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Rabbit Milkweed Xiao Jin Ying ~ Anti-cancer Herb

Rabbit Milkweed is the best feed food for rabbits. That is how its name from I guess. It looks quite similar to Dandelion, but this is not dandelion, don't make a mistake, there is a lot of its efficacy and detoxification quite similarly as Dandelion, but it is a different species of Asteraceae plants. 

Chinese name: Xia Jin Yin “小金英” or Tu Er Cai “兔耳菜”

English name: Rabbit milkweed

Scientific name: Ixeris chinensis 



Rabbit Milkweed is a medicinal plant which has milky sap or latex in the stem. It is a wild roots and leaves with beautiful yellow flora. The whole plant can be used as raw herb juice by internally and use as externally application for swelling and bruise. Some even used it as culinary dishes or boil it as decoction herbal drink for treating skin diseases and malaria. 

It is best cooling herb with antipyretic and analgesic alternative medicine. The taste of bitter leaf is also known as "bitter herbs", it is edible, blanched in boiling water first to get rid of its bitterness, then fried it with garlic, is food on the table for healthy meal. It is typical good for treating migraine headaches, colds, and toothache efficacy. 

This herb is known as medicinal plant in alternative healing or possible preventive to against cancer e.g uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer, but keep in mind to use it for the necessary or consult your health physician before taking any alternative herbs for natural healing. 

Its Main function: Anti-inflammatory, detoxification, for swelling and anti-cancer. 

Treatment and Indications: hepatitis, pneumonia, breast cancer, uterine cancer. 

Method to use: Bring the whole plant to boil as herbal decoction, or using the leaves to make fresh herbal juice by mixing with green apples to blend it into a cooling healthy herbal juice for cure.

External usage: for swelling, bruises and bashing hurt. Good for treating liver heat, cooling blood, tissue regeneration, regulate menstruation, improves blood circulation and has a hepatoprotective activity. 

Take note for contra indication:  

NOT suitable for those with urine protein abnormalities, abnormal blood urea nitrogen, creatinine abnormal, uremia, dialysis patient, renal insufficiency and kidney cancer. 

Its shoots and roots, leaves has very mild narcotic analgesics as when orally ingestion must be taken with care and overdoses. 

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  1. Hi Senny,

    Would like to ask you whether you know what kind of herbs or medication that can cure the pain in the sole of foot? My mom said it's dampness inside. I think so too but I don't want to use the brick method. Can u help? Tq.


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