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Xian He Cao 仙鶴草 ~ Stop bleeds and Anti-cancer herb

Some of the anti-cancer herb may offer help in control, and work in such a way to help to stop progression of cancer and disease. Anti-cancer herbs also restore and improve body resistance to invading pathogens, boost of immunity cells. As well as help to relieve pains, like Clinacanthus Nutans, Sabah Snake Grass has powerful medicinal compound ~  which has powerful analgesic effect and antioxidant help in reducing and relieving of pain to certain cancer patient, and this is what I have been observed and noticed when I used Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus Nutans) during my therapeutic practice as a cancer caretaker.

Many herb plants have its medicinal effect, it is just the matter of how to use it, and to treat certain fatal cancers and diseases. Another medicinal herb plant that I planted in my herb garden ~ Xian He Cao ~ Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb

This herb is commonly used in healing wounds, blood disorders and stop bleeds, snake bite, alleviates jaundice, hepatitis, treating vomiting of blood as major therapeutically in traditional Chinese herb.It has astringent effect, and a wonderful herb for healing the mucous membranes, it is high in silica content and is helpful in connective tissue and repairing cartilage.

This rare part of this herb, which it is working in 2 ways in anti-cancer therapy, the medicinal compounds has efficacy function in killing cancer cells, as well as help in restore the healthy normal cells and increases of white blood cells count.

why Xian He Cao, Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb is really one kind of rare anti-cancer treatment Chinese traditional herb? With researches claimed that in vivo and in vitro shown inhibits of tumor growth effect. And at the same time this herb also help to increase white blood cells quantities, enhances organism to cancer cell’s immunity, kill the cancer cell into suspended cells, and it advantageous to the normal cell metabolism. It also help in strengthen human body cells resistively, relieve of fatigue, to strengthen internal illnesses caused by overexertion, this herb gives remarkable curative effect. This Xian he Cao is particularly good for those accompanied with hemorrhage and internal bleeding sickness to cancer patient physique health.

Its main medicinal efficacy ingredients accelerates through induction of cancer cell to perish and weaken, and oppresses the anti-carcinogen with adjustment host in NK cell (Natural Killing Cell), TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor), IL-2 (Interleukin-2) as well as the red blood cell immunity, primarily in treating of digestive tract cancer e.g stomach cancer, treating esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic gland and breast cancer Liver and lung cancer, and for anti-cancer to improving of the vital energy to a healthy immune response.

What is Xian He Cao仙鶴草 Agrimonia Grass

In Chinese name: Xian He Cao 仙鶴草

Pharmaceutical name: Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb, Agrimonia Pilosa Ledeb. Herba Agrimoniae Pilosae

Other name:
Long Ya Cao龍芽草, Tuo Li Cao脫力草, Shi Da Chuan石打穿, Lang Ya Cao狼牙草

Source: Aerial part of herb

Nature: Neutral

Taste: Bitter, Astringent, Acrid

Meridian channels: Lung, Liver and spleen

Medicinal compounds and active properties:

Agrimol A – E, Phenol, Catechol,, tannin substance, Luteoloside, Agrimonolide, Agrimophol, Agrimonin A, B, C, Iron, Bitter glycosides, Essential Oil and volatile oil., Vitamin K1, Vitamin C, Silicic Acid, Sterol, Saponin, A~Etannin Acid,nicotinic acid amide

Its medicinal effect:
  • It regulates the flow of blood and treats hematischesis (stop bleeding)
  • Anti-cancer and bacteria inhibitors, analgesic (natural pain relieve), anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Antiviral, Antibacterial and anti-parasite function to rid of tape worms, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella, and e.coli , this herb has the varying degree of bacteriostasis function in killing parasites.
  • Treat Nose Bleeds, gums bleed and stop bleeding.
  • Boils, skin eruptions, snake bite and insect bite.
  • Strengthen and support cardiovascular function, a traditional cardio tonic effect. Improves blood circulation and to remove blood extravasations.
  • Treat Malaria help to bringing down fever,
  • Treats liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice, promotes bile flow
  • Treatment Thrombocytopenia ~ low blood platelet count and reduction sickness, treat blood disorders.Dysentery bleeds
  • Coughing with blood, good sterilization, calming, sedative and relieve of cough or gasping symptom.
  • Treatment of tinnitus and ear syndrome diseases has shown progressive effect.
  • Nephritis is common uropoiesis disease, the kidney infection is one kind of very common disease to acute nephritis or the chronic nephritis, this herb will obviously enhance the treatment result, Xian he cao has diuresis detumescence function, to invigorate the spleen function, to eliminate toxicity discharged through urination. Diuretic herb.
  • In the clinical practice discovery, it has very good curative effect regarding in prevention of diabetes, may apply unilaterally, as for folk remedy use, use 30 grams of Xian He Cao in medicinal preparation as herbal tea will help.
  • Over exertion injury, boost and replenishing energy.
  • Leucorrhea,Trichomonas vaginitis, vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding.
  • At night appears night sweating and daytime appears spontaneous sweating, this Xian He Cao regardless has very good treatment result to ailment of night sweating or the spontaneous sweating syndromes.

