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Coconut Water vs Black Bean ~ Gout cures

Normally we take young coconut water helps to keep the body cool and refreshing. ’Is a natural diuretic and an excellent oral re-hydration isotonic beverage, and natural cooler to keeps our body from hydrated, it is encouraging to take more fresh young coconut water regularly as it is good for health.

It is an isotonic electrolyte balance, it is astringent, and slightly acidic. It enriched with phyto nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and hormones and it is good for menopause. For urinary tract problems it aids as soothing remedies and relieves urinary disorders.

I remember when I got chicken pox, my late grandma used coconut water instead of herbal tea to relieve body heat caused by chicken pox, according to her it aids in removing toxins and is touted as a blood purifier.

My late grandma is a traditional herbalist but I regretted for not obtaining her great knowledge as much as I can when she is still alive. Anyhow, I still remembered some of it on what she had taught me some of her home remedies and natural healing methods. I am gratefully and it's my pleasure of sharing it with others. Since it is one of the best, tasty and easy to prepare remedy why not.
I knew this home healing remedy since young, due to the preparation attracted my attention, curiosity and strange in seeing my grandma inserted the black bean into the coconut hole to prepare this recipe. she used it regularly as alternative cure for acute kidney problem, urinary system and water retention patients. Also it helps to relax muscle; it's a stress buster. Taste good too.
At first I thought beans are bad for gout but yet black bean are doing the opposite. Black beans has the antioxidant compound known as anthocyanins which helps in dissolve the uric acid crystals that cause gout.

Why used coconut water cooked with black bean?

It is good to use mature coconut but using mature coconut has the oil taste of it after long hours of steaming or cooking. But I prefer to use young Coconut water because of taste. And it has many healing properties. With the use of alternative medicine remedies increasing, its contains calcium, magnesium; potassium and everything that is good for you. By its diuretic, dissolves kidney stone, for kidney problems and are plagued by kidney stones should drink coconut water in addition to taking their medication

Drinking coconut water regularly helps to break up kidney stones making them easier to push out and very good for gout sufferers. Other than that it promotes digestion and clearing the urinary path. With the combination of coconut water it really helps in flushing out excess water. Now and then I received some emails regarding coconut water is highly recommended to take to prevent H1N1 virus too.

1 coconut
40 - 50 black beans

How to prepare:
1. Rinse and wash 40 – 50 black beans and remove any debris.

2. Cover with water and let soak for few hours or overnight.

3. Remove the coconut husk and fibers, retention coconut shell and the coconut water, make a hole on top.

4. Insert in the Soaked black soybeans through the coconut hole.

5. seal the hole with clean cloth, bring to cook and steam for at least 4 hours.

6. Strain the liquid and drink the coconut black bean soup only. Serve warm.

(for better result continue taking this coconut black bean soup for 1 week or regularly to relief painful gout)

For gout problem alternatively taking cherry or cherry juice , making juice of beet + Celery + Cucumber + Green apple + Carrot juice can help and ease the gout too.


Black bean has the blood circulation and detoxification effects. The efficacy of black beans soup is favorable for water retention, strengthen heart and invigorate the kidney effect. it helps eliminate swelling in hands and feet. Usually we just cook black bean with pandan leaves and rock sugar, this simple black bean broth taste wonderful.

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