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Carbo88 ~ No Starving, Reduce your weight while you SLEEP

There is only one way, do not joke with your health.

The excessive calories that we get from our daily meals make us fat. With the high standard of living keeps increasing, food with high calories, high fats hence resulted in overweight problems. 

What is Carbs? 

Carbs simply stands for Carbohydrate. As we need carbohydrate (carbs) for energy supply and require by our body in order to function properly. Whereby excessive intakes of bad carbohydrates are easily transformed and break down into sugar and deposited as fat. To reduce weight is to get rid of bad carbohydrates. We need good source of carbohydrates to help in weight lost.

Recently many weight management products increases in the market with low carbs weight loss product. To choose the better carbohydrate choice to more energy and easier to lose weight in simple way! 

There are types of carbohydrates: 'Simple Carbohydrates and Complex Carbohydrates'

Simple carbohydrates can be found in processed and refined food, like table sugar, white breads, sweetening beverages and candy. 

Complex Carbohydrates or complex carbs can be found from whole meal or wholegrain foods, muesli and brown rice, vegetables and fruits which are low in calories. 

Complex carbs broken down into glucose more slowly, slowly digested, with nutritional benefits, nutrients and fiber to feel fuller and eat less, and steady stream of energy, more healthier than simple carbohydrates. 

Have you ever tried various ways to lose weight, to maintain shapely figures?

But you were always disappointed with the results. 

Carbo88 is sugar free weight management beverage drink. 

It helps to reduce your weight while you SLEEP. There is NO STARVING or Vigorous exercises needed. 

Just take Carbo88 daily and you are on your way to shapely body, 24 hours a day, day or night while you are working or sleeping.

Carbo88 works in 5 Easy and effective steps: 

1) Control ~ Effective control on your appetite. Avoid overfed!

2) Burning ~ Increase metabolism process. Get rid of excessive calories and burning the fats in the body.

3) Expulsion of Fats ~ Suppress the formation of fats in the body, preventing the body from absorbing fats in the food. 

4) Detoxification ~ Remove toxins in the intestines, thus resulting good result in weight control. 

5) Separation ~ preventing starch and sugar absorption, controlling formation of fats and accumulation of fats.

Effectiveness proven in 30 days....Say goodbye to fat figures. 

Reducing Weight Systematically and With Perfection

  • Consumption on 1st day: Reducing the urge of food intake and beginning to burn the fats in the body ~ Expulsion of wastes
  • Consumption on 1st to 2nd week: Body weight is reduced. Continue to reduce excessive fats and prevent the absorption of sugar.
  • Consumption on 2nd to 4th week: Reduction of weight from 3-5kg. Bulging tummy disappearing.
  • Consumption on 8th week: Burning of hard fats on arms, thighs, waist and hip. Gaining shapely body


Lemon Powder: 

Improves protein dilution in the stomach, helps digestion, improves blood circulation, iron absorption, reducing cholesterol, relieves tiredness, improves immunity, provide strong bones.

Dextrose Monohydrate:

Is an essential nutrition, it helps metabolism system, increase energy, prevent low sugar level and helps urination.

Psyllium Husk:

In 1988 FDA of America had approved this in food supplements. It helps to remove toxins in intestines, reduce absorption of harmful substances in intestines, reduces absorption of harmful substances in the intestines. Therefore is especially suitable for peoples who are fat as a result of overfed.


It helps to stabilize blood pressure, reduces high blood pressure, improves immunity, and helps in urination (diuretic), expelling excessive salt and sugar in the body. 

Green Tea Extract:

It is anti-oxidant, stimulant works to increase basal metabolic rate (BMR), helps improve immunity, smooth urination, reduce fats in organs, prevent bulging tummy, help metabolism and reduces of fatty cells.

Senna Leaf Extract:

Reduces heatiness, helps stomach and intestine functions, urination, and removes toxins.

Garcinia Cambogia:

Excellent herbal supplement for obesity, fruit's extract hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is where the anti-obesity properties, with anti fat effect, prevent formation of fats from glucose, also work as appetite Suppressant, increase energy level and help to speed up metabolism, burning fats thus preventing overweight problem. 

Garcinia cambogia help in bowel complaints, relieve colds and sore throats, reduce stomach acidity, it may help with gastric ulcers and liver disorders

White Kidney Bean:

100% natural substance prevents converting of carbohydrate into fats thus reducing the formation of fats, stopping the absorption of calories.


30 sachets in a box.

Add a sachet of Carbo88 to 250ml of water, stir well and drink immediately. Take one or twice daily. Once in the morning and night before meal, consume more water and fruits.

Tips on weight control:

  • Avoid weighing everyday. This will lead to disappointment. Do it once a week or every 15 days.
  • Metabolism in the body will increase, feeling weak is normal, eat more fruits, vegetables and vitamins.
  • DO NOT take food 5 hours before sleep reduce oily, fried food, or high calorie food during this time. 
  • Please remember to reduce wine, alcohol intake, calories in wine will fail your effort of weight control. 
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