Sunday, February 27, 2011

Someone is copied my Simply Senz's Blog

This is just one important notice to all my followers, readers and bloggers.

To my surprise when my friend email me that, someone has being copied and using a few of my natural healing blogs entirely to his/her blog. The worst thing is that they copied the whole topic with my recipe’s photos stated “Simply Senz” with it.

When I used copyscape to scan and found out these 2 plagiarist copycat blogs: 

He or she is using or copied all my efforts to present my blog topics and photo to others without my consent. 

The following photos are belongs to Simply Senz or


My simplysenz original blogs is copied without my permission, and now became his/her blogs as shown below:

and a lot more... she has copied to her blog as show below is one of the example:

This Traditional herbal medicine blog is plagiarizing the whole of my Simply Senz blog, 
and used my pics with the name "Simply Senz" with it....

I do appreciated those who wish to share my blog with others can add a link to their blog or asking my permission to use of my blog contents and photos for linking, but NOT TO COPY the whole topics and photos 100% and pretending that’s belongs to theirs. It's not worth being caught by plagiarizing someone's blog contents and photos.

This is really an unhealthy act for a blogger to do so.

Thanks for the useful tools of copyscape that help me to trace the copycat blogger out there.


  1. I was just reading another blogger that her posts have been stolen and copied. This is quite a rampant occurrence .

  2. That's true, Cina, This is really a big problem and growing in blogger, that not only they gave no backlink to our blog and not even mention who is the original author of the blog. What a shame!

  3. you can report it to blogspot to ask them shut them down.
    Also - write bad comments in their blog and tell their followers to stop following them.
    That way, you will force these copycats from copying your work.

  4. Thanks James Misser, I had reported to google for the copyright infringements, they are taking action to it.


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