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Natural weight loss herbal plant ~ Jue Ming Zi

Jue Ming Zi, 决明子 ~ One of my favorite herb plants that I got it from Kuching Sarawak. It is quite easy to plant Jue Ming Zhi (Cassia Seed) by seeding. Now it is harvesting and growing more branches in my herb garden. Previously I used to buy Cassia Seed from Chinese Medicine Store, which is pretty cheap and easily get. 

Cassia Seed is known as Jue Ming Zhi in Chinese. 

Semen Cassiae or Cassia Seeds in English.

Cassia seed is commonly used as Chinese medicine, by using its seeds as medicinal herb in alternative healing for ailments to treat Liver problems, treating eyesight, helps to ease sore or red eyes and astringent pain, reduces and lower high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, acute conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, carbuncle, to normalize high blood pressure, Hepatitis, cirrhosis and ascites (gastroenterological term for an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.)

Cassia seeds also the famous TCM alternative slimming herbs nowadays. We all know that cassia seed help in expelling internal heat and detoxification, and it is suitable for a wide range of people normally used in traditional Chinese medicine for health care. 

Acne and skin eczema troubled? 

Try cassia seed tea, immersed with hot boiling water and drink it after each meal, it helps to rid off your acne and pimple skin problem as well as weight reduce at the same time.  

Caution: It is worth trying, but just remembers, Cassia seed is traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, do not take it blindly with large amount of this herb drinks or overdoses to avoid a negative impact due to its laxative effect, it can cause side effect of diarrhea and loose stools. Everyone's situation and body conditions is different, so be careful when using this method for alternative healing.

Cassia Seed is good for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, constipation, obesity, and it has laxative effect to ease constipation and habitual constipation problem to elderly as well, it is ideal alternative dietary herbs for consumption in decoction as herbal tea, as well as slimming effect for weight maintenance.

In pharmacological has proven that Cassia seed can lowering blood pressure, and antibacterial effect, and used to have some efficacy in the treatment of hyperlipidemia (excess cholesterol and fatty substances in the blood)

Taste: Stand slightly bitter, sweet and cold in nature

Meridian channel through the liver, gallbladder, kidney, large intestine

It contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids, carbohydrates, including chrysophanol, emodin, physcion, obtusin, obtusifolin, such as composition to help in lower blood pressure, antibacterial, Rheumatism, kidney, eyesight and other functions like laxative and lower cholesterol effect.

Pharmacological effects:
① lowering blood pressure effect
② antibacterial effect

Cassia seed tea can be mixed with other herbs for a good detoxification and to achieve the effect to expel liver heat and nourishing liver functioning, lowering blood pressure, laxative, eyesight beneficial eyes. 

For those who always working late in the night, straining your eyesight to work on computer, and weaken eyesight, a cup of cassia seed regularly may help. But at night is best to drink less, it has diuresis effect can cause frequent urination.

Cassia tea is one of the natural slimming tea in Traditional Chinese medicine, it is appropriate mixing with chrysanthemum, lotus leaves, green tea, dried rose petals or buds, xia huo cao, choose the herbal tea, of any choice from the different herbs and cook it as decoction herbs, or just simply cassia seed tea. 

10g ~ 20g to immersion in hot boiling water, till the color turns into yellow fragrance and it taste with distinctive flavor…

Trying from a variety of methods to slim down? 
Why hassle yourself and make your health collapse with harmful slimming method? 
Yet still no effect….

Try this natural slimming soup, this is one of the natural weight lost and detoxify, simple weight lost soup by using cassia seed in combination other herbs and vegetable into healthy soup.

Slimming Soup with Cassia Seeds:
This is ideal for obesity, over weight, water retention and hypertension people.

Cassia Seed with Mung Bean Hawthorn Paste or Soup

Cassia seed, 决明子 Jue Ming Zi is cheap, but also has a certain degree of weight loss, other than it lowering blood pressure and favorable obesity. What about for a liver detoxification, Cassia Seed combined with Green bean or mung bean gives a fresh and delicious herbal detoxification soup.

Cassia seed contains emodin, rhein on human asthma, choleretic, hepatoprotective, antihypertensive efficacy, and certain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect.

Combined with Green beans or Mung beans has the effect of expel internal heat and thirst quencher soup, it is cooling and sweet herbal soup to try out. It also plays the role of the flush toxins from the body. 

Hawthorn, is know as Shan Zha 山楂 in Chinese has the lower cholesterol and hypertension, promotes  cardiovascular circulation, reduce of blood pressure and slimming effect. Hawthorn berry is mimic hormones plant for treating imbalance and to normalize the hormonal disorder problem in woman's health, such as to induce of irregular and delayed of menstruation cycle, it is good natural source of natural hormonal herbal plant.

Dried orange peels in Chinese name as Chen Pi陳皮) is from the fruit of citrus which is not only adds nice flavor to soup, stews and dessert drink. It has the therapeutic benefits in natural remedies for treating cough, get rid of damp phlegm and sore throat, aids digestive system and it can be used for the treatment of stomach qi stagnation caused by stomach pain, it has cholesterol lowering capabilities, antispasmodic and invigorating, adds nice flavor with soothing and relax mood.

Cassia Seed Mung bean Hawthorn paste or soup, can eliminate the toxic heat in Liver and ailment for asthma, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiac function.

Raw ingredients:

  •  1  cup of mug beans
  • 15g of Cassia Seed
  • 6 Hawthorn slices
  • 2 slices of Dried Orange Peels 
  • Red Dates (optional) 
  • 3 tbs. of Brown sugar 
  • 1.2L of water

You can either cooking as soup or made into paste soup. I prefer to use faster and easier way in thermo cooking method for convenience and easily absorption of nutrients in paste form.

Cooking time: 20 minutes.
With Thermo blender cooker

Preparation: Soak green bean overnight. (optional)

Mixed all ingredients together and place into the cooker pot, with 1.2L of water, select "cooking paste button" till cooking time is set. Add brown sugar to sweet taste and ready to serve warm. 


  • This recipe is Not suitable for weak spleen and stomach people, hypo-tension patient, when having diarrhea or upset stomach. 
  • When taking any of the alternative herb tea for slimming or using cassia seeds, make sure you consult your physician before taking it, 
  • Try in moderation do not overdoses with herbs.
  • With the latest study, it found that long-term drinking of Jue Ming Zi for slimming may cause side effect and worst lead to menstrual irregularity, and abnormal endometrium may presents, as for pregnancy women may cause miscarriage or in order to induce premature labor. 
  • It is advisable doses about 9 to 15grams each serve. 
  • Not advisable for long term use, it may cause diarrhea and intestinal lesions. 
  • Best is to take it in moderation or after meal.
  • Not suitable for pregnancy or nursing women.

As the raw Cassia seed is slightly stronger of the role of laxative effect, it is best to fry with low heat or preheat it with oven, this will help to slow down or reduces of its laxative side effect, or preheated in oven is easier to crush or ground thoroughly into powder form, which is much easier to get its ingredients out more effectively by consumption in loose powder form as well as  in decoction or herbal slimming tea.


Weight loss is depending on individual body conditions and different situations, which need to develop different weight loss program to encounter the good and healthy result, then only for their own benefit is most important. 

The best weight loss is to consult with professionals or your own physicians who is experienced in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and with regular exercises and workout to achieving your desire weight lost, for your ideal programs and perfect weight-loss methods.

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