Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almond Eucheuma Seweed Soup and Dessert

Eucheuma Seaweed can make varieties of desserts and pudding, other than making soup and salad. Almond milk can cook with cereal or oatmeal and I enjoyed it as my beverage.

This time I am going to use Almond and Black bean powder cook with Eucheuma seaweed definitely good ideal for healthy way to make soup and pudding.

With its healthy content of vitamin E and A, C and B complex, Amino Acids, Anti-Radical group, mineral ect., the micro nutrients which is good for skin and reducing cholesterol. Other than that Eucheuma seaweed is good for gout problem too.

Besides from nutritious, it has medicinal properties that can keep you well, and against heart disease, diabetes and giotre. They are rich in iodine and such as potassium and iron. And the important is the calcium of it. it is good for old lady to prevent osteoporosis and strong bones and teeth. And I think this recipe is very good for upset stomach and those children dislike to take green vegetable. For those at risk of diabetes, heart disease and overweight, must try to make it a habit of taking at least 5 gm of sea plant like Eucheuma add into your diet daily.

Almond Black Bean Eucheuma Soup and Pudding


1. Soak Eucheuma Seaweek (Sea Bird Nest) in water overnight or at least 5 hours or more, Keep changing water 3 to 4 times.

2. Ready the Jelly mold to use.


4 tbsp. Almond Powder

3 tbsp. Black Bean Powder

1 bowl of Eucheuma Seaweed

2 tbsp. Sugar (depends on individual taste)

Ready Washed Eucheuma Seaweed

Black bean powder

Cook Eucheuma Seaweed in boiling water.

Cook it till dissolve into jelly like. I prefer to make it half dissolve.

Add in Almond powder, sugar and black bean powder, Stir it till total dissolve.

then pour it to the Jelly mold and let it set. Chill in refrigerator and serve cool.

Almond black bean Eucheuma Puding

Serve it hot like Oatmeal type of Almond black bean Eucheuma Soup

This is good recipe for the sick and elderly. Cold and flu, bronchitis and chronic chest infections. It is like smoothie and oatmeal in tast, and the jelly make from Eucheuma is agar jellies has the laxative effect and carrageenan can alleviates diarrhea.


  1. May I know where can I get an approved brand of Eucheuma Seaweed in Singapore?

  2. Hi Rayna,
    I am not sure about approved brand in Singapore. Sorry about that.

  3. thank you for the recipe.hi,im really interested in this recipe.I would love to try this looks freaking awesome and can't wait to taste it.where did u get the almond powder and black bean powder? tq^^

  4. Hi Irini,

    You can get it from any superstore.


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