rapid raise in blood sugar for diabetes and better yet it is easily digested as good fasting diet.

Add barley and cook with green bean taste good and help in draining excess fluids from our body like water retention and it has diuretic effect. I like to add more pandan leaves as it helps in lower cholesterol and adds aromatic taste to the soup.

Something different to cook for Green beans soup with herbs like add in Loquat leaf ~ Pi Pa Ye in Chinese 枇杷叶, Rosebuds or petals and seaweed increased its medicinal and therapeutic healing effect,  It is fantastic skin remedy also clears up pimple and acne promotes soft skin naturally and detoxifying inner body in treating certain skin disease, rashes, edema, water retention and poor blood circulation brings many problems including the accumulation of fluids and toxins in the body. 

This formula of Rosebuds or petals, seaweed, loquat leaves, seaweed and green beans soup, is a formula of herbs preparation cook together in a pot as alternative healing soup.

How its taste? You have to try it yourself then you know. It is really refreshing and nutritious dessert soup for hot weather.

Seaweed is my favorite ingredient in natural healing and detoxify usage, it is a super food and complete food. When come to beauty in skin deep, then take Seaweed. It cures and treats various skin problems like pimples, acne, skin disease, boils, chicken pox, and dump heat rashes, seaweed added into green beans induce diuresis and eliminate dampness, for edema this diuretic soup expels excess fluids through urination, also promotes bowel movement and relief constipation, as this formula is to harmonize the stomach and clear heat. Good for obesity or as slimming diet soup mainly aim to expel excessive waste products that contributing to obesity. People with skin disease getting worst may try this herbal soup.

It is mild yin in food and help in quenches thirst, cools our body system by cleansing process of detoxifies. This detoxifying cooling effect on the system assist in reduces fat too. But due to its mild yin in food, pregnant women are not advisable to take it.

What is Loquat leaf?

The ingestion of cooling herbs like “Loquat leaf” in Chinese common named “Pi Pa Ye 枇杷叶”, which has wonderful natural healing for cough and skin disease, Loquat Leaf extract is commonly used in cough syrup in aids of coughing, dissolve thick mucus to alleviate and purging "lung heat", help in dissolve thick mucus that coughs with phlegm to relieve coughing and wheezing, improve the fluidity of mucous in the respiratory system, as well as a medicinal plant to fight and treat skin diseases.

It is also commonly used to prevent various viruses in traditional Chinese medicine that treats, clears heat, clears toxins, cool the blood, and reduces inflammation, aids in skin cancer and improve immunity system. To release anti oxidant, combat diabetes and supports pancreatic cells too. Also assists liver in detoxifies residual toxins and reduce blood fat. It can help keep fit by eliminating unwanted fat.

Seaweed (hai zao) has curative powers for colds and influenza, releases excess body fluids reduces edema from congested cells, especially legs area. When added green bean it is used to nourish and regulate the kidneys by way of promotes urination to remove excess fluid from the human body. To Clears heat, reduces phlegm.
Overall, it is excellent slimming diet for weight lost.

Rose petals or Rosebuds

It is recommended to use of dried rosebuds or rose petals into green bean soup or add with herbal preparations to improve and invigorate the circulation of blood. Dried rose petal has gentle laxative and diuretic effect which helps increasing urine outflow and to clear bowels movement. The therapeutic benefits are good for infections, particularly bladder infections and irregular menstruation. It has mild sedative and anti-depressant also offers a soothing property to the nerves. Not only that, added rosebuds or petals and brown sugar help in reducing fishy smell in seaweed. It is great combination with this aroma taste and super booster for water retention.


  • Loquat Leaves - 20g
  • Seaweed 30g
  • Green bean 30g
  • Rosebuds 10g
  • Brown sugar (approx. 80 – 100g)
  • 2 liters of water
  • add a dash of salt to balance the sweet taste. (*optional)

Cooking procedure:

1. Wash and clean beans with water, removes dirt and floating beans.

2. Soak seaweed for 10 minutes, wash and clean it then cut into small pieces.

3. Bring water to boil, put in Loquat leaves and rosebuds to cook for at least ½ hour to 40 minutes. Strain the herbal water, removes Loquat leaves and rose petals away, remaining the herbal water in pot to cook with green bean.

(Optional: you can also place loquat leaves and rose petals in herbal cooking cotton bag. Them remove herbal cooking cotton bag which containing loquat leaf and rose petal, and remaining herbal water for cooking green bean)

4. Place in green beans to the cooked herbal water in pot. Cover the lid. Bring to boil for at least 1 hour.

5. Add in brown sugar till dissolve.

6. Add in seaweed and cook for 5 minutes. Serve warm.

7. Seaweed Rosebud and green bean soup is done.

Yum.....This is super Wonderful detoxifying soup yet it's simply secret to health and longevity.


  1. Hello there,
    I was reading on your previous posts and have some questions but do not know your email.

    Do you know how long can we store the enzyme before it turns bad? Eg, how long should i finish consuming grape enzyme?

    Thanks, nice work on your blog! :)

  2. Hi Foxy Frangipani,
    Thanks for your compliments. For fruit enzymes storage and consumption, what I prefer it's best to consuming the fruit enzymes as soon as possible once stored in bottle or jar, usually I consuming it within a month and store it less than 3 months in refrigerator. For grape enzyme I prefer not to store it for too long, as it turns into fruit wine taste that's what I experienced. Different sites have different info, it is best for you to gather more information online about that. :)


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