Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dragon Fruit Orange Lime Enzyme DIY

Dragon fruit is safe, clean, skins easily to remove and best choice for fruit enzyme ingredients. It has remarkable concentration of nutrients and the most valuable antioxidant to protect us from the damaging free radicals. The seductive red color dragon fruit in fact it is anemia benefit remedy.

Most importantly it has the benefits of expulsion of toxin against cancer's function, regeneration and boots metabolism enhance body cell, improve and cleans the blood and help to reduce bad cholesterol, as well as improve blood platelet formation and gives good clotting ability, help digestion, good for body organs function, healthy skin function and complexion.


1 Red Dragon Fruit

1 White Dragon Fruit

2 Orange

2 Lemon

10 Golden Lime (Kumquat)

1/2 pkt of block sugar

10 oz Honey


1. Washed and air dried all fruits and ready for use. Prepare one clean glass container.

2. Peel off Dragon fruit skin, cut into small cube.

3. Peel off Lemon skin and slice into pieces.

4. Cut golden lemon into half.

5. Cut Orange (with skin) into slices.

** The skin of the orange may be used if desired, make sure they are properly rinsed and dried.

6. divide the fruits into 2 or 3 portion. Place all ingredients layer by layer and place block sugar on top, and pour in honey.

7. Cover with lid and let it ferments for 14 days before serving. Remember to shake the container alternate day.

After 1 weeks of fermentation period.

Yum.....I love this red color dragon fruit enzyme.

Golden Lime (Kumquat)
is traditional used to reduce phlegm and help prevent respiration tract infection like sore throat, flu and asthma.

When lemon and orange mixed together, the citric acid in it helps to increase calcium absorption as well as enhance with orange, high level of Vitamin C travels through the body neutralizing free radicals, good for people suffer from cold easily.


  1. Hi Senny - is it possible to ferment this drink without adding the block sugar please? Can more honey replace the block sugar? Also, must the honey be pasteurized honey - or can I use raw honey instead? Thanks/ Best Wishes/ AATiang/ 12Apr12

  2. Hi Aredi,

    You must ferment it with sugar/honey/and raw honey is good. Use more honey to replace block sugar also fine too.


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