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Eucheuma Seaweed My Antioxidant Booster

Tea or Coffee? I love coffee very much. To be a little bit more health conscious what I can do is to avoid overdoses with caffeine. Nowadays I would avoid taking more than 3 cups of coffee in a day. Try to cut down the caffeine intake for my body before it does deteriorate my body. I need to boost my immunity system with high antioxidants due to stressful works. Usually taking a cup of tea certainly is calming effect, especially flora tea and green tea.

The picture of unwashed and washed Eucheuma Seaweed/Sea Bird Nest in process stages.

  • Top picture of Washed Eucheuma Seaweed take about 5 hours to soak and preparation in progress.
  • Below is those unwashed Eucheuma Seaweed take at least 3 days of soaking and washing in several times daily in progress.

Adding food varieties in taste, nutrients and benefits plus anti-aging of cos the beauty and slimming always come first to me.

Eucheuma Seaweed + Jasmine green tea mixed with orange juice Plus Plus ++ it is my great antioxidant booster, with its light and refreshing aroma flavor may go well with Eucheuma Seaweed / Sea Bird Nest. This fishy thing is as good as Bird Nest....Also "Edible Skincare".
Carrageenan extracted from the Eucheuma Seaweed is used as a stabilizer in food and cosmetics. Its highest amount of protein does not contains any cholesterol. And it has good compound to stabilize the fruit juices, jelly and pudding.
About the benefits of taking Eucheuma Seaweed you can refer to this link here. After soaking process and removed the fishy smell of Eucheuma Seaweed with ionized water or water. In fact I found Eucheuma Seaweed is tasteless after soaked and washed in water for several times.

The purpose of get rid of the fishy smell with the combination of orange juice aroma taste of citrus added Vitamins C plus refreshing taste. Whatever best goes well with my taste bud, I try to make it. Not only that, especially Green tea to those with irritable bowel movement can not take too much of it. So the idea of making it with Eucheuma Seaweed / Sea Bird Nest would help to solve the problem for green tea lover.

Benefits of Green Tea
In additional, the health benefits of Green Tea contain catechin polyphenols which possesses powerful antioxidant activity and antibiotic properties. It helps reduction in cancer risk and lower fat tissue levels, if you want to slim down take more of this stuff and boost metabolism rate to burn more fat with its detoxification process, it really help in digestion tract problem and weight lost plus anti-aging naturally, Eucheuma seaweed /Sea Bird Nest is edible skincare for women. It is just like taking collagen for your skin. Why not! It’s satisfying your sweet tooth by taking junk foods this is one of the best skincare.

Add Orange Juice or Citrus in Green Tea health benefits
This suggests of add in orange juice or lemon increases green tea’s antioxidants, if you have ever had probelms with poor digestion you may want to try drinking teas or some kind of herbs, try to add and make this Eucheuma Seaweed into your diet or beverage. it will help with digestion and giving your body an extra boost and improve bodily absorption.

As the Citrus juice increased recovered catechin levels by more than 5 times, Lemon Juice and its Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C has a stabilizing affect higher than orange, the benefits of adding orange or Lemon juice into Green tea to cook Eucheuma Seaweed, not only adding Vitamin C is used for flavor and also to increase shelf life. It showed the results in more available antioxidants at the absorption phase also simulates digestion in the stomach and small intestine. As the green tea catechins become unstable in a non-acidic environment and less than 20 percent of the amount originally ingested remains after entering the intestines.

1 bowl of Eucheuma Seaweed/ Sea Bird Nest (blend or cut into fine pieces)

2 Jasmine Green Teabags

Juice of 2 Oranges

4 cups of water
(This recipe is just like making agar-agar Jelly)


  1. Boil 3 cups of water and put in the Eucheuma Seaweed till it totally dissolved and turn into jelly form.
  2. Boil 1 cup of water, put in Jasmine green tea bags to a teapot. Add in rock sugar till dissolve. simmer or let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes. (do not cook Jasmine green tea).
  3. Remove the tea bags. Ready for use. 
  4. After the Sea Bird Nest is dissolved. Stir well all the ingredients.
  5. Let it cool a little bit then add the orange juice and Jasmine Green Tea to it. Stir well all the ingredients.
  6. Pour the Eucheuma Jelly into the small container with cap or Jelly mould to set. 
  7. Chill in refrigerator and it will become jelly form in container and serve for 4 persons. Done and Enjoy!

Tips: Do not throw away the green teabags, freeze the used tea bags it is good eyes treatment pads for tired eyes!

For cooking tips:

Instead of using corn starch to thickening a broth in cooking. Use Eucheuma Seaweed plainly cooked without adding any sugar or salt and form it into jelly form, then keep in small container. chill in refrigerator and ready for use, to replace corn starch for thickening a broth in your cooking.
It will thicken the broth in your cooking with its high in phyto-nutrients and ease poor digestion and don't worry it is tasteless.


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