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Cassia Seed Hawthorn Stevia Slimming Tea

The effectiveness of this home made weight loss tea recipe, lipid-lowering dietary weight loss herbal drink by using Cassia Seed (Jue Ming Zhi) , Hawthorn (Shan Zha), and Sweet Stevia Leaves. It has diuresis and laxative effect to improve constipation problem, remove toxins to improve intestinal health and lower blood pressure.

 JueMingZi 决明子~ Cassia Seed

Cassia Seed is one kind of Chinese herbal medicine. In addition, it is an alternative healing to Liver and eyesight health. Cassia tea also has a number of unknown efficacy and healing benefits. It can reduce blood concentration and clear blood lipids as well as removal of old waste material in the veins, to avoid vascular occlusion, and blood pressure lowering herbal tea.

  Sweet Stevia 甜菊

Natural zero calories sweet taste "Stevia" - also known as Stevia rebaudiana. Best natural sweeteners, no calories, is suitable for weight loss people to promote metabolism, it is the natural healthy sugar which is  able to lose weight

Some people even taking sugar regarded as a "taste of the carnival", sweetness is temptation,  as Stevioside is extracted from stevia, its sweetness is 300 times more than sucrose, and its calories, only 1/300 of the sucrose, So, if you are trying to lose weight, or overweight body, particularly for those trying to control and avoid the intake of sugar to diabetes patients. Adds some sweet Stevia leaves to delicious desserts, herbal tea, drinks and it has been used for those people who can not take sugar.  

In medical research has proven that the more sweets or sugar intakes not only bad for health, it also hinder the development of bones and vision. Eat too much of sugar can lead the sugar into the blood, for those with poor liver function, over consumption of sweet and sugar can not be completely absorbed and often in stored in the form of fat in the liver and body tissues, leading to weight gain. If liver cells filled with a lot of fat, fatty liver infiltration of the liver cells eventually weaken and lose its normal functions, can develop bad liver health like fatty liver. Therefore, patients with hepatitis, should avoid taking too much of sugar, Sweet Stevia leaf is best sugar replacement natural herbs for good health.

Stevia regulates blood sugar and normalize blood pressure, improves energy and mental health, and help in maintaining healthy body in weight loss and weight conditioning.  

As Sweet Steavia leaves can be used as alternative healing herbs, for medical purposes, its pharmaceutical efficacy in helping to improve digestion, promote healthy function to pancreas, spleen and stomach as well as nourishing the liver. Regular consumption can prevent of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, can help to eliminate fatigue, lower blood pressure, adjust and normalize the blood sugar.

Hawthorn~ Shan Zha, 山楂

Hawthorn or Crataegus, in chinese knows as Shan Zha, 山楂. Hawthorn is sour in taste, should not taking it with empty stomach it can ause stomach upset, and not suitable for Hyperacidity or gastric ulcer people. In the role of digestion to burn fat for people who are obese,it contains lipase to promote the breakdown of fat to help digestion

Hawthorn is a good protective food and also ideal for health prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Hawthorn improved blood circulation to cardiac effects benefit to elderly with heart disease. As for alternative health prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, dilation of blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow, improve cardiac activity and the central nervous system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, softening the blood vessel with diuretic and sedative effect.

In my selection of using herbs, I like to add hawthorn to make herbal tea for good health herbal food, and no side effects, the beauty of hawthorn has contain vitamin C, carotene and other substances which can block and reduce the formation of free radicals, enhance the body immunity, anti-aging and anticancer effect; regularly taking hawthorn can eliminate the body fat, reduced fat absorption effect for the beauty and slimming effect. As for a woman, a bowl of hawthorn added with brown sugar and boil with water, it is good to treat dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea is defined as menstrual pain. Hawthorn is an alternative herb for women health. 


Raw materials:
Cassia, hawthorn, sweet Stevia leaves

  • 10 g cassia seeds
  • 5g hawthorn
  • Sweet Stevia Leaves (add sweet taste to tea)
  • 500 ml of water

Mixed all ingredients and place in a tea pot, add hot boiling water to simmer for at least 20 minutes... Serve warm (best taking after each meal)  

Optional: You can add a bit of brown sugar to suit your taste. Take it 3 to 4 times a week. for a long-term use or regularity to achieve weight loss.

This herbal tea efficacy: for sore throat, for hypertension, hyperlipidemia and lowering blood pressure, eyesight beneficial effect for tired eyes and blurred vision embolism. Good laxative for constipation problem and weight loss.

This soup is Not suitable for gastric problem and diarrhea people, do not take with empty stomach. Not suitable for pregnant woman. 

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