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Kiwi Aloe Vera Mixed Enzymes

This Aloe Kiwi Enzyme is my natural skin rejuvenation drink, it's a good combination natural remedy containing aloe was found to be an effective laxative. I called this "magic fluid" it helps internally to combat most digestive problems, which is including:

constipation, poor appetite, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome as well as asthma, diabetes, immune system enhancement, peptic ulcers and anti ageing juice.


  • A clean Glass Jar
  • 6 Fresh Aloe Vera
  • 6 kiwi
  • 2 lemons (you can add more lemons for better taste)
  • 1/2 pkt of brown block sugar
  • Honey (approximate 16 oz to cover the fruit slices in the container)

ALOE VERA - it has been proved to be a natural healer, rich extract containing the enzyme catalase cellulose, minerals calcium, aluminum, iron, zinc, magnesium, and the “youth mineral” potassium, known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

It helps with constipation, diarrhea, and it’s also good for any type of gastrointestinal disorder. The great benefit of the aloe vera enzyme is that it helps to lose weight.

Preparation of Aloe Vera:

Wash the leaf and careful cut it into several pieces. Peel off the green skin of the leaf and cut it into small pieces. Keep it in a container to let the cut up pieces soak in water for at least one day in fridge.

Why doing that?
The yellow bitter latex from the inner lining of the leaf can be laxative. Be careful with this one, the yellow impurities that must be eliminated. By the next day you will notice the color of the water changed to red or pink color. Throw out the colored water and once again soak the aloe vera plant in water to make sure you have eliminated all of the impurities. Remove the water and drain dry and ready for use.

Remove the green skin of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera cut into pieces ready for use.

The Kiwi Fruit - rich source nutrients of vitamin A,C and E, proteins and fiber, as much potassium as bananas, also a good amount of beta-carotene it's good source of flavonoid antioxidants. Helps prevent colon cancer thanks to its high fiber content

With its high amount of dietary fiber, and has mild laxative properties.

Kiwi contains the protein-dissolving enzyme actinides. Kiwis have a tart taste, but I like it!

Kiwi Slices is ready to use.

left Lemon: peel off skin, and cut into slices.

Cut Brown block sugar into small pieces

Divided the Aloe vera, kiwi and lemon slices, brown block sugar pieces into 3 parts, if you have 3 types of fruits, layer the 3 layer of fruits. I put first layer with Aloe Vera. Follow the other fruits followed by a layer of sugar and Lemon slices. Place it slowly in layer from Aloe Vera; lemon slices, kiwi and brown block sugar in layer by layer then pour in honey to cover the fruits.
The final layer should end with sugar at the top. Close the lid tight. Place a piece of cling wrap plastic over it before you close the lid.

Done...and keep in cool place for fermentation period of 3 weeks.
After 2 days of fermentation period, I can see the bubble is forming on top, the forming meaning the fermentation process has already started. At the bottom of the bottle you can see some juice dissolved combined well.

After the 3rd day you can shake the bottle gently, and do this every day.
Keep it fermented for 3 weeks. Then filter it into a clean glass bottle for storage.

The whole fermentation process taking place and store in bottle ready for consume.

Keep in the fridge.

When to take it?
It can be before or after food, it you have a weaker stomach, do it after your meal.

Preparation and Ingredients for Pure Aloe Vera Honey Enzyme

  • 4 Fresh Aloe Vera
  • 2 Lemons
  • 1/2 pkt Brown block sugar
  • 16 oz of Raw Honey (I used more honey to prevent from fungus formation.)

I roughly figure out how to prevent black fungus those black dot during fermentation of Aloe Vera, as Aloe vera is moist content ingredient can be easily having those mold and fungus growth.

Note: If observe for any mold or black fungus growth I just remove the affected fruits immediately, and add more honey and brown block sugar can help to preserve it. With the method, ingredients, control conditions, and here I go ready for the preparation.

Place all the Aloe Vera, lemon slices, brown block sugar by layer arrangement carefully. Lastly pout the honey just to cover the top of all ingredients. That's it....Done and waiting. Observe, shaking the bottle after 3 days, and everyday last ....Ready to be consumed.

Here is My Pure Aloe Vera Enzyme after 3 weeks of fermentation process in bottle.

Ingredients for Pure Kiwi Honey Enzyme

  • 6 kiwi
  • 2 Lemon
  • 1/2 pkt brown block sugar
  • 10 oz of Raw Honey

Pure Kiwi Honey Enzyme is ready after 2 weeks of fermentation.

Still can see the bubble forming in fermentation process condition. After 3 weeks should be served and consumed.


  1. hi i think its good medsen can u email me all engrdnts and thanks

  2. Hi Ziggy,
    Please give me your email.

  3. Hi, i hv a question 2 ask. I thought during preparing all the ingredient for enzyme canot even hv a drop of water. How bout the aloe vera? Soak in water then leave for fermentation sure got black fungus. Kindly help. Tq.

  4. A Castle Paradise,

    Hi, about the Aloe Vera enzyme during fermentation sometimes it may have black fungus, in preparation firstly I used the vegetable strainer to drip dry the aloe vera before placing them into the glass container. And I found that adding more honey instead of block sugar for making Aloe Vera enzyme can or may prevent the formation of black fungus. So far I don't have the problem of black fungus in making Aloe Vera Enzyme.

  5. If we do't have brown block sugar, can i used brown sugar

  6. Hi Chua Ming Choo,
    you can use brown sugar, rock sugar or honey instead of brown block sugar. The difference between them is just their distinctive flavors in sweetening, colors content, sugar mainly is for fermentation process as well as preservative for which to inhibit the micro-organisms growth purposes. Usually honey can be added to those less juicy fruits or herbs for better result and taste better.

  7. The kiwi is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium and fiber and is very good for the woman because kiwi contain folic acid and stresses the vitamin C and B. So if you want to have a baby is very important including kiwi in your diet every day.

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  8. I love the kiwi, this fruit have many vitamin and properties, I like to prepare several recipe adding kiwi and I am looking for more recipes and varieties. Actually when i bought my house through
    costa rica homes for sale I cooked for all my friends and they was really happy and me too.

  9. Hi Senny
    This kiwi aloe vera enzyme looks yummy. For the fermentation is the first 2 days in a cool place and the rest of the 3 weeks in the fridge.

  10. Miko,
    No, you have to wait after 3 weeks for fermentation process completed. Then only refill in a clean bottle and keep in fridge for daily consumption.

  11. Hi, i have a baby which easily get phlegm.... At least once a month. He is 1 year 6 month..... This will makenhim chesty and breathless and the onlybway i tret him to use nebulizer like 2-3 x daily for 3 days. My question is, is this enzyme can be drink by baby like age mention or do you know if any home remedy to cure this without nebulizer.... If yes mind to share with me at Thanx

    1. Hi Thinkerbell lady,

      For your young baby, you can try a bit of fruit enzyme with honey mixing with lukewarm water, but start with small doses first and see the result.

      Another simple home remedies you maybe interested to try for asthma without using nebulizer. Use fresh radish juice mix with little bit of lime juice and honey, blending into juices for him to try. It helps to relieve the phlegm and throat irritation.


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