Herbal decoction or herbal tea:

Boil Xian He Cao into herbal decoction for Intestinal spirochetosis, tape worms, takes it every day for at least 5~7 days.

External usages:

Treat snake bite and boils:
Mashes Xian He Cao and pastes to the sores and snake bitten areas.

The preparation of Xian He Cao Red Dates porridge
(For anti-cancer treatment e.g lung cancer, internal injury, cough blood, lung infection, bleeding gums, stomach disorder) 


  • 150 g of xian he cao
  • 50 Red Dates (seedless)
  • 30g Goji Berries
  • 30g Red bean
  • 30g Brown rice or *Millet rice 30g.(Optional)
  • 500 c.c of water

* Millet is gluten-free which is good for poor digestive system. For allergic reaction to gluten. (For liver problem, can cook without brown rice.)

* Red Bean has diuresis effect, it helps to disperse the blood detumescence and detoxification effect, improves constipation problem, boost blood circulation

* Goji Berries help to improve health condition and cure, supports kidney function, improves and enrich kidney yin deficiency, and its functions help also to protect and nourishes liver, tonifying blood effect and improve eye vision. 

* Red Dates or jujube help to nourish Qi and boost blood circulation, replenish blood as blood tonic, help to strengthen the functions of heart and lung, improving and nourishing the stomach and spleen, Red dates has effective anti-cancer compounds to against tumor function. It helps to strengthen the immunologic function and reduce fatigue. 


  1. Clean and wash Xian He Cao with running water.
  2. Boil with 300 c.c. of water. Cook and let it simmer in low heat, cook it until 100 c.c of extract.
  3. Strain the herb, and keep the herbal extract.
  4. Cook brown rice and millet with water, add in red dates to cook for about half an hour, cook it as red dates porridge.
  5. Add strain herbal extract of xian he cao and bring to boil with the cooked red dates porridge for another 15 minutes.
  6. 2 Servings a day and continue taking this recipe ever day for 1 to 2 months. 

Xian He Cao Red Dates Herbal Tea ~ Energy Booster herbal drink

Xian He Cao combined with Red Dates help to make up and benefits spleen, boost energy and to raise the blood. Its medicinal preparation to be helps to strengthen the Qi and regulates blood circulation.

This recipe helps to relieve of fatigue, and help to restore energy boost. Kill parasites.


  • Xian He cao 30g
  • Brown cane sugar
  • 500 ml of water 
This herbal infusion is used by rural folks as medicinal herb tea for good health and energy booster. 
The part to be used is whole plant without the root, before flowering. 
To preserve into dried leaves, steep 2 tbsp. of the dried leaves in a cup of hot boiling water. once a day.

For those overexertion and engaged in the heavy physical labor, or physique body feel of extreme asthenia (lack of strength, weakness) and utterly exhausted, and chronic fatigue syndrome, uses of Xian He Cao 30g to cook with brown cane sugar as herbal dectoction, this is wonderful “energy booster” herbal drink that can help to alleviate the fatigue symptom and restores the physical strength effectively. 

Note: Not suitable for constipation or people with constant constipation problem.


  1. Hi Senny, for stomach cancer ? How does it going to be consume ?

  2. Hi David,

    Please refer to my blog's recipes above.

  3. Senny, my fathers still got internal bleeding... is there anything else beside xian he cao to consume to stop the bleeds.. cos he goes to hospital almost every month due to lack of blood...


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