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Almond Ginkgo White Fungus Longan Soup Paste

Rice cereal or rice paste, in Chinese we called it Mi Hu ‘米糊’。When we think of Mi Hu ‘米糊’ is quite similar to baby food like rice cereal.

Rice paste is finely crushing, in semi-solid materials and boiling to form into a fine paste. Taking gluten free like rice cereal that is easier in absorption and help to improve gastrointestinal digestive system to sick people, as well as young baby and elderly people to ease their poor digestion and absorption, especially to the elderly, their various body organs function is gradually diminishes and recession, making food into rice cereal and paste form is definitely beneficial for them.

Usually rice cereal or nut paste is made from whole grains, nuts, and beans in the quality of dried powder or wet form basis like rice paste cooking. To those people with gastrointestinal digestive system problems, taking rice paste food or Mi Hu '米糊’ compares to ordinary foods the absorption rate is higher and easy in digestion. 

In Traditional Chinese medicine believes that daily taking whole grains have the benefits and effect of disease prevention. Especially for the duodenal or gastric cancer patients with poor appetite and intestinal problem can use rice cereal as daily healing meals. 

With the appropriate foods and drinks even though is just the ordinary food, when we consume with appropriate method and proper mixture in recipe, it gives great benefits with the therapeutic effect to achieving unexpected healing, as in medicinal result natural alternative healing it really works. 

So I choose this recipe as natural foods for rejuvenating, calming and healing basis, yet it helps to rebuild the frayed nerves with this delicious therapeutic healthy dessert soup. Although it is quite a lot of preparations to do, but when think of the health benefits is worth to try.

I like to use almond and nuts as main ingredient in making rice paste soup. This Almond Ginkgo White Fungus Longan soup recipe is delicious in taste, healthy and yummy.  

Simply Senz Almond Ginkgo White Fungus Logan Soup Paste

Ingredients A: 

  • Almond
  • White Fungus
  • Dried Longan
  • Water 500ml

Ingredient B:
  • Ginkgo Seeds 
  • White Fungus
  • Dried Longan
  • Brown Sugar 
  • 200ml of water 


1.  Remove Ginkgo hard shell with small hammer to the end of the tip to crack open. Take out the Ginkgo nut and remove its embryo which is bitter in taste and has slightly toxicity content. 

2.  Soak white fungus for at least 3 hours, keep draining and changing water interval in every one hour, rinse and clean properly, cut into smaller pieces. Ready for use.

3.  Bake the almond nuts in Oven for 5 minutes with low heat temperature.

Cooking method

Ingredients B: 

1.  Boil water, cook the Ginkgo nuts and white fungus in boiling water for 10 minutes, then add in dried longan to cook for another 5 mins. 

2.  Place aside and ready for use. 

Ingredients A: 

1.  Put all ingredient A. in blender cooking pot, blending and cooking the Almond, white fungus and dried longan into paste form approximately in 20 minutes cooking time.  

2.  Remove ingredient A from cooking pot, add in cooked ingredient B to almond paste and stir well. Serve warm. 

This recipe is good for insomnia, postpartum blood deficiency after birth, ease cough, improve constipation problem, skin whitening, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation effect, enhance and nourishes lungs and boost kidney health. It helps delay aging and boost body immunity system, to inherent better effect in conditioning for beauty and health.


Almond can reduce blood cholesterol as well as reduce risk of heart disease. It has polyunsaturated fatty acids, improves constipation, rich anti-oxidant and anti cancer. Ease coughing and reduces phlegm, nourishing lungs and beautifying skin rejuvenation, natural skin whitening effect. Almonds has the high medicinal value and rich nutrients which is famous food used to divergence cold, cough and asthma, it has laxative effect, which is excellent for lungs health and skincare. 

Almond content protective nutrients like calcium and magnesium, it helps in preventing colon and rectal cancers, strong bones to preventing osteoporosis, potassium, fatty acids, monounsaturated fat and vitamin E, the Fatty acid is good source of heart food, the monounsaturated fatty acids in almond, can help to lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that potassium helps in maintaining and balancing of normal blood pressure levels for preventing the risk of heart disease, and prevent cancer. It is Low in saturated fat, proteins and minerals. Almond is good beauty food for skin, rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants can prevent disease and premature aging for beauty care. 

Recent scientific studies have also showed that almond can promote skin micro-circulation, help in skin rejuvenation like skincare effect. 

Ginkgo Seed 

Ginkgo seed or ginkgo nut is known as bai guo in Chinese. In traditional Chinese foods we used the seeds and used in for making soup, dessert and fried with other foods, It has medicinal effect mostly used to treat coughing, lungs problem, memory enhancer and strengthen kidney health and aphrodisiac qualities as best food for men health. 

We always think that ginkgo is good health food but it also can be toxicity too if overdoses in consumption. The ginkgo must be handle with properly way to remove the internal embryo from the flesh of the Ginkgo seed. Try not to take uncooked Ginkgo seeds is best to cook or boil it to reduce the toxicity. For children under age of 5 is best to avoid and should be prohibited to take or limit the number of seeds. 

Ginkgo seed content of amino acids, organic acids, minerals, fiber, riboflavin, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, multi-trace elements, flavonoid, proteins, Phenol glycosides, good source of B vitamin and other substances. Which is high in food value and medicinal value, in pharmaceutically is natural healing health care food with medicinal benefits. 

