Sunday, September 22, 2019

Love my blog, Ask for it first.

After 10 years of blogging for my personal experiences in plants and herbs. I stopped my blogger life for 5 years due to personal reasons. 

Recently started back to my old routine so I plant, I blog and it was surprisingly to see some copycats stealing my articles and pictures mainly for their own incomes without my consent. Hope this scrapper who used/stolen my picture without permission will notice what is the copyrighted laws. 

Some even worse just using RSS feeds to converted my whole blog contents to become theirs in their own domain name. The efforts of a writer is totally ruined by this offensive acts of the copyright laws. Especially this one: 
* I remember I haven't signing up my blog RSS feeds 

If you like my blog, my pictures or the contents. Kindly please write or drop me a note to ask for the permission but not to copy my whole contents to be yours. That's not funny! 

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