Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roasted Black Bean Tea

Losing weight has been a pain in you, when trying to lose weight perhaps you might even change your entire lifestyle to promote healthy eating, physical activity.
This is not a joke. Simple way for losing your weight with Black Bean Teas, recent research also shows that Black Beans are rich in antioxidants as well. Antioxidants destroy free radicals, and when eaten regularly, have been shown to offer protection against heart disease, cancer and aging. It is believed that the proteins within the bean help the body better synthesize incoming calories and boost the metabolism.

Nutritional Values:

Black beans, (cooked, boiled), I cup(1 72g)

Protein:1 5.2g
Fiber: I 5g

Excellent source of:
Iron (3.61mg), Magnesium (120mg), Phosphorus (241mg), Folate (256mcg)
Good source of: Zinc (1.93mg), Thiamine (.42mg), and Niacin (2mg)

How to:

1. Clean and wash Black Beans thoroughly and dried it ready for use.

2. Fried for about 10 minutes till skin cracked open.

3. Or bake in Oven Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Heat shells for 10 minutes.

How to make Black Beans Tea:

To make Black Beans Tea, take about 2 tablespoon full of bake Black Beans and add hot boiling water into it and simmer for 10 minutes. I prefer to use coffee maker as it heated and simmer the nice aroma of it. That’s it my healthy Black Beans Tea of the day.

For improving your eye sight, you can add so Goji to it. It tastes wonderful.

For weight lost, Black soy beans are low-carb, high protein; you can eat them the same way you'd eat peanuts as you wish. Besides helping you maintain a healthy weight: they help lower your blood pressure and are a great way to help prevent the onset of diabetes. It helps improve blood circulation, constipation problem, better sleep, beautiful and whitening skin texture. Good source of anti-oxidant for anti ageing and also get rid of water retention.

It is so simple and healthy way for good health. You can drink as much as you can up to 3 glasses per day.

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  1. Dear Senny, Thanks for all the articles, there are so many recipes that i want to try. How??????


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