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Herbal Infusion Benefits Slimming, Beauty and Menstrual cycle

It is most popular in using Chinese medicine herbs act as slimming tea or herbal beverage for women who wish to lost weight. Due to it suppressing fatty acid and process with fast weight lost naturally. How safe and fast effect to get rid of all those extra pounds by herbs, green tea has been shown good result by increasing the metabolic rate, all depend on our own body physical condition, to speed up and burning those fatty acid from our body. The disposition and the formula of using Chinese medicine and herbs for losing weight however are not only for weight loss also help in improving health and well-being.

Usually making a pot of healthy herbal tea with
“mix and match” method comes automatically to me. Instead, to aids in digestion, enhance health benefits and I simply like to store ready to use herbs and floral teas for my convenience. To make my own natural herbal tea, slimming tea and flora tea, blends of herbs, herb leaves with my flavor and good taste , I never want to miss out this Lo Han Guo due to its health benefits and sweetening in taste, also, their nature is “cool” and “Yin” herbs. It has mild laxative in “Lo Han Guo" help detoxification process.

In most slimming tea commonly added with laxative content to induce bowel movement which must be taken with care. Slimming herb tea to aid in weight loss usually has to be aware with the ingredient combination and quantity used and its side effects as well. Depends how much and what you consumed especially those diuretic effects and the laxative effect may have a tendency towards diarrhea, which is harmful to our digestive trace system and health problem.

Other than that, blends of tea includes herbs leaves and flora that help to speed up metabolism, burning fat, aid in constipation and some of it has the high quantity of antioxidants like “Jiao Gu Lan” and “Lo Han Guo” is my cup of tea. Lo Han Gou the taste is sweet, it’s no calorie sweetener, conveniently in preparation and content natural nectar, excellent alleviation herbs for clearing heat and detoxifies effect, reduce phlegm and coughing.

Jiao Gu Lan common name “Five-leaf Gynostemma Herb” herbs name “Gynostemma Pentaphyllam” . It is can be easily buy from flora tea store.

In ancient Chinese medicine Jiagulan is known as adaptogenic herbs that treating illnesses to keep up our immune system are known today, usually it is consumes as herbal tea, is primary used to lower cholesterol as well as natural slimming tea with powerful antioxidant. It is tasty, safe and wholesome herb tea to improve and enhance our health. It has adaptogenic effects are as good as ginseng, also known as “poor man’s ginseng” or “southern ginseng” and it's a longevity tonic, anti-aging and energy boosting herb.

Taking Jiao Gu Lan regularly may improve and boost the benefits include of:

  • Reduce the blood cholesterol levels,
  • Prevents obesity,
  • Maintains blood pressure,
  • Control the development of cancer cells.
  • Improve sleep,
  • Anti-aging,
  • Promotes longevity,
  • Boost and enhance immune system.

Making your own Healthy slimming herbs Tea with Jaio Guo Lan


  • 1 teaspoon of Jiao Gu Lan
  • 1/3 of whole Lo Han Guo (Smashed)
  • 1 teaspoon of Jasmine Green Tea
  • 500 ml of water
Preparation method:

1. Wash Jiao Gu Lan herb tea, Smash Lo han Guo into smaller pieces.

2. Place both ingredients into a infuser and add in hot boiling water.

3. Simmer for ½ hour and serve warm.

Beautify skin complexion and blood builder Tea

Beauty is what woman’s whole life in pursuit of perfect and radiant skin complexion, of course plus a slim and slender body too. But as a whole, in order to maintain good skin, we need to improve and increased of blood flow will give nutrients and oxygen to the skin. In traditional Chinese medicine see the "flow of qi and blood" in the body to diagnosis if blood flow is deficient or sufficient. It called as "Blood Qi and stagnation of Qi" in meridian circulation system.

When the blood flows is not freely circulated may caused "Qi" stagnation or "blood" stasis or stagnation. Certain illnesses such as easily feeling fatigue, poor appetite, irregular menstrual cycle, depression and pain in the body areas is the major caused by the blood flows and qi flow circulation. It will eventually affected the skin and loss of radiant skin complexion.

In Chinese traditional medicine is concerned, Qi, blood and water is one whole system to the healthy complexion and healthy body. With poor blood flow circulation in woman’s menstrual cycle is one of the common syndromes of having irregular menstrual cycle that causes bloating in stomach, menstruation cramps, weary, gains of weight, dull skin tone and skin problems. To improve and maintain good skin tone and regular monthly menstrual cycle, if lacking in blood or stagnation of blood could be one of the reason, however the underlying of malfunctioning and caused must be remedied regardless of the type.

