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Burdock Root ~ My wonder Purify Tea

For me, keeping up-to-date with my blog this may seem a bit harder nowadays, almost a month I haven’t updated my natural healing blog due to my busy work schedules and Chinese New Year festive season. K, Not more excuses, just one word, LAZY!

 The Burdock Root slice Tea

Lately taking too much of heavy meals and all the junk foods during CNY. I think a cup of detoxify tea is needed. My Taiwanese friend bought me a CNY gift ~ Burdock root Tea in dried form from Taiwan. Perhaps it is one of the best natural health teas, and it comes in the right moment for me to aids digestion and liver cleanse.

Usually Burdock root is used in culinary for cooking soup, like making 5 elements soup “the harmonizing balance in 5 colors miracle soup” is commonly used in natural healing for anti-cancer ~ Green for Daikon Radish Leaves, white for Daikon Radish, Red color for Carrot, Yellow for Burdock Root, black for shitake mushroom. Burdock Root can also used to brew into a sweet in taste healthy detoxifying tea.

The burdock root tea is quite common used in natural healing in suppress abnormal cells growth in our body, especially it has anti-cancer medicinal properties content, the important ingredients used in famous anti cancer 5 element soup likewise. In juice fasting, blend carrot and burdock root into juice for lymph glands cleanse, it is also a great nature best blood purifier also use for many ailments, which also help to support kidney and liver cleansing kind of great medicinal herb.

Fresh Burdock Root

The burdock root skin is nutritious. Some prefer to keep the skin.
Wash thoroughly and cut into thin slices, when it is totally air dried. Keep it in the container. It is convenient to brew a cup of burdock root tea. Burdock root tea is sweet to the taste.

For Beauty and Detoxifying 

In maintaining skin and body beauty, Burdock root tea can be applied externally on acne skin, by soaking the Burdock root tea with the cotton wool for application to the inflammation skin, which is excellent for reduce the redness caused by acne. Occasionally, drinking burdock root tea may help to expulsion of toxin and keeps the colon clean, especially useful to reduce lower part of the body and water retention, help flush toxins from tissue layers in maintain the body shape and get rid of cellulite too. Other than that is diuretic, which has the effect of increased the excretion of water and urination from bodies, it helps to reduce water retention, swelling and joint pains.

The benefit of burdock

There are many health benefits of taking burdock root. It is really sound good to be believed, for its medicinal effect in natural healing it is suitable for:

  • The burdock root is used as traditional medicine which helps to get rid of phlegm, to loosening nagging phlegm and relieve cough.
  • It is non-water-soluble fiber and content of inulin that helps to promote and stimulate the intestinal tract, it protects the intestinal tract mucous membrane and help smooth bowel movement. Which can suppress the fat absorption for digestive system
  • it also help in prevention of stroke and anti-cancerous effect. 
  • Simultaneously also regards as curative effect, a detoxifying herb acts as tonic digestant for sub-acid gastritis, also get rid of liver toxic agent. 
  • The dried form of Burdock Root has the diaphoretic effect which may cause increased of perspiration.
  • Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, detoxify and clear liver as well as invigorate the kidney, the phenol and the inulin help to promote hormone secretion, which is helpful in invigorate the kidney in natural healing. 
  • Treat hemorrhoids and the constipation. 
  • It allays fever, eliminate and expel wind, 
  • For treating uric acid,rheumatism, diuresis, eliminate macula, and treat backache problem.
  • Help to dispel damp-heat, which is good for the spleen and digestive system, whets appetite, improves bowel movement to ease constipation problem, to nourish yin and invigorate the kidney. Japanese people use them to invigorate the kidney fortifies yang. 
  • sobers up
  • help lower cholesterol and fatty cell in blood.

How to take Burdock Root

Since it is much easier in preparation, burdock root can be obtained in most superstore or supermarket. Take it raw or freshly cook, cut into slices and air dried, for easy keeping n dried form, brewing a cup of mild, pungent and sweet in flavour Burdock Root Tea for keeping good health and detoxifying naturally, it simply not that difficult though. 

Note of caution: This burdock root is not recommended for pregnant women, and should be avoided taken it during pregnancy; in the animal test that has show components of burdock may cause electrolyte imbalances due to excessive excretion of urination and water from the bodies and the uterus stimulation. 


  1. i prefer to boil it with red dates, kei chi and sometimes with dried longan

  2. I really admire your knowledge in herbal and natural remedies. Really enjoy all your posting.

  3. Hi Baby, thanks for sharing..
    Hi James Missier, Thanks

  4. Dear Senny

    I love reading your postings. They are very informative and I really appreciate your effort.

    However I do find the background music quite distracting as I try to concentrate on the reading. Would it be possible to reduce the volume? Well it may only be my view and not the general view.

    Anyway thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and keep up the good work. Regards.

  5. Hi Unknown,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry for the distracting background music, anyway, go to the bottom page, find Xuite music player to mute or lower its volume will do. :)

  6. Hi Senny'
    I really love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me where can I buy the Burdock Root Tea in KK? Thanks.

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