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2013 Year End in Review, My Pets . My Herb Garden

Brand new year 2014 is coming up ahead. Another week or more. Have a look at my year 2013 in review on my Simply Senz blog. Oh dear, only 5 posts so far. LOL..what a shame. I have a good excuses to say "I am busy". But not.

Actually I have adopted 2 puppies since January 2013. Both are mixed-breed puppies of Shih Tzu Poodle and Shih Tzu Pekingese, surprisingly both puppies are on a vegetarian diet.

My pets ~ Lara (female) and Milo (male) in snapshot.

Lara N Milo love kissing...

 It's time to take a bath...oh dear

 The outrageous sleeping positions of my 2 puppies...Zzzzzz

My Pets

It is my first time for me to adopt puppies, and very much enjoying my time on how to cope with my 2 lovely new pets ~ My good companions. Time flies like an arrow...and I spent too much time with my pets just because of young puppies need more attention and care....seriously it is more than enough.

As a newbie, learning on how to taking care of my puppies, it could be harder moment for me. Hence, I noticed it is about time for me to care for my herb garden and updating my blog right from now. 

Apart from my busy daily work routines, reviews of my blog for alternative healing, herbs and sea bird nest recipes are far behind time by now. But this year 2013 is ending soon. I think I considered myself still as a human, life is not only about work and still working. 
It is about time to write something, is it too nice not being me, I must be too relaxing for a long time..

It's so relaxing ......

My herb garden 

At last, I did managed to keep up with my herb garden by now. I called this "spring cleaning", most of the herb plants are dying and dried up. It took a few days for me to spruce up the garden. Now it is lineup in sequence, trimming is done, changing new soil, propagation and waiting for a new growth.

My Garden plants ~~

Loquat Tree (Eriobotrya Japonica) 枇杷

This tiny Loquat tree (Eriobotrya Japonica) is propagated by seeds, and it grows healthily in pot, till its height about 3 ft so to transplant it from the pot to the ground.  

Passion Fruit

My Passion fruit flower is blooms and cross-pollinating for fruit bearings.

As I can see from the messy dried leaves and vines, is most probably without proper care to my garden. In this season my passionfruit tree isn't fruitful and less productive. It is barely growing and bearing fruits. Only 2 tiny passionfruits hanging out there. :) Poor thing...I ain't passion to my plants now. Must keep it up!

Barbados Cherry

I love cherries and berries. This one is the wonderful anti-cancer fruit tree that I bought this Barbadous Cherry 3 yrs ago, and it has many useful medicinal benefits. This cherry is known as "Barbadous Cherry" an evergreen tree continuously growing fruits whole year round.

Barbadous Cherry flower 

Snake berry/ Indian Mockstrawberry

Names and Uses:

Scientific Name: Duchesnea indica (Andrews)Focke, Fragaria indica
English Name :India Mockstrawberry,
Chinese Name:  Snake Berries, 蛇莓 in pinyin
Belongs to: Rosaceae Plant

The whole plants, roots, fruits and the leaves can be used as alternative medicine. Sun-dried or used fresh. Other than the berries can be eaten raw. Its leaves used to cook in decoction herb drinks as it is a potherb. The medicinal effects to treat swell, skin burns, edema and abscesses. The fruit is edible with a slightly sweet in taste. It can be used for treating skin diseases.....Read more (click here)

Rabbit Milkweed, Xiao Jing Ying

Another anti-cancer plant ~ Rabbit Milkweed, Xiao Jing Ying in chinese name.
Treatment and Indications: hepatitis, pneumonia, breast more (click here)

Chia Seeds Sprouting

Other than planting, sprouting and micro-green when it comes to nutrition. I preferably like Chia Seed sprouting which is fun. The refreshing delicate texture and freshness is good for serving green food salad, veggie wraps and mixture with fruit juices. 

Sprouting is a fabulous hobby. Not only that it can access at any time by sprouting from various types of bean and seed, I like Chia seeds for which is easiest to grow and in visually it gives me a refreshing view. As it is delicious with its distinctive flavors, ideal for organic vegetable garden plus it is easy to get the nutritional value of protein and vitamins. Sprouting is seemingly a simple way both in visual and flavors in fine dining and raw food dietary. 

Last but not least, enjoy this quote...

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