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Alternative Herbal Soup for Postpartum Abnormal Bleeding

After child birth some women may face the lochia problem. Lochia discharge is postpartum virginal discharge commonly continues for 4 to 6 week after childbirth.

What is Lochia


Lochia is postpartum virginal discharge which is quite similar to the menstrual period, but the bleeding discharge more than the menstruation, which containing blood, mucus, and placental tissue. Postpartum bleeding is the normal stages afterbirth and it goes away on its own. However, sometimes Lochia can indicate underlying health complications if the bleeding prolong than normal stages.

In the ordinary circumstances, the normal lochia or bleeding discharge will stop within 3 weeks and dry up, a few women experience the normal stage of the first discharge come in 3 – 5 days with red in color bleeding discharge. After 3 – 5 days, it will change to thinned or brownish color until around 10 days after birth delivery. The later stage of lochia will turn into whitish or yellowish-white in color. Commonly lasts through 2nd to 3rd week or longer to sixth week after delivery should be finished.

If lochia is surpass above 20 days more than the normal stage or persistent, this is abnormal bleeding, if with offensive smelly, the lochia failure to dry up, this occurrence maybe the symptom of post-natal infection or the placenta remains, sometimes the placenta membrane or after birth may expelled vaginally. Which can also due to the uterus contraction related to the Lochia which will procrastinate in the course of time, to avoid the seriously influence post-natal woman’s health and body restoration due to prolong period of bleeding discharge after childbirth, it could be possibility linking to other seriously injured symptoms and health. Therefore, do not ignore when lochia has not dry up or persistent longer than the normal stages, this should request for the medical examination and treatment.

Likewise, some women having short menstrual cycle in a month or several times in a month with scanty menstrual discharge, which could be due to stress, stress is common cause if you are tend to worry too much, anxious and fatigued, or hormones changes and become imbalanced will cause the irregular menstrual.

Several methods of Chinese Medicines mixed with nutritional therapy foods for post-natal care to treat lochia, or irregular menstrual cycle is one efficacious method, to stop the Lochia which surpass more than two week or continuous week. Try this natural healing recipe which is using herbs and nutritional foods to cook into herbal soup. Traditionally the most common type of Traditional Chinese medicinal herbal formula by the name of “Shen Hua Tang”, in term of the name of “Shen Hua” is to expel or promote circulation and eliminate in meaning. We can buy this herbal formula from any Chinese medicine store.

Simply boil it with the adequate water as a decoction, and serve to drink it for 3 to 5 times in a week immediately after the childbirth.

This TCM herbal is very helpful to increase the Qi and Blood deficiency to the post-natal woman or after birthchild to invigorate blood circulation, move Qi and tonify blood circulation, expel wind and warm the uterus. Mainly, it is to eliminate the excess blood stasis in the uterus, improves the blood circulation and gives warming to the worm to alleviate the menstruation pain.

Herbal Ingredients of Shen Hua Tang

  • Dang Gui 24g
  • Chuan Xiong – 9g
  • Tao Ren – 6g
  • Pao Jiang - 1.5g
  • Zhi Gan Cao – 1.5g

The Black Herbal Soup for Women 

Another Alternative healing herbal recipe by using the Black soybeans, black fungus and dried herbs as herbal soup for treating Lochia or after childbirth care confinement soup. This formula is quite easy to prepare, and its taste delicious and slightly bitter sweet, main purpose is to help in promote blood circulation, give warming effect to alleviate backache after childbirth. For Kidney Yin deficiency, fear of cold and help to relieve women hot flashes during and after menopausal.

Now we going to prepare this alternative medicinal soup, to tonify by improving and promoting the blood circulation and blood Qi and flow, at the same time to get rid of blood stagnate in uterus or womb for those with postpartum disorder and pre-menopause abnormal uterine bleeding.

~ Yi Mu Beetroot Black Fungus Black Bean Herbal Soup.

Ingredients you need:

  • Black soybeans 100g
  • Auricula- polytricha (Black fungus) 40g
  • Yu Mu Cao 30g
  • Beetroot 30g
  • Brown sugar - 3 to 4 tbsp.
  • Water 800ml
 (Serve 3)

Preparation of this recipe:

Black Fungus

1.  Soak Black Fungus in water prior to use, after 15 to 30 minutes it swells to many times to its size.
2.  After soaking, rinsing and trim of the tough, gritty part where it was attached to the wood.
3.  Cut into smaller shape before cooking.

Black Soy Beans

1.  Wash and rinse thoroughly, soak Black Soybeans in the water for overnight.
2.  Next day, throw away the water and rinse one more time before cooking.


