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Red Date Longan Black Bean Wine

Usually many Anemia people do not hesitate in buying high-quality tonic “to build” up the blood, some of the Anemia best food to make up the blood which can be obtained conveniently from home remedies or our own kitchen. To build up the blood, for Anemia syndrome with iron-deficiency, pregnancy Iron-deficiency is quite common. From the Chinese medicine viewpoint, no matter how they treat the illness or keeping in good health, their main principle has focus on “to be coordinated and to be balanced” the blood and Qi is related in alternative natural healing applied in Chinese Medicine theory.

To enhance the blood circulation and boost qi, to avoid blood stagnant or blood deficiency, using herbal or foods to “make up” the blood, to promote the blood circulation help in “build up” the qi. Blood tonic foods like red dates, dried longan fruit, red beans, ginseng and dang gui etc, which can be obtained conveniently from home remedies or your own kitchen, to add in your cooking, other than adding flavor to taste, its also boost and increases the vital energy source.

One of the simple methods for making your own blood tonic from Chinese medicines, herbs or dried foods that mixed with wine or liquor, which can increases and displays its medicinal property. Many traditional Chinese medicines itself needs “the liquor or wine base”, when immerse the herbs or ingredients in alcohol base of wine or liquor, after the ferment process it became healthy nutritious herbal wine, for which can be used in cooking, and as confinement foods as well.

The main function is lies in “the good vitality for protection against the cold”, in promoting blood circulation to warm the body, for those iron-deficiency anemia always feeling cool, this black bean herbal wine will help in make up the effect of warmness, as those herbs use to heal through its ”warmness” usually are highly nourishing to promote blood circulation and regulate the body temperature.

Why immerse the herbal into the wine?

Simply said, “Liquor” or “Wine” is the basic function to “directs the medicine potential, for the good health vitality, and protection against the cold”, but is not suitable to drink excessively and should be taking in moderation.

Making herbal wine or herbal tonic tinctures is the traditional Chinese medicine method also the ancient practice, by immerse the herbal, dried leaves or foods in a wine base or liquor which allow the ingredients or herbal properties to draw out by the alcohol solution which act as the solvent. Through such immersion method is the oldest way of making the medicinal wine. To gain the medicinal properties in the wine itself, is widely used for blood tonic, invigoration and nourishing purposes and further enhance the therapeutic healing effect.

My recipe of making Herbal Wine

My recipe of making your own Blood tonic wine is quite easy. The ingredients selection also quite common type, I used red dates, dried longan fruit, and black bean to make this “blood tonic”, and this blood tonic is to recuperate blood circulation function, invigorates in bodily vitality, for restoration and well distributing the vitality.

In Chinese culture, when after birth the preparation for the postnatal care during confinement period, the foods and blood tonic for maintaining and restoration is very important. Especially after the physiological menstrual recuperation, for which is important to the feminine health, vitality insufficiency, dizziness, the physical strength is weak, they may need to nourish and invigorate on time to time or situations. Therefore, Common Chinese rice wine chicken cooked with ginger maybe their first choice of the confinement food since then. Red dates drink or Dried Longan brewed with jujube seeds drink or herbal in decoction also added to the confinement daily dietary too.

They may feel bored with the same old fashion confinement food like ginger rice wine chicken, instead of taking too much of ginger may also delays the wound healing, why not, try to add some boost, in flavor and taste to the confinement food. Using this recipe of Red dates longan black bean wine definitely is the great ideal and help to speed up and to restore the healing for confinement ladies. To prepare this tasty and high iron content healthy herb wine, of course this recipe which may need at least a month or 3 months to preserve prior preparation.

The ingredients for making herbs wine are Black beans, Red Dates, Dried Longan fruit, Chinese rice wine starter and Shaoxing wine. The ingredients used turn it into beauty medicinal wine, a secret beauty portion to boost the qi (energy flow) to pursue the beauty complexion. Also a natural home remedy blood tonic for anemia or during pregnancy anemia problem.

Black Soy Beans

Beans are one of the best Blood tonic and feminine food, especially black soy beans. Also red bean which includes of the rich B vitamin and ferruguinous, rich in iron content, it is especially richest by the renieratene content. Some people thought that often eating the vegetative food may turn anemia. This is the wrong idea, vegetative food not only includes ferruginous, renieratene and other nutrients, especially in black bean, but also easy to digest for the absorption of nutrients than taking beef which also content massive ferruginous.

Dried Longan Fruit

Dried Longan fruit also rich in ferruginous, moreover it includes Vitamin A, B, glucose, sucrose and so on, treat the palpitation, the neurasthenia. For pregnant and the parturient woman, regularly taking dried longan soup help to build up blood and it is very good blood tonic food. dried longan has medicinal benefit that help in relaxation and insomnia, enhancing and support heart and spleen, promoting blood circulation, calming the nerves, beautify skin complexion, and aids in digestion.

Red Dates

Red dates is natural cosmetology food, it has a high iron content also benefit and nourishing the spleen, is common used by traditionally as boost blood circulation, to alleviate stress and promotes the health and vitality. In addition to make hemoglobin, the red and white blood cells effect. Other than that, red date is good to mix with other herbs to enhance and add harmonies to its medicinal effect. It is warming and Yang tonic to boost blood circulation and invigorating the stomach and spleen.

Chinese Rice Wine Starter and Shaoxing Wine

Added with Chinese rice wine and Shaoxing wine which is fermented from the rice where we can buy in most Chinese grocery store. Shaoxing wine increases the aroma in taste and commonly used in Chinese cuisine for marinating meat.

By preserved and storing in a jar filled with Black beans, Red Dates, Dried Longan, Shaoxing Wine and rice wine is the old granny’s secret recipe. The delicious sweet taste wine is the very nutritious Chinese medicinal wine, which is good for blood tonic wine to postnatal confinement women, menstrual problem, and blood builder for anemia people or women after gave birth.


  • 200g Black beans
  • 20 Red Dates
  • 300g Dried Longan
  • 1 bottle Rice Wine starter
  • 1 cup Shaoxing wine
  • 3 stalks of Lemongrass (optional)


Red Dates and Dried Longan, lightly wash and air dry.

Black soybeans:

1. Wash and soak black soy beans for overnight.
2. Drain dry and air dried it.
3. Use frying pans to fry it till dry, do not over cook it.
4. Let it cool and ready for use.


1. Place in fried black soybeans, red dates and dried longan into the glass jar.
2. Pour in rice wine and Shaoxing wine, and then cover the lid.
3. Store it at dark place to preserve, gently shake the bottle once or twice weekly.
4. Strain the ingredients and keep the wine in bottle. (Or just keep all the ingredients in jar which ever you prefer.)
5. Done.

Preserved Period:
minimum 10 days or up to 3 month, the longer it takes the better in taste.


As healthy drink: Take a glass before bed time for better sleep, aids insomnia.
Add flavor to cooking: Cook with chicken or meat.
Longan: Mix with egg to cook omelets
Black beans: Store in a glass jar, add in honey to preserve as delicious snack

The leftover ingredients (after preserved)

Some may prefer to keep the ingredients in jar for longer period. After long period of immersion in the wine, or the wine has aged enough, take out the dried longan and black beans and keep them in a clean glass container. Those ingredients can add into the cooking or dishes. Or take it as healthy snack.

How to take this herbal wine:

1. Taking in moderation, You may dilute the wine with water to drink.
2. It is best to take it after meal, or before bed time.
3. Do not treat this herbal wine as medicine, as it is like tonic for promoting good health and longevity.

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