Saturday, August 31, 2013

Someone Stolen My Blog Content Again

After quite a while, I know I was not updating new articles for my Simply Senz blog. Right here, I wanted to say this blog and my hard works is stolen by someone last year, and finally she had removed and closed her blog after I filed a complaint to Google by warning.

Now again, I found another blogger in Malaysia by the name of Awin Marine Collagen is using some of Sea Bird Nest recipes, articles, and also just edited all my photography, then changed to his/her blog's name without my consent. If this particular person who wish to develop his/her own blog, please put some efforts in developing your own blog and not just trying to be outsmart and lazy in such a way by ripping my Sea Bird Nest articles, recipes and changed my photographs to his/her own name, for the purpose to drive the traffics and marketing his/her products, I found the worst part is that, he/her put a small credit to Simply Senz without a link to my blog. This is ridiculous and what ashamed to ripping my stuffs and infringed my blog content just like that.  

I hope this blogger should follow an ethics code to enhance the credibility of your blog, knows what is copyrighted to the owner. 


The above thumbnail blog named as Awin Marin Collagen had copied without my consent and notice from Simply Senz's original blog contents and edited my photography from the following articles as shown below:

All my photography and blog contents right here is copyrighted. I hope this person Awin Marine Collagen if you wish to share my blog articles, just be kind and please give a proper 'credit to my blog' with a proper links to Simply Senz. Or else please kindly remove your blog content and also the edited photography which is belonging to Simply Senz

When you wish to use and share my blog or link to my blog. Please use with proper method and conduct with respect to yourself, and also to the owner of the blog. Kindly please follow the code of ethics of our value, conduct proper ways as a blogger. And please do not infringed my copyrights, I respect if you did..... 


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