1. Wash and Peel skin. Cut into small cubes.
2. Ready for use.


1. Bring water to boil. Add in Black Soybeans, beetroot, Hei Mu Er (Black Fungus), red and black dates.

2. place Yi Mu Cao (dried herbs) into medicine cloth sack. Put in to boil for 30 minutes. Then, continue boiling with low heat for another 30 minutes.

3.  Removes medicine cloth sack.

4.   Add in brown sugar.

5. Serve warm. 

  • Eat the black soybean, red and black dates, beetroot and Hei Mu Er together with the soup.
  • To be taken daily 1-2 times and continue for a week.

This recipe not only for feminine health in promotion of blood congeals, it also help in prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. Improves the reproductive system in proper function and strengthens the kidney Qi. To replenish the kidney Yin, invigorates the functioning of the Liver and Spleen, to restores its normal functioning and increase blood flow and circulation, in turn to eliminate the blood stasis, to resolve by working from inside out to achieve better result.

For Skin Deep with the combination of home remedy by this medicinal herbal soup:

In additional, use this natural herbal soup to beautify and resolving the skin problems, to remedy the skin condition for those women after birth delivery, or due to pregnancy, it may intensify the brownish pigment spots or brown patches on face. 

With regular intake of this Traditional herbal soup may help to improve and lighten the facial brownish pigment spots, pigmentation and melasma on face that caused by hormone imbalanced or hormone changes, as once the blood and Qi flow of the body internal organs is functioning well, so as the skin complexion definitely will shown the glowing and nicer skin texture.  However, this may not help to clear up the skin pigment totally to certain people, in long term, it may help to improve  with combination of other sources like doing the facial therapy to help in lighten up the skin condition.

The formula of this recipe used of black color foods which increase the blood and qi flow to benefit kidney health, especially the black beans is the best nutritional elements which is good in producing of breast milk quality at the same time to achieve the optimum maternal health. With the combination of black beans, black fungus and black dates are the food to raise and enter the meridian channel of kidney for improving the kidney health, as well as anti grey hairs, nourishing foods for postpartum recovery food.

Auricularia polytricha – Black fungus and its benefits:

In chinese name: Hei Mu Er 黑木耳, cloud ear, wood fungus,(Black fungus mushroom)

Scientific name: Auricularia polytricha

Hei Mu Er or Auricularia polytricha, one of very ordinary edible jelly fungi, its protein content compares to rice and vegetable, its Vitamin B2 content is 10 times higher than rice and cabbage, 3~5 times higher compared to pig, beef, mutton. And its calcium content is 30~70 times higher than meats, the ferroguinous reaches as high as 100 time compared to the meats, it is the common populace supplements nutrient of calcium, and iron best choices for female and post-natal food.

Hei Mu Er or Auricularia polytricha has been used as the folk medicine commonly as blood tonic, remedy for sore throat, sore eyes, as astringent, also antitumour, anticoagulant, hypoglycemic, and cholesterol-lowering properties. In Chinese medicine says, Auricularia Polytricha ~ its nature even, non-toxic, the channel meridian enter to the stomach and the large intestine, which have the hematischesis (stop bleed) effect, improves blood circulation as blood tonic, it is favorable to human five internal organs, clear lung profit that proclaims to the intestines and good for the stomach, its food sources of dietary fiber for treating hemorrhoids and help to ease and smooth the bowel to promote bowel movement, improvement of anal fistula, having blood in stool, hemorrhoids and varicosity (An enlarge vessel). Also help to reduces blood cholesterol and blood fat acidic polysaccharide body.

Likely it is good to consume regularly, in turn help to lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Promoting and regulates blood sugar, to reduce the risk of heart disease and those who suffer from atherosclerosis.
Best of all, Hei Mu Er is the best Gynecology diseases alternative health food for uterine hemorrhage (Bleeding from the uterus) and women menopause. Especially the rich content of phosphorus, which has the control action to the brain and the nervous system, menopause women may take it as the energetic sedative for the treatment of insomnia and anxious.

The fresh Hei Mu Er, its calcareous content is 30 ~ 70 times higher than meats, ferroguinous content compared to meats it reaches as high as 100 time, therefore its nutrient on calcium and iron is also best choices for Improvement anemia, prevention osteoporosis.


Perhaps moderate ingestion maybe just fine to add into dishes indeed to promote good health and well-being, still we have to take precaution on certain situation when taking it. Because the Auricularia polytricha or Hei Mu Er (Black fungus) has content the Adenosine ~ an endogenous purine nucleoside that modulates many physiological processes., its acts like an aspirin, as a blood thinner possible to suppress the blood platelet accumulation. Although this function prevention heart, blood vessel of brain illness sickness, should be avoid taking it after surgery, or during feminine menstruation period. 