I still believed what a beautiful skin leading by a good flows of qi, blood, and water that may reflexes to our skin tone and whole body system. In alternative way of therapeutic by using herbs and flora tea may also help in improving blood circulation, drainage of water flows, qi circulation and build blood to supply and nourish skin complexion. E.g certain herbs like mugwort or Yi Mu Cao cooked with ginger and brown sugar may help to improve the reducing of menstruation syndromes.

Simply a wonderful way to cook this beauty and healthy woman’s flora tea can be prepared easily. Modern career women including myself now are more particular about " simply and simple" cooking method. There’s a fair bit of convenience methods and less troublesome I usually cook with it coffee maker, simmer in for ½ an hour, that’s it.


8 Rose Petals
or Rose buds

2 tbs. of Dried longan

500 ml of Hot or cold water


1. Wash and drain dried rose buds or petals and dried longan.

2. Pour water to coffee maker pot, add in both ingredients

3. Cook it till boil. Simmer for ½ hour.

4. Take the cooked dried longan and tea.

Rosebuds or Petals herbal infusion in meridian healing system which help the flows of blood circulation and reduce of blood stagnated in the womb, to support the innate body healing method, naturally is to stimulate the menstruation cycle and achieve optimal health by alternative ways of using the herbal healing.

Rosebuds or petal also has been used widely in Chinese medicine to regulate the flow of “Qi” for vital energy for women. It strengthens the feminine hormone secretion. Especially menstruation cramps this herbs tea has certain alleviation is an ideal choice of flora beverage.

Do not take Rosebuds or petal tea during menstruation period, it is advisable to take it every day by drinking a cup for consecutive of five days before and after the menstruation period, it helps in get rid of blood stagnation and may relax PMS and menstruation cramps symptom.

Other than that, rosebuds or petal also one of the soothing herbs to help in weight lost herbal infusion raw material but must match and combined with other ingredients for better result. It may needs constant consumption of herbs and certain times to regulate the menstruation naturally without medicine or hormone therapy. As believe once the vitality energy movement flow has been normalized naturally, a ruddy complexion and healthy body will boost for achievement. By taking the rosebuds or petal tea daily and regularly as energy booster the result is great and harmless.

Dried Longan is usually used as Chinese confinement dietary foods, mixed with red dates to improve blood circulation support heart and spleen function. Benefits to regain vital energy and warm the blood in the body. It is sweet and taste like raisin. The sweetness of dried longon added into rose petals herbs tea follows in the subsequent blending and brews without adding sugar or sweetener creates a soothing sweetened aroma taste.

For those lacing in vital “Qi” energy may add in dried longan and red dates. For strengthen kidney and water retention type, add in Chinese Wolfberry 15 grams for nourishment effect and better result. You may add in crystal rock sugar or brown sugar accordingly to individual taste of sweetness.

Hawthorn dried fruit

For weight lost adding Chinese hawthorn dried fruit with rose petal and dried longan into herbal infusion aids in digestion, reduce of high blood pressure, weight lost, hypertension, aids in blood stagnate and menopause problems, and it has diuretic effect. This herbal infusion made from Hawthorn is a bit of sour taste it makes the blends of sweet sour in taste. By additional ingredients gained the credit of the therapeutic effect. To include of brown sugar and hawthorn believed is good for irregular menstruation and reduces of bloating in the pelvic region.

What is Hawthorn?

Hawthorn is great menstrual remedy herb for irregular menstrual and pre-menopause and menopause women. It has the effect to activate the “qi” in blood flows and circulation. Commonly we take Hawthorn to improve digestive disorders; it benefits the heart and treats cardiovascular problems, reduce blood pressure and regulate cholesterol level, also diabetes dietary fruit.

But it is applicable to treat irregular and absent of menstrual cycle. It is also wonderful slimming dietary fruit. Hawthorn fruit has contains excellent foods source of citrus bioflavonoid substance aligomeric procyanidins “OPCS”, It is considered as estrogen producing and hormone balancing herbs. It is not suitable for pregnant women as it will induce miscarriage.

The contra-indication of using Hawthorn may lead to health problem for high and low blood pressure patients with prescribe drugs. Always consult a healthcare professional when taking the herbs and prescribed drugs together. They may need to consult their doctors prior taking it.


  1. Recent research indicates that including tea antioxidants such as catechins in your diet, may lead to a decrease in body weight and a reduction of certain health issues. Catechins work with other naturally occurring chemicals in the body to intensify levels of fat oxidation, or thermogenesis, the process by which heat is created in the body by burning fat, which links weight loss and tea antioxidants together.

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