Ginkgo Seed, its nature is sweet, bitter, astringent, overeating can cause diarrhea. Ginkgo although is toxic as long with the reasonable amount of consumption and do not overdoses, to avoid harmful poisoning effect. 

Ginkgo has been used widely as an important medicinal inhibition food to treat skin fungi, staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria and typhoid. it can be used to prevent and cure diseases, and it produces a variety of nutritious and healthy food. 

1. Daily intakes of 8-10 ginkgo seeds, help to reduce gynecological diseases. 

2. Hypertensive patients’ daily intake of 5 ginkgo seeds is like taking antihypertensive drugs. The effect is obvious and work for hypertensive patients 

3. The ginkgo seed, meridian channel to the lungs and kidney, efficacy for chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, cough, reduces of phlegm, for beauty care, it has anti-wrinkle and good for skin rejuvenation. 

4. Protecting blood vessels, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, increase coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and promote blood circulation, and improve the role of the hypoxic tolerance and other therapeutic effects and medical effects. 

5. Treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia (such as cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood, Leucorrhea, can cure excessive spermatorrhea, frequent urination, urinary tract infection, cerebral dysfunction and other diseases with special preventive and therapeutic effect. 

How to open ginkgo seed 

Uses a small hammer gently knocks the end of the tip to crack open and peel off the hard shell. 

Dried Longan

The dried longan is nutrient-rich, is precious nourish enhancer and with anticancer effects, dried Longan is the natural tonic for heart and spleen, with a role of dredge the heart qi and tonic Heart to boost energy and blood, and soothe the nerves. It is not only a tonic effect also added sweet aroma and good taste. Study found that dried longan has the inhibition effect of 90% rate to uterine cancer, is also Gynecologic Oncology good food for women's menopausal stage, and tonic enhancer to physical weakness. 

White fungus 

White Fungus, also named as cloud ears, snow ears, or Xue er “雪耳”, common name in Chinese or mandarin pinyin known as Bai Mu Er, “白木耳”。

White Fungus is the nutritional tonic to moisture the lungs and nourishing to the skin. its meridian channels into the lungs, spleen, stomach, kidney, colon, help in strengthen kidney, intestines, stomach qi and blood, it is refreshing, beauty, rejuvenation, longevity healthy food with low calories, high in calcium content, with variety of carbohydrate, variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur and iron. It also contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including 7 kinds of essential amino acids. 

Good for chronic bronchitis and pulmonary heart disease. bloody sputum, strengthening respiratory system for treating dryness of dry cough. 

In beauty and weight lost, it is a good natural source of natural supplement; it has anti aging properties and play a role in skin rejuvenation skincare, as a results to get rid of facial melasma, freckles for skin whitening effect and promote hormone secretion, It is good dietary fiber which may help gastrointestinal peristalsis to reduce fat absorption, for the achievement of weight loss dietary fiber food. White fungus also enhances the detoxification to liver and the hepatoprotective activities effect. 

White Fungus ~ Bai Mu Er, containing vitamin D, it helps in preventing loss of calcium, which is beneficial to the growth and development for children; rich in selenium and other trace elements, white fungus has rich ingredients of polysaccharides has anti-tumor effect which can enhance in anti-tumor and boost immunity system. The acidic polysaccharide can enhance the body's immune system to mobilize lymphocytes strengthen the phagocytic activity of white blood cells and bone marrow function which is malignancy and also significantly inhibited. In traditional Chinese medicinal white fungus is moisture foods to lungs that benefits 5 internal organs, is best to take white fungus soup or drink after chemotherapy, it believes it can help in enhance tolerance to radiotherapy, chemotherapy in cancer patients. 


Most of the white fungus selling in market is kind of excessively in bleaching during the sulfur fumigation in drying process and to avoid mold growth for preservation. The burning sulfur to produce into Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites has a bleaching effect. Excessive bleaching in white fungus is more Sulfur dioxide residues, this can lead to excessive in generated with chemical content to white fungus. The sulfur dioxide is then formed with water sulfite, sulfate can increases bronchospasm and asthma attacks risk to health, when it converted to a Carcinogenic risk of chemicals, Nitrites can easily converted to nitrosamines, and this chemical formation in the human body can probably cause cancer. 

Try not to take leftover foods like white fungus, white fungus contains nitrates, when overnight nitrates will breaks down and decomposition of bacteria into Nitrites which is harmful and toxicity to health. 

With properly soaking and rinsing with water can reduce the chemical contents. As the Sulfur dioxide is soluble in water, so before cooking white fungus, try to soak for at least 3 hours, during which every one hour keep draining off the soaking water, and changing water intervals, this may help to reduce the risk of taking residual chemical content in white fungus.


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  2. Dear Senny,
    Very happy to come across your educational blog. I intend to try out this recipe but then only i found out that there is no specific amount of ingredients. I have just bought a thermomix kitchen helper and i think I can use this to cook this soup paste. Kindly please share the recipe. Thank you.

    1. Dear Michelle,

      I cooked this recipe and its ingredients are measure with a measurement cup required for my cooking blender. I am sure your thermomix kitchen has got it own measurement require for the pot itself. I just estimated the ingredients according to my machine and my own taste. :)


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