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Breast Enhancement Dessert ~ Papaya Almond Egg Milk Pudding

Now it's time for blogging again, after all my year end busiest work schedules still in line and very hectic moment too. Right now is good time for dessert and some nutrition beauty care dessert to unwind my mind…......are you getting bored with steam eggs milk pudding? 

Try this Steam Papaya Almond Eggs Milk Pudding, something delicious, rejuvenates and healthy, help in moistening and nourishing skin and lungs, for beauty care and breast enhancement for ladies, and of cos it is also good for men too.  

In Chinese remedies, culinary cooking green papaya with pork ribs soup is good for woman's breast enhancement soup. Many believed that papaya or unripe green papaya to cook with collagen content foods, like chicken feet or making into sweet dessert is ideal food for skincare, and breast enhancement nutritional diet. 

In addition, with the good flow of chest area in Meridian channel, there are 2 flows pass through this area is related to Stomach meridian and Liver meridian, by improving these 2 meridian channels may help to improve a fuller and firmer breast to women. 

Papain in Green or ripe papaya is for digestive system and improves the stomach meridian channel, aid in constipation and ingestion, essential in improve male fertility, prevent of breast cancer, also improve muscles tone and get rid of accumulated fat in the body. It has good nutrition and balance diets to enhance the entire body metabolism, hormone balance and blood circulation, blood stored in liver is most important to improve the Liver Meridian as well for good flow of blood and Qi, this will help a lot in the chest area especially to those who wish to have better shaping and toning effect to the breast size and firmness. 

As to improve and having a fuller and firm, muscle toning to breast while during lactating women and adolescent girls, to prevent the earlier sagging in breast firming, sizes and shape. 

Some reasons here:  like poor diets and nutrition, due to genetic reason, or lacking of Qi (Energy) and blood, stagnated or weaken and over-use of Qi (energy) are the most common causes to breast size and its firmness. Of course this healthy protein rich dessert today I made is the natural breast enhancement healthy diet ~ Papaya Almond Egg Milk Pudding. Papaya also known as breast food, and it is really good for Adolescent girls and Lactating women.

This Steam papaya milk recipe is also very good for pregnant woman and confinement to lactating women to boost and increase milk supplies naturally. Papaya, milk and nuts help in breast enhancement. 

The Papain in Green Papaya is contains a good source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, lipids and protein, it help to break down various protein foods as protein digestion. And papain converted into Arginine, the most common nonessential amino acid, Arginine can be found in natural food diets like milk, nuts, and almond in this recipe. This can “pump” up or promote the breast growth. With therapeutic and nourishing effect, this recipe I used Northern and Southern Almond.

Arginine is also a natural source to improve and influence the human growth hormone. As in my previous articles, the Asta Collagen is also a good source of breast enhancement product (click link)that contains of Arginine in it.

The ingredients:

• Half papaya (ripe papaya)
• 300 ml of fresh milk
• 1 tbs.sweetening condensed milk or brown sugar.
2 eggs 
3 tbs Northern and southern almond powder (Roasted and Blended into powderform)


1. Cut papaya into half, remove the seeds, and scoop the papaya with ice cream scoop into half or full ball shape. Ready for use.
2. Steam the Papaya balls for 10 minutes.
3. Separate the egg white and yolks. 
4. Roasted and blend Southern Almond into powder form


1. Add the 3 tbs. of blended Almond powder to fresh milk, sweetening condensed milk and stir till dissolve.
2. Add in the steamed papaya balls into the dissolved milk.
3. Steam with water for about 30 minutes.
4. Beat the egg white till slightly fluffy.
5. Then add the white egg on top of the steamed Milk pudding, continue steam it for 5 minutes.
6. Now, slowly place the egg yolk in the center of the Milk pudding and steam for another 15 minutes.
7. Done and serve warm.


About South and North Almonds

There are 2 kinds of tiny almonds known as Southern and Northern Almonds. Southern almonds also known as "Nan Xing 南杏" in Chinese. is commonly use in Asian dishes, desserts and soup. 

In Chinese medicine point of view, almonds are good for lungs, with the therapeutic effect to nourish the skin and moistening lungs. Northern almonds governs coughs, southern almonds nourish and moisten lung, combined two almonds comes in handy, help in increases the coordinated function for the respiratory system.

Southern almonds 南杏 also sweet almond, Northern Almonds 北杏 is slightly bitter, but for Northern almonds is commonly used as medicinal purpose, the consumption should limit within 10grams on each serves. Do not excessive the consumption. 


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