Yi Mu Cao or leonurus siribicus and its benefits:

In chinese name: Yu Mu Cao
Scientific name: leonurus siribicus also known as Siberian motherwort and little marijuana.
Taste: acrid, bitter.

In health claims this common herbs used for post-natal and confinement herbal, it is a potential medicinal herb famous in Sarawak, as known as “Kacangma” herbal chicken dish for confinement mother as tonic to the woman reproductive tract. Can also used as decocted to herbal tea on its own or mixed with other herbs.

Commonly used in traditional Chinese herbs to treat gynecologic disorder, from the whole plant this herb has many beneficial to the mothers as literally. Its dried flowers has the emmenagogue effect to help to expel the placenta after the childbirth, Yu Mu Cao help in stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus; to stimulate menstruation for irregular menstrual cycle or when menses is absent, to reduce abdominal pain during postpartum due to blood obstruction, treats abnormal menses by smooth and regulate menses to light menses, activating blood circulation to improve women monthly menses, enhancement of blood circulation and relief in blood stasis, also used as a diuretic herb to promote urination to treat and disperse edema, swelling and water retention. Lump in the breast or tenderness breast premenstrual due to liver heat.

It has relaxing and soothing effects. Yu Mu Cao is the herbs that used to rectify the blood, to promote the womb contraction to get rid of blood stasis or blood clots after childbirth, meantime to reduce the excessive bleeding during postpartum. In traditional medicine, it is a natural herb in alternative way to treat menstruation problems, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, treating skin problems and bruises.

Dried Black Dates Fruit and its benefits:

Its taste sweet and warm, for those lacks of appetite, anemia, palpitation, and general irritability can add Dried Black dates in cooking, making soup and tea and it is commonly used to nourish the blood and replenish the spleen and stomach Qi.

Black Dates the biggest nutritional value is lies in it to include the rich dietary fiber and the pectin, which can help to improve the digestion and soften bowel movement.

Red Jujube or Red Dates and its benefits:

Red Dates as energy booster. It is almost ideal food which provides the beneficial of essential nutrients, trace elements and rich in vitamins A1, B1, B2, B3 and B5. Also contains of rich iron, potassium, fiber, amino acids, calcium, manganese, magnesium, protein, copper, and fats.

Adding Red Dates to culinary dish and cooking this herbal soup may help in strengthen the women uterus muscles, help in maintaining healthy nervous system, treats Anemia after birth and assisting in digestive system to alleviates constipation as well as increase and boost the blood circulation system.

The black red jujube (Black and Red Dates) when combine to cook together, it benefits and protect as good source of the liver and kidney in healthy function.

Beetroot benefits women menstrual cycle

Beetroot has the powerful antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic properties and nutrients foods. The bio-active agent of betaine in beetroot helps in keeping the liver healthy. Some women experience the problem of menstrual disorder before menopause or after child birth.

The irregular and menstrual disorder like scanty menstrual discharge can be due to the Qi to regulate the blood flow in the reproductive organs, as when the liver is not functioning properly or damaged, that will cause the small amount of blood, and this symptoms of scanty menstrual discharge or in brownish in color menstrual discharge may caused. And period with blood clots or blood stagnation in uterus or reproductive organs, this is due to the excessive liver-heat problem. The imbalance of Yin and Yang in the liver can affect the women menstrual cycle too.

As the Beetroot then is common or traditionally used as medicinal herbs or food to treat blood, reproductive and liver health. It rebuilds the liver cell and function. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine view is, as the liver health is very important to women menstrual cycle and reproductive health. Liver in charge the role of store blood, and blood formation, to regulating the spleen in absorb the nutrients of the food, and transforming them into energy (Qi) to support our whole body system as well as affected the women reproductive health and menstrual cycle. Beetroot also increase the blood cell count and rich source of iron to anemic people to prevent the lost of blood due to the prolong menstrual period after child birth.

Adding the Beetroot to this herbal soup added the medicinal effect to treat women menstruation health problem especially after child birth, other than the women reproductive health, Beetroot also good for mood and brain health. The timing of adjusting the body clock after several sleep deprivation due to new born baby, again, the quality of sleep and bond by baby to take up the new routines, such as causes of new hormones changes.

Beetroot has very good cleansing properties content. It helps in cleansing and detoxifying effect that can help in ward off many diseases to support the earlier postpartum recovery, this powerful therapeutic food may help in boosting stamina and calm your nervous system, to reduce the postpartum depression and help in improving the quality of sleep too.

Lastly, please note that all the home remedies, alternative medicinal herbs usage is to improve the good health purposes. However, all information I presented here is based on my own traditional medicinal in natural healing method. It is recommended for you to consult your physician's advice before trying any alternative herbs or home remedies.

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